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Lake Marshall The Lions

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

As soon we began planning our trip to Virginia, Lake Marshall was on our radar as a potential landing spot and ultimately made the cut.

The property offers 3 total courses, 2 of which we played, the Lions and the Lair.

The Lamb is the 3rd course that you can play here and is geared more towards kids and beginners, so we did not play it as our arms were SPENT.

You can read about the Lair in THIS ARTICLE, but both it and the Lions are incredible courses that will test not only your skill and arm strength, but also your mental strength and nerves as the course has numerous water carries that ate up several of our discs.

The Lions is still in the development stage, but as of March 2021 when we played, all 18 holes were playable.

Holes 1, 2, and 3 had just been finished and a week after we were there, many of the tee boxes on the holes were being updated from turf to concrete, so we can't wait to play there again in the future.

The Lions is designed to be a Pro level course, meaning that the holes are rather long, the lines are rather tight, and overall, it takes superb play to really perform well here.

Some areas we were hesitant to give a complete grade on due to the course not being officially finished, but nonetheless, it was definitely an excellent course that did not disappoint and will attract disc golfers from all over for years to come!

Let's get into the review!

The tee box for one of many water carriers on the course!

Course: Lake Marshall - The Lions

Location: Montross, Virginia

Tees: Mixed- Artificial Turf, Concrete, Wood (In the process of updating all to concrete)

Baskets: Prodigy

Pay to play? Yes, $15 per person per weekend day paid via PayPal ($10 during the week). Allows you to play all the courses on the Private Property

18 Holes

What I liked:

  • very challenging, designed to be Pro level

  • Beautiful landscape and property

What I didn't like:

  • Does anybody like water carries?

  • Bomber course requiring good arm strength

Tee Boxes- 4.5/5

Despite being unfinished, the majority of the tee boxes offered a turf pad to throw off of which offered excellent traction for us on our dry day playing.

Even when wet, these tee boxes would perform great and would give you good footing for maximum power off the tee.

This course will quickly become a 5 in this category as the course is being updated to feature concrete tee boxes, but a 4.5/5 is not too shabby either.

The awesome artificial turf tee box on Hole 15

Baskets- 5/5

The course featured Prodigy T2 baskets throughout and they were all in great condition and did an excellent job at grabbing our discs.

The baskets are technically move-able, but are very heavy duty and extremely sturdy. You can click on the picture below to check them out on, but if you're looking for a professional basket that is affordable, move-able, and grabs discs, then they are definitely baskets you should consider!

This hole offered an excellent view of the private, man made lake on the property!

Navigation- 4/5

The course did not have much in terms of navigation, particularly Holes 1, 2, and 3 which were not quite finished when we played the course. That being said, the course does flow rather nicely and is not very difficult to navigate at all.

There were a couple of places where arrows getting you going in the right direction would have helped, but it wasn't hard to figure it out on our own.

The other course on the property, the Lair, has signs throughout the course so we're confident that when this course is finished it will be affixed with similar signage and bring this course up to a 5/5.

Difficulty- 5/5

The difficulty of this course is where it truly shines as it has just about EVERYTHING that makes a course difficult: water carries, long holes, tight lines, islands, and guardian obstructions to name a few!

There are obviously safe plays on most of these holes, but on some of them, there is simply no easy way to avoid the hazards without going for it.

It was our understanding that this course is meant to be the Pro level course in terms of length and difficulty, and we fully agree with that description as it will test not only all of your skills, but how good you are at all of those skills as well!

If you're afraid of losing discs in water, then we highly recommend bringing some cheap water discs because inevitably, one will go for a swim.

Luckily, Brandon had his disc retriever along for the trip to grab discs that entered the water and were able to be retrieved!

Disc Golf Guys supporter Jamey making his putt to finish Hole 12 on the island

Appearance- 4/5

Despite being incomplete, this course is really shaping up to be a beautiful course, from the wooded areas to the lake, the property is stunning!

There are some areas where grass is still growing, dirt is still being moved, and debris is being cleared, but we could hardly hold that against the course because all of the work being done is definitely going to pay off in the long run!

The fairways were well maintained, clear of most debris, and allowed us to cleanly play our lies, what more could you ask for?

A view from a fairway with an impending water carry to the basket on an upshot

Overall- 4.3/5

Overall, this course is definitely shaping up to be a top notch course, on a beautiful property that has dedicated itself to being a disc golf destination for anyone living on the east coast.

For $15, you have the opportunity to play 2 awesome courses that are top tier, challenging, and have you pleading for mercy by the end!

As mentioned, this course was not finished when we played it so take our rating with a grain of salt and make sure you stop and play if you're in the area, but save time for both courses!

Also, do not forget your water discs or retrievers for when, not if, your discs sail into the lake!

Brandon putting for Par on one of our favorite holes on the course, Hole 1

We did not know it at the time, but this course was definitely the more challenging of the two main courses on the property, so make sure you're adequately warmed up prior to playing!

That all being said, be sure to check it out sometime soon!

Have you already played this course before? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

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