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Cove Valley Disc Golf Course

Located at the bottom of the mountain next to Mercersburg, PA is a wonderfully thought out and challenging course to test your full bag of skills.

Hole 18 Basket

With two tee boxes per hole, the short and long layouts actually provide different approaches to the baskets versus just backing the long tee up another 30 feet or so like you so often find at many courses.

The "Cove" offers all of the goodies that a disc golfer wants from a challenging course. Left and right dog legs, water carries, open field bombs, tight technical wooded lines, and appropriately designated OB's.

Tee signage is quite good with each hole having these white painted arrows directing players to both the short and long tee-offs.

The tee signs themselves are well made and provide all the info needed in regards to distance, common flight line, basket location, and OB instructions.

Discatcher baskets are found on all 18 holes and for the most part look in great shape. Two of the baskets are just slightly "wonky" due to having been hit by fallen trees over the last couple years.

These baskets are still in good shape and stand as intended.

Tee pads are the only flaw of this incredible course as there is a combination of rubbers pads, mulch, dirt, and grass designated areas for teeing off throughout the course.

Udisc reviewers comment that even with the lackluster tee pads, this course is still worth the drive out as it will challenge your game and take you on a beautiful scenic nature hike that will last a couple hours if played with a few people.

But wait! Listen to this!

Basket 12 at the base of the mountain tee-offs

The above basket sits at the bottom of an almost 800 foot short-tee downhill open field huck and a 1,012 ft. bomber from the long tee.

The mountain view from the top of this mountain is serene and brings almost everyone to a moment of standstill to take in the view. Then you get to throw as far and as hard as you can which is a favorite of any player.

This course is located at a youth church camp and has specific summer availability for Saturdays only until the camping "season" is over and then it's open to the public daily.

The camp does ask for call ahead during the summer months and to sign in at the office next to the main parking lot. No fees to play.

Did I mention water carries?

Because this course tests your nerves with some dangerous carries next to/over the main pond and also along the nearby creek for five of the 18 holes.

Personal opinion - I've played the short layout twice so far and most of the long layout (cut short due to getting dark that evening) and I REALLY enjoy this course for the challenges it has to offer.

I believe it's the most thought out course in the surrounding area. It starts out easy and progressively gets more difficult with each and every hole.

Whispering Falls is nearby and is also a great course, but Cove Valley brings that little more of something that makes me feel like it's the more championship level course, minus the tee pads.

Be sure to check it out any chance you get!

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