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Best Disc Golf Mid-Ranges for Beginners

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In a previous article,

we gave our list of recommended disc golf putters that would be perfect for beginners to grab and continue to use as their skills evolve.

While putting is an important, and arguably most important part of the game, you also can't neglect your mid-range game for crucial upshots and mid length holes you're bound to face when out on the course.

Beginner mid-ranges, like most beginner discs, should be very easy to throw and very forgiving when thrown with less than perfect form.

With this in mind, slower and stable/understable discs will be easier to throw than their faster/more over-stable counterparts.

But with so many choices, it truly can be difficult to know where to even start when you have never heard of most discs on the market.

While the recommendations we make are for beginners, we also try to pick out discs that we feel confident a player could continue to use well past the beginner stage of playing.

I have several discs that I used to bag and throw extremely well, but as my skill improved and a need for more technical/specific shots increased.

I found myself scrambling to find replacements.

These disc selections are not one trick ponies and are recommended to you not just as a beginner, but so you can continue to find a place for them in your bag for years to come.

So without further ado, let's go check them out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, -1, 1

It's no surprise here that the Buzzz is the at the top of the list when it comes to best beginner mid-ranges because not only is it a great beginner disc, but it's arguably one of the most popular discs of all time.

This stable mid-range is easy to throw and will incredibly hold any line that you put it on.

In our review of this disc, which you can check out HERE, we give it high praise for good reason and it is a disc that you could play an entire round with, it's simply that good.

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Although when through with sufficient speed, this disc will turn slightly before finishing on the straight path it starts out on, beginners with slower arms will find that the Buzzz will finish it's flight with a little bit more fade than the flight numbers indicate.

The disc will feel great in the hand and is available in several awesome blends offered by Discraft.

If you throw this disc long enough and love it but wish it was just a tad more overstable or understable depending on the situation, then be sure to check out it's sibling discs,

the Buzzz OS (overstable) and the Buzzz SS

(SS stands for super stable but is more understable than a regular Buzzz)

Be sure to check out the Buzzz and pick one today or any chance you get!

Flight Ratings: 5, 6, 0, 1

Sticking with stable mid-ranges, next on our list of best mid-ranges is the Westside Warship.

The Warship is similar to the Buzzz in that it is a straight flying, reliably stable mid-range. But there are some key differences worth noting before moving onto our next disc.

The disc has the same speed reading as the Buzzz but with significantly more glide that even a beginner would notice and appreciate.

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Unlike the Buzzz, the Warship has a hair more stability with a turn rating of 0 but will fly perfectly straight for most of it's flight before revealing its very slight, but reliable fade

As seen with the Buzzz, slower arms will see a little more stability than what the disc is advertised as having.

Flight Ratings: 4, 5, -2, 1

We move now to the first of our 2 understable disc recommendations, the Discraft Comet.

Understable discs in general are preferred by beginners because they are simply easier to throw with players who have weaker arms or less than efficient technique.

While overstable discs have great flight patterns when needed, players with underdeveloped arm strength will find that discs will act more stable than rated because of flying at a lower than intended speed.

Understable discs "fix" this problem by starting off turning to the right before gently fading back to the center.

Strong armed players will have the ability to keep these discs on an anhyzer or understable line if they choose, meaning that even if you improve your arm strength, discs like the Comet can still find a place in your bag.

The Comet is an excellent mid range choice for beginners because of its slight understability and high glide rating of 5.

With this combination, beginners should have no trouble getting this disc to fly far and straight for shots right off the tee on short holes and middle range upshots from the fairway.

More advanced players will enjoy having a low speed, high glide approach disc for shots to the basket where you don't want the disc to skip past the target.

If you get a chance to throw or buy the Comet, do not pass it up!

Shop the Comet at Infinite Discs by clicking on the picture below!

Flight Ratings: 5, 5, -3, 1

Another solid option for you if you already have tried the Comet is the Dynamic Discs Patrol.

The Patrol is a bit faster than the Comet with a speed of 5, and a little more understability with a turn rating of -3, but will offer similar fade at the end of it's flight.

Because of the turn and glide, you will see an excellent flight pattern and achieve excellent distance with this midrange, especially for upshots and tee offs.

The higher speed and increased turn should not scare you away as they will largely offset each other and allow for easy throwing for a beginner.

As you advance, this disc will work wonders on anhyzer lines or hyzer flip shots for mid range distances too far for a putter.

Grab one today!

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Flight Ratings: 5, 4.2, -0.1, 0.1

Very similar in flight to the Buzzz, this extremely straight flying stable mid-range is an absolute fan favorite among players of all skill levels.

It will hold any line it is put on and is a great disc for beginners to fine tune their technique with as they begin to slowly extend their throwing distance.

You cannot go wrong with this disc and is definitely a mid-range you should check out.

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Flight Ratings: 5, 4.9, -0.9, 1

Players from all over love the unique that MVP/Axiom disc provide and the straight flying Axis is no exception to this.

The stable option is perfect for all players and like other straight flying mid-ranges on this list will hold any line it is put on with just a touch of fade at the end.

The 2 plastic feel different at first, but you will love it when you try it!

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Flight Ratings: 4, 4.8, -2.9, 0.3

Another understable option on our list from Discraft is the Sol.

This option is more understable than the Comet and very similar in flight to another offering from Discraft, the Meteor or the Stingray from Innova.

This disc will flight very straight for beginners and eventually will turn into a great turnover or hyzer flip disc when your arm speed and skill improve.

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Flight Ratings: 5, 2, 0, 4

Finally we reach our final mid-range recommendation for beginners, the Innova Caiman.

The Caiman differs from the other discs we recommend in that it is the only overstable disc in our lineup.

While stable and understable discs are definitely easier for beginners to throw in most situations, every player new and old should have an overstable mid-range disc in their bag.

Some shots simply require a hard hyzer finish to the left or to the right that would be difficult to achieve with a stable or understable disc

Additionally, having an overstable mid-range is also useful to combat the effects of the wind on a disc, particularly a head wind.

In head winds, discs will fly less stable than their rating indicates, so an overstable disc such as the Caiman will help fight this by flying straighter than it would under no wind or tailwind conditions.

If you are a beginner and looking for other overstable mid-range options besides the Caiman, consider the Innova Roc in a premium plastic or the Millennium Taurus.

Shop now at Infinite Discs by clicking on the picture below!

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And that's our list!

We feel confident that between these 5 mid-range choices you will be able to pick one or more and immediately find success with them out on the course!

If you're looking for driver options as well, then be sure to check out

Feel that we left a disc out of discussion or did you prefer a different mid-range when you first started out?

Send us a message or leave a comment, we'd love to hear it!

To shop all of the top rated discs at Infinite Discs as chosen by players from around the world, simply click on the logo below and check them out!

*Some links are affiliate links, you can read our full affiliate disclosures on our home page*

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