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Best Disc Golf Drivers for Slow Arm Speed

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Just like all sports, disc golf players are made of all different types and range in age, gender, size, strength, and most especially...


Let's face it, we're all different!

We can't all be professional disc golf players that bomb putters over 350 ft. and drivers over 500 ft. like Ezra Aderhold. Likewise, we all have our own individual limitations in strength, power, form, natural ability, and more.

Arm Speed being one of these limitations.

Slow arm speed is a problem among many newer players and can definitely make throwing a disc accurately and for distance a challenge. Especially if you are using the wrong discs.

Luckily, in most instances we can do things to improve our arm speed, which will be discussed in a future article, but until that time, you are still going to want to play disc golf.

And you're going to want to be throwing discs that are matched and chosen specifically for players with slower arm speed to maximize your current potential.

To find these discs, you'll want to look for key features that are suitable for slower arms.

These features include but are not limited to:

  • Low Speed- Slower speeds are made for slower arms and will be much easier to throw than faster speeds. For this reason, avoid high speed distance drivers.

  • High Glide- In order to get the most distance as possible, gravitate towards discs with a high glide rating.

  • High Turn- Higher turn ratings mean the disc is more understable. But because they're being thrown by a slower arm, they have less of a chance to "turn over" on you and instead will fly with a nice S shaped flight pattern for optimal distance.

  • Low Fade- Discs that are too overstable will seem even more overstable than rated when thrown with a slower arm, similar to how a tailwind makes a disc more overstable by making the disc think its traveling slower than what it is. Too much fade will shorten your max distance will be difficult to throw when you have a slow arm speed.

You will find that discs/control drivers that fall within these parameters and recommendations will be easier to throw if you have a slower arm and will give you the confidence needed to crush your next round of disc golf.

Keeping these features in mind, here is our list of specific control drivers we recommend if you have a slower arm speed or are having trouble throwing faster discs.

If you don't think you're quite ready for control drivers and need to move on to mid-ranges instead, here is our compilation of the

that you can check out instead!

Now, on to the list!

Best Disc Golf Drivers for Slow Arm Speed List:

Flight Ratings: 8, 6, -3, 1

You may recognize this disc from list of best disc golf drivers for beginners, and that's because it made the top of that list as well. This disc checks all the boxes for new players or players with slower arms and will be a disc you'll immediately want to bag.

Flight Ratings: 7, 5, -2, 1

The Leopard3 is a slight jump up in quality and usability from the very popular Innova Leopard, which is often included in Innova's starter packs.

It is slight faster with a Speed of 7 and less glidey with a rating of 5, but this control driver is still well within the range of ratings we look for when searching for slow arm compatible control drivers.

We chose the Leopard3 over the Leopard due to the availability of better plastic and expanded use as the player's arm speed develops.

Flight Ratings: 9, 6, -3, 1

Another popular discs among new and old players alike and one that we have suggested in our articles several times. The Sphinx by Infinite Discs is an excellent choice for slow armed players despite being a Speed 9 control driver, and will help bridge the gap as your arm strength and speed improves.

Flight Ratings: 7, 5, -2, 1

Despite only having a turn of -2, the low speed and high glide on this control driver will be perfect for those looking for a disc that is more stable than understable and one that makes a perfect disc to grow into as your skill improves. Doesn't hurt that the stamps look sweet too!

Flight Ratings: 7, 5, 0, 2

While understable discs are best for slower arms in terms of distance, not all discs that we recommended for slow arm players will be. The Explorer is a prime example of this as it is definitely more stable than understable, especially thrown with slower speed.

The explorer is perfect for those shots where you want a long straight flight with minimal turn but still desire that consistent fade out to the left at the end.

The Explorer is a great complimentary disc for the popular Diamond.

Flight Ratings: 7, 5, -0.5, 2

Keeping in line with stable options like the Explorer, we next come to another fan favorite, the Exodus by Infinite Discs. The Exodus has slightly more turn than the Explorer which will definitely help achieving more distance.

It will also make this disc easier to throw for slower arms and comes in many amazing plastics.

Flight Ratings: 6, 5, -1, 1

When it comes to control driver speed, you don't get much slower for intermediate level discs than what you'll find with the Zombee by Discraft.

The Zombee can be thrown by players of all experience not only because of its slow speed rating, but because it is so versatile.

It holds any line you put it on since it is so stable and be used in just about any scenario whether you want to try a forehand or backhand.

Flight Ratings: 7, 5, 0, 2

Just like you should have both understable and stable options in your bag, you should also be bagging an overstable driver, even if you are a beginner or have a slower arm.

If you play enough disc golf, you'll realize that at some point, you will be faced with a longer shot that requires some fade at the end, so an understable or stable disc is not going to be an ideal choice.

This leads us to an excellent stable/overstable choice as a control driver for slow arms, the Innova Teebird.

You should still see a relatively straight flight with this disc, but with a very reliable and consistent fade at the end of each and every throw. Bag this disc today!

Flight Ratings: 7, 4, -1.5, 2

The Maverick is a very popular disc from Dynamic Discs and one that any player with a slower arm will find use for. It is similar in flight to another popular the disc, the Vandal, but with a slower speed.

Because of this, it is more suited for players with arm speeds that aren't quite seasoned yet. You can expect nice, straight and long drives off the tee and fairway with this awesome disc.

Bonus Disc!!!

Flight Ratings: 7, 5, -1, 3

As an added bonus to our list, we decided to included a final option, the Prodigy F2!

The F2 is another stable to overstable option for you to consider and is very similar to the Innova Teebird but with enough extra fade to be noticeable.

For situations where you need a bit more stability, consider picking up this highly rated option!

And that concludes our list!

From here, you should be able to find your next perfect control/fairway driver, but if not, you now know what qualities to look for the next time you're walking around your local disc golf shop.

Be sure to let us know what discs you end up choosing or if we left out a disc you think should have made our list, we'd love to hear!

If you are still interested in shopping other slow arm friendly drivers,

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*Some links are affiliate links, meaning that we may make a small commission if you purchase through the links we provide, you can read our full affiliate disclosures on our home page*

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