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Pohick Bay Regional Park

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This tiny par 3 course located at a local camping park was a late addition to our recent disc golf tour itinerary but we were pleasantly surprised by it and glad we squeezed it in once we did.

It did cost us $2 each to play the course via a self service box located near Hole 1. When you pay you take a ticket for yourself to present if asked.

Nobody checked us to see if we had our ticket during our round, but others told us that it does get patrolled from time to time.

It didn't take us long to realize that the 18 hole course was full of very short holes, most of them being in the 150-250 foot range, so we decided to have some fun and play this course with just our putters and mid-ranges.

Playing with one disc, as we discussed in THIS ARTICLE, is a great way to learn your bag and realize how versatile your putters and mid-ranges can be when forced to use them on every shot.

Because the course was so short, many of the holes offered ace runs, even when throwing off the tee pad with a putter, which made for tons of excitement!

The course also reinforced how much fun it would be to have your own private course right in the back yard!

We previously wrote about how you could build your own course for less than $500, and having a course like this at your disposal to play as often as you want could seriously improve your scramble and mid-range aspect of your game.

Despite the short layout, we had a ton of fun playing this course and realized that we probably wouldn't have used our drivers even if we could.

Let's see everything this course has to offer and get into the review!

The tee box for Hole 5 shows off the tight lines and excellent tee boxes!

Course: Pohick Bay Regional Park

Location: Lorton, Virginia

Tees: Concrete

Baskets: DISCatcher

Pay to Play? Yes, $2 per round via a self service box. Ticket stub kept as proof of purchase

18 Holes

What I liked:

  • very scenic

  • fun holes for putters and mids

  • great tee pads

  • reminded me of the perfect backyard course that you could build yourself

What I didn't like:

  • confusing layout on certain holes and difficulty finding the right baskets

  • the holes are very packed in so you could potentially always be in someone's way

  • You would not need a driver here so while it does work on some parts of your game well, it neglects other areas of your game

Tee Boxes- 5/5

A nice part of this course was the tee boxes, as they were all made of concrete and in very good condition.

A lot of this course is in a section of pine woods, so there is very little leaf cover and a lot of exposed dirt.

When dirt is wet, it becomes mud, so on a day that is not warm and sunny like when we played, teeing off could be a royal pain if it wasn't for the concrete tee pads.

Because they were in such great shape, this course earns a 5/5.

Concrete tee box on Hole 2

Baskets- 4.5/5

The Innova DISCatcher baskets were all in great shape, but did show some age that did not affect their performance in any way, shape, or form.

Click on the pic above to shop the portable version of the Innova DISCatcher on Amazon!

The only thing we did not like about the baskets, was probably more of a navigation issue that we'll discuss further in the next section, but on a few holes it was difficult to find which basket we were to be throwing to, as the holes run tight and parallel to one another.

Navigation- 4.5/5

Every hole had a very nice sign by it that detailed the stats of the hole including: par, distance to the pin, location of the pin, OB's, Mando's, and more!

The only thing we didn't like about the signs is that they were often not drawn to scale, which doesn't seem like a big deal in theory, but sometimes it made finding the proper hole challenging.

Luckily, the majority of the course was easy to navigate around despite how close the holes were to each other so this was a very minor problem.

The signs could have included where the next hole was, but was not necessary to get around most of the time.

Additionally, the fairways and paths from hole to hole were very clear and free of debris, making our walks from hole to hole a breeze.

Overall, the course was fairly easy to navigate for players who had never been there before.

Every hole had a sign such as this one which was very helpful in seeing the

distance to the pin and where all the OB's and Mandos were

Difficulty- 3/5

While the course is short, many of the holes have rather tight fairways that will also require you to avoid guardian trees and other brush.

The length is not going to be a problem for most players but you will definitely need have some precision if you want to stay safe from landing in the rough, on other hole's fairways, or OB on the road.

Some holes, such as the picture of hole 3, are challenging because of very harsh turns and mando's, but the course is definitely attackable overall with clear lines on all holes.

Because of the short length and manageable lines, we would rate this course as a 3-3.5/5 in difficulty and is rather beginner friendly overall.

Appearance- 4/5

As we already mentioned, there is not much debris on the course as the fairways are very wide open and due to the majority of the trees being pine, there is very little leaf cover.

It seems that maintenance is not a priority on the course, but due to the nature of the foliage and the amount of foot traffic we saw, the course is in great shape and would require very little upkeep anyways.

There are a couple of holes that would need to be kept mowed in the summer, but was not an issue during our spring trip and is likely kept up with very well.

Overall- 4.2/5

In all, we really enjoyed playing this course and it was nice to have a shorter course to play on to save our arms a little bit.

As stated, we played this course with putters and mids only and we believe most experienced players would be able to do the same as the holes are short and its always good to work on your mid-range game.

The $2 fee to pay is very minimal and worth it to play this unique course.

It's not a destination course by any means, but is definitely worth playing if you're in the area, so check it out!

Have you played this course before? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

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