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Rhode's Grove Disc Golf Park

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Located in the outskirts of Chambersburg, PA on a church camp is this smaller 18 hole course that brings a mixture of open field shots layered with OB's and shorter technical shots to test your short game.

Course: Rhode's Grove Disc Golf Park

Location: Chambersburg, PA

Tees: Concrete

18 Holes

Tee Boxes- 5/5

Baskets- 4.5/5

Navigation- 4/5

Difficulty- 2/5

Appearance- 4/5

This course begins with a birdie-or-die front 9 through the church camp with fairly open short holes. Hole 8 presents one mandatory to avoid an extra stroke, but otherwise plays straight up with pavements being the only OB to worry about.

The newer back 9 is a recent addition with a few lightly wooded holes and quite a few open field holes running alongside a small cemetery. Paved roads and precision cut grass provide a challenging grouping of holes to play either safe placement golf, or bonus "go for it" golf.

The entire course is laid out with cement tee pads, minus hole one which continues to be a dirt patch with a cinder block marking the front edge. The cement seems well intact and has yet to seem slippery in my few outings at this course.

The baskets are pretty standard with minor weather wear and almost no signs of rust. Yellow bands at the top allow these baskets to be easily visible from any of the further distances.

One downside for this course is that it is on the church camp grounds. Therefore, during the summer months when the camp is active, playing is not permitted except for Saturdays from June 16th-July 27th. Otherwise, the camp grounds are open to the public the rest of the year, morning, day, and evening.

Overall- 3.9/5

This course is very beginner friendly, especially the front 9 holes. Placement golf isn't seen a lot around the area so it's a nice variation to give part of your game an upgrade with the back 9. A couple players can get through it in a little over an hour pending you don't catch too many OB's on the back 9.

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