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Perfect Putt 360: It WILL make you a better putter

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Standing around a basket, whether it's your own or one not being used by anyone else at a course, and putting can get boring REAL quick.

You take some putts, move to another random spot, take some more, and repeat until you can't stand it anymore before finally deciding to end on that "nothing but chains" drain from 20ish feet to feel good about yourself.

But did you really accomplish anything? Did you quit after 5 minutes?

If you're looking for a progressive way to actually practice putting so that it implements a better muscle memory and throwing technique, then here's your answer:

Perfect Putt 360 for iOS and Android!

This app is the perfect solo or multiplayer game to improve your putting with a structured game that really challenges your distance, your nerves, and your mental game.

It does this through a bonus based scoring system that rewards specific putts as well as making entire sets at a certain distance.

To perform the round you'll need:

a basket, at least 5 putters, and 5 markers/flags/other discs to mark out 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 feet from the basket.

A tape measure is very helpful but making an educated guess on your distances can be done in a pinch.

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How does Perfect Putt 360 work?

Ten throws are taken from the 10 foot mark and recorded into the app.

Check your bonus boxes for making your first and last throw, as well as for making all 10 shots (if you did). Then move back to the 15 foot marker and do the same.

Once you've thrown 10 shots from all five stations, you'll repeat the entire round once more for a total of 100 putts at 10 stations. The objective is to score a perfect 360 points equaled from your makes plus the bonuses.

This is a great way to practice your putting and learn your stroke in a way that has structure and a consistent amount of practice time per full round.

Trying to make those first and last shots helps to build some pressure which replicates those game time moments in a league or tournament.

Challenge your friends to make it even more interesting!

At the time of this article, Perfect Putt 360 has a one time cost of just $2.99, which is well worth the cost to become a better player, check it out today!

Note: Disc Golf guys is not sponsored or endorsed by Perfect Putt 360, we just simply love their product!

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