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Broden's In the Bag

This in the bag edition is great for players who consider themselves casual recreation/amateur players, such as myself, and are beyond just needing a few discs here and there to play a round of disc golf.

I absolutely love the game and play as often as I can, but am not an intermediate level player quite yet. (Hopefully in 2021!)

I currently bag around 16 discs and use a total of 20-22 discs depending on where I am playing.

If you want to learn more about anything I bag, either discs or gear, simply click on the item to check it out on or Amazon, depending on the product. Or feel free to drop us a message!

*Some of these links are affiliate links*

That being said, let's get into it!


This year, I will continue to use the

Which is a medium sized, over the shoulder style bag that is perfect for me and other casual players!

The shoulder strap is adjustable and while the top does zip shut, it also has Velcro strategically placed to keep it open if desired, which is how I keep it the majority of the time.

The Fade Gear Crunch Box is the perfect bag for casual and serious players alike!

Click on the picture to check it and current prices out on Amazon!

It's a great size to carry plenty of discs (16 for me) plus ample room for my gear listed below, snacks, water, and even room for additional small gear if I needed (wallet/keys/cell phone/etc).


Now, lets run through all the discs I'll be bagging as of now for this season, 16 discs in total. I bag my discs from slow to fast, and understable to overstable, so that's how we'll go through them here.


For my putting putters, and occasionally for approach, I bag a Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Deputy

For situations where I'm putting with a tailwind, I'll use my Latitude 64 Retro Keystone

The Discraft Z Zone is a must have for my bag and is used as a forehand approach disc or situations where I need an overstable backhand approach.


I only carry 2 dedicated mid-ranges in my bag most of the time, the Discraft Buzzz as my straight flyer/versatile utility disc, and the Discraft Buzzz OS for situations I need an overstable mid-range, such as headwinds, dog legs, or hook shots.

For situations where I need a more understable option, I typically will use one of my fairway drivers, the Zombee.

Fairway Drivers

Fairway drivers are a very important part of my bag, primarily because I accumulated several of them before my arm strength really improved and I was able to get a lot of distance out of many them.

As my strength has improved, I have slowly added distance drivers, but still bag several fairways for several situations.

As mentioned, I bag a Discraft Zombee for when I need a stable to understable disc and one that is very slow flying so that I don't shoot past the basket on the landing.

As another understable option for hyzer flips and anny lines, I bag a Latitude 64 Diamond.

I carry several stable fairway drivers, all for slightly different reasons, and these drivers are:

Innova DX Cheetah (occasionally)

Thanks to Jory Reid and his awesome dyed discs, I recently added a wicked, dyed Innova Champion Firebird to my bag to fill the void of an overstable fairway driver.

This disc was dyed by Jory Reid, you can read his guest article on how to dye a disc

by clicking on his epic dyed Firebird with our logo that he donated to us!

Distance Drivers

I have recently started adding more distance drivers to my bag, replacing my less utilized fairway drivers.

For understable distance drivers, I bag the Discraft Avenger SS (a disc I throw really well), and an Innova Champion Tern which is currently being rotated with an Innova Champion Katana and Innova Champion Shryke until I figure out which I like the most.

I bag an Innova Wraith in Pro plastic for a more stable option. It is considered overstable but not as overstable for me as the next 2 discs in my bag. I also have a DX version of this disc that is very beat in and nearly understable.

For overstable discs, I bag an Innova Star Destroyer, and an Innova Champion Boss. I will also use the boss for overhand throws but both of the these discs are used for backhand and forehand approaches.

And that's my bag! Depending on the course and if I know I'll need the disc, I'll sometimes even bag the Dynamic Discs Criminal which is an extremely overstable disc and one only used when I need a very big hook shot.


In addition to my discs, here is all the gear that I bag for most of the playing season:

Disc Grabber

Baseball (for chucking into trees to get discs dislodged)


Snacks (usually sunflower seeds!)

And that's my bag!

Have any questions?

Feel free to shoot them my way and I'll get them answered!

*Some Links are affiliate links meaning we may earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase with these links. You can read our full affiliate disclosure on our home page*

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