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Brandon's In the Bag

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This year, I made the choice to bump up in division from Recreational to Intermediate and this is how my bag looks like as of now for the 2021 Disc Golf Season.

If you want to learn more about anything I bag, both discs and gear, simply click on the item to check out the item on or Amazon, depending on the product.

*Some links are affiliate links*

Let's get into it!


This year, I will continue to run the

Dynamic Discs H20 Ranger

backpack style bag for all disc golf outings.

It's the perfect size to carry all my discs plus plenty of room for gear, snacks, water, and anything else I may need. You can read my full review of the Ranger by clicking HERE.


Now, lets run through all the discs I'll be bagging as of now for this season, 26 discs in total.


Discraft Z Zone

Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Burst Slammer

Prodigy 300 Soft PA-1

Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Deputy

Discmania Evolution Lux Link


Westside VIP Warship

Dynamic Discs Lucid Glitter Emac Truth

Westside Tournament Gatekeeper

Discmania Evolution Neo Method

Innova Star Caiman

Utility Overhand

Innova Blizzard Champion Boss

Fairway Drivers

Discraft Z Glo Vulture

Innova CFR Glow Champion Firebird

Dynamic Discs Color Moonshine Maverick

Discraft Crystal Sparkle Raptor

Latitude 64 OptoX Chameleon Explorer

Dynamic Discs Moonshine Escape

Distance Drivers

Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Sergeant

Latitude 64 Special Edition Recoil 174g

Latitude 64 Special Edition Recoil 175g

Innova Star Archon

Millennium M-Quasar

Latitude 64 Recycled Ballista Pro

Millennium Metal Flake Stardust Quantum Falcon

Latitude 64 Snow Ballista

Discmania SLine DD3


In addition to my discs, here is all the gear that I bag at some point during the season depending on the time of year and where I am playing.

Water Bottle

2 Microfiber Towels


Whale Sac


Knee Pad Mini



Rain Cover

Bag Tags



Hand Warmers

Bug Spray

Disc Retriever (as needed)

Umbrella (as needed)

Zuka Cart (as needed)

Tripod Chair (as needed)

And that's my bag!

Have any questions?

Feel free to shoot them my way and I'll get them answered!

*Some Links are affiliate links meaning we may earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase with these links. You can read our full affiliate disclosure on our home page*

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