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Disc Golf Putting Grips

Being an efficient putter in disc golf all starts with the grip.

A proper, comfortable grip will help ensure consistency from throw to throw which ultimately determines how good of a putter you become.

There are 3 primary grips used when putting, but its important to note that slight variations from player to player is common and expected as we all have different hand sizes and different opinions on what feels comfortable.

The grips below however are great starting points for every player until you find that perfect grip that allows you to rattle those chains putt after putt.

Grip may also change depending on what plastic or blend the disc is made out of, so it's also important to try as many different blends as you can get your hands on.

The first 2 grips shows can be used for both push putting and spin putting alike, so be sure to try both and see which you like more.

Putting Grip 1

As shown in the picture, the thumb rests on top of the disc and pointed towards the opposite side, not to the top of the disc.

The disc used in these pictures is the Dynamic Discs Deputy. It is an excellent putter choice and my current putting putter that I bag. Click on any picture with the red disc to check it out!

Underneath the disc, you'll see that in grip 1, the fingers are simply spread across the bottom of the disc.

I prefer to have my fingers close together but other players prefer to "fan" their fingers apart.

As you practice, you will figure out how you prefer to place them and as long as you keep them the same from putt to putt you'll be okay!

Putting Grip 2

For grip 2, the hand will look the same on top, but on the bottom, the fingers will be gripping the side wall of the disc, rather than fanning out across the bottom.

This grip is commonly used when throwing up shots with your putter or longer putts, but can be used within Circle 1 as well.

For both grip styles, the wrist should be in a cocked position with your thumb pointed towards the left for right handed players and to the right for left handed players.

You don't want your wrist to be straight in a starting position as this will make releasing the disc cleanly a little more difficult.

Regardless of the grip you choose, you may find that slight variations in grip will be a little more comfortable to you and as long as you get consistency in your putts, there is nothing wrong with it!

Choose what feels good TO YOU!

Turbo Putt Grip

For the turbo putt, the wrist is bend back, the thumb is under the center of the disc, and the fingers are supporting the rim.

Having 1 or 2 of your middle fingers under the rim will help you control the disc and will also decrease the risk of dropping it!

This style takes a lot of practice to get used to as it’s unconventional to the other two styles.

And those are the 3 primary grips for putting in disc golf!

There is no wrong way to grip a disc when putting as long as it works for you and you are consistent.

If however you are struggling to find your "happy place" on the disc, try one of the first two grips and go from there!

When you're ready to learn more about putting than just the grip, be sure to check out our article

to learn the ropes!

Happy disc golfing!

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