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What is Disc Golf?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered what those Christmas tree looking chain-baskets were in that state park you were visiting?

Have you seen other people throwing small Frisbee across a public park while you were taking a walk to get some daily steps in?

What is this growing sport?

Disc golf stems back to the 70’s where it was first known as Frisbee golf and used a Frisbee at that time with a goal of hitting a designated object in the fewest throws possible.

Sounds like golf, right?

Disc golf has evolved over the past half century significantly for everything from the gear, the basket objective, and even throwing techniques.

What is a disc?

This sport’s main “tool” are the discs that you throw towards your objective. These are thrown with different techniques verses your standard Frisbee and also have specific characteristics that determine their flight patterns.

Discs range in size, weight, plastic, and objective usage. One would find in a complete “bag” set-up some approach/putters, mid-ranges, fairway drivers, and distant drivers.

These tools are used to get from the tee box to the basket at the end of the “hole” in as few strokes (or throws) possible.

A multi-disc set such as this one by Innova is a great option for someone to get into the sport! Click on the picture to check it out!

Where can I play disc golf?

Courses can range from many different designs based on location and region, available property, and the skill of the designer.

Many courses are going to feature some variation of wooded and open field shots with bending fairways or obstacles to bring more of a challenge to your game play. Courses are popping up all over the world and have surpassed the 8,800 mark. They’re typically found in state parks, recreational parks, and on some ball golf courses.

For more details on where courses can be found, check out THIS ARTICLE

How do I throw a disc?

Different throwing techniques are at your disposal as you expand your abilities to get yourself the best shot for different situations and as your skill progresses.

These include backhand, forehand/flick, overhand (tomahawk, thumber), roller, and various putting styles. You can learn the basics of how to throw a disc HERE.

What are the baskets for?

The baskets you will see around the course are equivalent to the holes in ball golf in that these are your aiming points. Specific shape will be about the same regardless of where you play with some design differences between brands but they will all have chains handing off a post that are there to trap and stop the disc. Underneath these chains, you will see a metal basket to catch the disc after it hits and is stopped by the chains.

The goal is to throw your disc into the basket in as few throws as possible, just like a golfer attempts to do the same with the ball into the hole in regular golf.

The chains shown in this picture are designed to "trap" the disc, stopping it's flight and allowing it to drop into the basket below

What are the rules of disc golf?

Disc golf is played with the same rules as ball golf: finish the hole without taking too many strokes. A typical round is usually 9 or 18 holes. Use your gear and throwing techniques to maximize your scores and beat friends and family while getting your physical fitness in for the day outside.

Interested in playing? Check out our article “Disc Golf for Beginners” to learn everything you need to know to get out and play your first round! You can even grab a starter pack of discs to get you going HERE.

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