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Your place for all the best and up to date tips, tricks, and tools to take your game to the next level!

Regardless if you've never played, just started a few months ago, or have been playing for years, our goal is to help you get better at disc golf!

While this part of our website is ever evolving, we aim to be your go to resource to learn this awesome sport!

We are currently offering a subscription plan for videos that will cover everything from How To's, Disc and Gear Reviews, Drills, Technique Breakdown, Tips for the Course, Hole/Shot Breakdowns, and more, all of which are meant to improve every aspect of your game.

While we can teach you the basics, there are an endless amount of scenarios you can find yourself in while out on the course, and these videos are intended to help you deal and overcome these scenarios and to ultimately lower your score.

If you're unsure you'll like the videos or find them useful, when you subscriber your first week will be ENTIRELY FREE!

If you don't like them, simply unsubscribe before your week is up and you'll never pay a dime!

If you like the content, then stick around and continue to learn everything you need to improve your game!

If you are struggling with a specific part of your game, please contact us and let us know what tip you would like to see featured in a future video!

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Disc Golf Guys Premium Video Subscription

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!

While our articles are written to help you get better at improving your skills, these videos are created to fully demonstrate how to apply what we write about, into your disc golf game.

For just
$4.99 per month, you'll not only get unlimited access to these videos, but you'll also be eligible for exclusive giveaways only available to our subscribers.

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Disc Golf Guys Premium Content

Disc Golf Guys Premium Content

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