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Best Discs For Beginners: Building the Perfect Bag!

You may have been recently checking out some of our other articles regarding disc selection and discs you should buy and are starting to wonder:

How do I build my own bag?


What discs should I put in my bag?

In our previous article, "What disc golf discs should I buy?", we discuss the types of discs and shots you should consider when building a bag.

There are hundreds of discs on the market from various vendors and this can make disc selection grueling and even a bit intimidating!

If you're new, or perhaps have just been casually playing for some time while using a starter pack or a random lot of discs but are ready to know what would be a good bag setup to play a little bit more competitively,

then I've got my biased answer for you!

In this article, I'm going to literally

hand pick 10 discs for you to build you a bag with

that will cover most of the shot shapes I've been able to experience out on the courses. Keeping in mind that you may be newer to the sport or just not know what discs/shots you're really looking for.

With the help of this article, you will be able to confidently assemble a bag of 10 versatile discs that will suit the majority of your needs until your skill level takes you to a place where you can build your next bag based off experience.

That being said, let's dig in!


A well rounded bag is definitely going to have a few putters in it.

Why? You may ask.

Putters are extremely versatile in the disc golf bag as compared to a putter on a ball golf course. While we all know putters find the chains from short distances, putters are also highly used for approach shots 150-200 feet away from the basket as well.

They can even be thrown off the tee pad for distance drives where one is looking for the disc to be thrown on a certain line, hold that line, and finish quite precisely without fading too hard or skipping too far.

Putting Putter - Dynamic Discs Deputy

For this choice, I'm going with the Dynamic Discs Deputy.

This understable putter is a little shallow which helps it to feel like your hand really gets a good hold on the disc for grip purposes.

Within circle 1, almost all putters fly fairly straight, but as you get further out into circle 2 range, beginners tend to putt soft or hit the left side of the chains due to not having the confidence to really drill in the putt. With knowing this, the Glide rating of 4 can help the disc to travel further in it's flight before possibly falling short.

Since hitting the left side of the chains is commonly called "Am side" or amateur side, the understability of the Deputy can help the disc hold its straight line longer and then turn more towards the right side of the chains, aiding in a made basket rather than a ricochet off the left side.

Click HERE or on the picture above to learn more!

An alternative option for a Putting Putter in lieu of the Deputy is the Prodigy PA-4

Approach Putter - Dynamic Discs Slammer

The Slammer is an overstable approach disc that I have come to find is the true workhorse of my own bag. For me, it really shines when used for forehand approach shots where you need to rely on it not coming in too hot to the landing zone around the basket.

This disc is flat topped which is great for cutting through the wind and really sticks to the ground well if purchased in the "soft" blend plastic (highly recommended). The soft plastic also helps when hitting trees on the approach to the basket as it absorbs more of the impact and drops the disc in most instances rather than ricocheting way to the right or left.

The overstability allows for better control around objects while approaching the green AND is great if you happen to be putting into the wind. Remember, you don't have to land your disc right at the basket on approach shots.

Know where your comfortable putting distance is and try to land in that area. Learn more by clicking HERE or on the picture of me holding my Slammer after using it to hit my first ace!

Should you be unable to get your hands on a soft classic burst Slammer, the Innova Pig is a great alternative.

Driving Putter - Dynamic Discs Judge

The Judge is a really popular driving putter thanks to it's stable flight pattern and letting this disc fly on the line it's thrown on.

I've really enjoyed how straight this disc flies at a distance without moving too far left or right and the medium depth of the rim feels great in the hand.

Nose up, straight approach shots also make for easy backhand throws for this disc to nestle up to the basket with. Remember here, versatility with a smaller bag is our goal.

If you're lucky enough to find one in fuzion or lucid plastic, be sure to grab it! This will greatly decrease the wear and tear on the disc from tree smashes off the tee. However, these blends seem to be hard to find at this time so the classic burst is going to be next best and is plenty good enough to work as your stable distance putter for most of a season.

Click on the picture to check it out!


Stable distance - Westside Warship

This disc was quite the gem when it was traded to me. At the time, I didn't realize I was getting a disc that would never leave my bag!

The warship has so much glide and flies what feels like forever with little effort. It's a straight flying mid that often times lays down in it's flight path when thrown flat, giving you clean, straight lines. As it's beat in, it also makes for a nice hyzer-flip disc to use in the woods.

The depth of the disc isn't super deep which makes it a usable forehand as well with select shots. This disc is used off the tee pad in many of my drives. My alternative to the Warship would have to be the Dynamic Discs Truth.

Check out the Warship HERE or by clicking on the picture above!

Overstable Mid - Innova Caiman

The Caiman is a really great meat hook that's perfect for shots into strong headwinds or when you really need to bend around to the left of the fairway.

Personally, I use it for forehands for the right sided doglegs most often.

It's a shallow disc with a flat top that fits the forehand fingers snug for a solid grip. Got a super gusty headwind that you're putting into? Try disc'ing up to the Caiman for more trust that you're going to stick the putt in the chains.

Again, another great alternative is the Legacy Recluse.

Check out the Caiman HERE!

Understable mid - Discraft Buzzz SS

Buzzz SS's are proven discs that give you the confidence that they will go right. Specifically designed to be less stable than the Buzzz (arguably the most popular disc in disc golf), this is useful for those longer turning shots through the woods that a forehand would fade out too soon for.

An understable mid can also provide you with a touch forehand flex shot to get around or out of bunkered situations.

Learn more HERE!

Control/Fairway Drivers

Moving on to some drivers, we have to remember that we're in this for beginners or early players to be able to maximize their efforts while not having to carry 20+ discs. So let's get into them.

Understable fairway - Innova Valkyrie

This disc is an excellent beginner driver for both backhand and forehand, which hits our goal of versatility!

Recommended in Champion Plastic, this disc will hold up for a long time and feel good in the hand.

Thrown backhand with a slight amount of anhyzer, beginner players can achieve farther throws by having the disc perform a gentle s-shape flight, also known as a flex shot.

The Valk was my go-to forehand disc when I needed to thread a dead straight laser forehand without too much fade at the end. The 9 speed makes it quite friendly to slower arms, as well as those who are starting to come into their technique and power.

Check our full review of the Valkyrie HERE or click on the picture to check it out at Infinite Discs!

Stable fairway - Latitude 64 Explorer

The Explorer was one of the first discs I bought and realized I could actually throw a disc straight. It has a speed 7 rating and glide of 5 allowing this disc to travel quite far with less arm power required.

Newer Explorers will likely have a bit of a fade at the end of the flight, but the more it beats in, the straighter it will become.

We recommend grabbing one in the Opto or Opto-X plastic, which is similar to Innova's Champion, for increased durability.

Check it out HERE or at the picture above!

Overstable fairway - Discraft Vulture

I really enjoy using the Vulture for longer drives that I want to have a fair amount of fade at the end so that the disc lands farther to the left of the fairway.

The overstability especially helps with navigating those long shots into the wind. With a speed of 10, it will require a little more "umph," but is a great disc to progress into.

It's useful for flex shots and feels good for both backhand and forehand. Big Z plastic or Glow are my preferred plastics.

Learn more and purchase the Vulture HERE

Utility Disc - Innova Blizzard Boss

The Blizzard Boss is a fantastic overhand disc thanks to the lightness of the plastic being that it is the "Blizzard" mold. The overstablility of the Boss helps it flip and spike to the left for Tomahawks, and to the right for Thumbers.

These are two technical throws that beginners should certainly not take for granted when learning early. They can help get you out of some very touchy situations that a backhand or forehand don't allow.

Check out the boss HERE!

This puts us at 10 discs!

Ten discs to help set you up for MOST of the shots you'll come across as a newer player. Most of the smaller bags on the market can easily handle this amount while also allowing you to carry your towel, chalk bag, mini marker, and water bottle.

If you need help picking out a bag for your 10 discs, then be sure to check out this valuable article to help you decide!

Distance Drivers

Distance drivers can be very costly with strokes out on the course if you can't yet handle the speed ratings or know how to throw them in windy situations.

They tend to kick off of trees quite far, skip for days, and be more susceptible to miss-throws as too much effort gets placed into the pull through, messing with the timing of your body mechanics. It's better to start slow and gradually build all of your mechanics.

If you feel that you are ready to take the next step and add some "Beef" to your bag, here are 3 suggestions to make that leap.

Understable Distance Driver - Discraft Avenger SS

The Avenger SS by Discraft is fairly low speed for a Distance Driver with a rating of 10 but newer arms will be very pleased with the amount of distance they can achieve when both thrown flat and on hyzer lines.

As my arm strength increased, I was able to continue bagging this disc for hyzer flips and shots where I needed a straight flight with a gentle finish to the right.

Check it out HERE!

Stable Distance Driver - MVP Wave

Moving up in stability, we next check out the MVP Wave!

It is a bit faster than the Avenger SS and rated more stable, but most will still find this disc to be extremely versatile for both Hyzer and Anhyzer shots depending on the line its thrown.

Grab one HERE!


If you really feel that your arm is up to it, then also grab yourself a Speed 13 distance driver, the...

Overstable Distance Driver - Latitude 64 Ballista

The Ballista is certainly not going to be the most beginner friendly disc, but as you grow into it, you will love the reliability this disc provides!

The disc, being overstable, will offer reliable fade for both backhand and forehand shots alike. But be warned, this disc takes a STRONG arm to get it to fly to its potential.

Buying one in Latitude's Opto plastic will ensure that it can survive numerous tree strikes without losing its flight characteristics.

Get one for your bag HERE!

And that wraps up our list!

Adding these 3 discs takes our disc count total to 13, which is still very manageable with most mid sized bags on the market today.

It's important to note that some of these discs may not be to your preference of feel, so remember to do some research and compare the discs listed here with another you find that may be more comfortable to YOU.

Your bag is going to change frequently as your skills progress and you'll likely find discs that you prefer over our suggestions.

These recommendations were based off our experience and feel they will give you an excellent start in taking your disc golf game to the next level. Enjoy!

*Some links are affiliate links, you can read our full affiliate disclosure on our home page*

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