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Playing Disc Golf Without A Basket

You've got your first set of discs and finally ready to head afield and play your first round of disc golf! There's just one minor problem...

You don't where to play or there is no local course within a few miles!

If you're extremely new to the idea of disc golf or find yourself in a similar situation, then you're probably wondering if and how it can be played without baskets.

Lucky for you, there are options!

Prior to the invention of our modern day baskets, disc golf was originally played as more of an "object golf."

What is object golf?

Object golf is just how it sounds!

You use objects in the environment as your end point or "basket" and then decide where your tee off will be. Set your start point, your end point, determine how many strokes it'll take to make that hole competitive with your friends and you're good to go!

Telephone poles, a specific section of chain-link fence, a fire hydrant, or whatever you can find call all work as a solid object to hit with your final putt.

This can make playing in any location a lot of fun!

Playing on some empty school grounds, at hunting camp, or even a recreational park that has some space to it and vacant of too many pedestrians for their safety are just to name a few areas that are perfect for object golf.

Make some holes challenging by going over athletic fields or setting up various amounts of OB's (out of bounds) such as pavements, sidewalks, or flower beds. Mando's are also an added bonus!

Using your imagination can really increase the fun as well as the difficulty!

How do I play object golf?

If you're still a little uncertain as to how to play object golf, here is a scenario for you that Broden and I found ourselves in one afternoon.

That day, we decided to have a practice session on a football field at the local high school. After 45 minutes or so of practice throws, we both REALLY wanted to play a round but the closest course was about 40 minutes away and we were short on time.

Alas, object golf!

So we started near where we had been practicing, and I chose the first target or "object"

I said, "let's play to that stop sign, par 3 as its about 300ft away", and off we went!

After that "hole", Broden chose a fireman's pole at the nearby playground on a dogleg right about 250' away that also became a par 3 (don't worry, no children were there).

Then I chose the goal post of the football stadium next and on and on and on until we played a competitive 9 hole round!

It was a ton of fun as we had full creative control to make our own course.

But I really like my baskets!

If you can't stand the idea of hitting random objects and would still prefer a basket at all times, you could alternatively make the purchase of a portable basket or 2 and move that basket into various positions around your area that you'd love to play at!

This still creates for a fun experience with freedom to choose your shots but instead finishing at a basket rather than a stop sign.

Click HERE or the banner below to shop CHEAP portable baskets at Infinite Discs!

And there you have it! You're all set to play your first round of object golf!

Have you ever played object golf by yourself or with some buddies? We'd love to hear about your experience so let us know!

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