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Saint Francis University Disc Golf Course

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

A short, 9 hole course just 3 miles from home? Of course I'm going to check it out!

While the course had a lot of potential, it also leaves a lot to be desired, let's take a look at the full review!

Course: Saint Francis University

Location: Loretto, Pennsylvania

Tees: Dirt is being generous for most holes

9 Holes

What I liked: Close to home, beautiful country and campus is nearby.

What I didn't like: This course is neglected more than a middle child! It has a ton of potential to be a nice little course but is years past the required, routine upkeep.

Tee Boxes- 1.5/5

This course has a little bit of everything! Some tees have some residual gravel from when they were installed, some have been worn down to dirt, and some you have to get imaginative and play the game, "If I was a tee box, where would I be?". While it's not a total deal breaker, it wouldn't take much to give this course a well deserved refreshing of the tee boxes.

The remnants of a tee box on Hole 4

You may think you're looking at 2 pine trees, but believe it or not this is the tee box for Hole 7

Baskets- 3/5

One of the best qualities of this course is that all of the baskets are 100% functional, but they have definitely seen some less rusty days.

One of my favorite holes on the course (and no not because it's the last hole)

Navigation- 1.5/5

Oh boy, here we go.

This course probably would have rated below a 1 without a map of the course, and even it was hard to track down! I'm very convinced that you would not be able to find 2 of the holes without the map as there are no signs, no clear tee boxes, over grown trees, and blind looks to the basket, the course is just that let go.

Originally, there were very nice signs installed throughout the course on each tee box, but those are now missing on a couple of the holes.

It just seems that the course was installed and then kind of forgotten about as things such as parking lots were added and trees grew up, making navigation very difficult. Having the map while playing upgrades the course navigation score to a 1.5.

I will say that the signs are a nice touch where they are still present!

Difficulty- 4/5

Interesting enough, the course is rather difficult on several holes and for a variety of reasons.

If the course was maintained well, it would moderately lower the difficulty. The fact of the matter is, overgrown trees make for challenging shots that are 100% blind and one hole having almost a 100% certainty of hitting a pine tree.

Holes that are easier are fairly open but severely uphill or downhill with some obstacles, which ups the difficulty.

Hole 4 again, a great example of grown up trees making for a difficult tee off

Appearance- 1.5/5

Luckily for players, the course does seem to be mowed with the rest of the school grounds on a regular basis, and the neglect of the course I've mentioned is more involved with trees, shrubs, and actual course components.

Another bonus is that the campus is very nice and you see it from several different angles as you work your way through.

This course almost makes a 2, but so much easy work is needed to get it to that point. The fact the course is mowed takes it up from a 1.

Overall- 2.3/5

Overall, this course "is what it is". It's a nice little course that is close to home and fun to play on short notice and short time. If you're in the area, check it out (with map above in hand) but it is by no means a destination course of a course I'd recommend someone drive a long way to play.

Despite it's shortcomings and the fact that most holes are fairly short, I do appreciate the difficulty and technical shots needed to play most of the holes. Hole 5 is especially fun as it starts off right next to a snow tubing lift and is an easy, down hill shot with a right dog leg to the basket which you cannot see from the tee box.

All in all, if you're in the area with bag in tow, check it out!

Played this course before? Let us know what you though of it in the comments!

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