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Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course at Antrim Park

Greencastle, PA is the home to this 27-hole wooded and open fielded, long, challenging course. Multiple layout variations make this course a fun one to keep coming back to.

Course: Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course

Location: Antrim Park; Greencastle, PA

Tees: Rubber mats, multiple tees available

27 Holes

Tee Boxes- 4/5

Baskets- 4/5

Navigation- 4/5

Difficulty- 3/5

Appearance- 4/5

The first 18 holes have one tee rubber tee pad with two positioned baskets. Short baskets have a red band at the top, while the longs are designated with yellow bands.

Holes 19-27 have one yellow-banded basket with two rubber tee pads to designate short and long tee-off areas. These holes are mostly all open field shots with OB's coming into play in all of the surrounding high grassy areas.

The woods are dense, rewarding excellent shots to the fairways and requiring a strong scramble game for any misses.

Elevation and distance traveled are not missing with this course. If you play the full first 18 holes then you'll find yourself playing through various elevation changes. Many of the holes have a fair amount of distance not only from the long tees to the baskets, but also with walks between holes. While this can be a nuisance to some, it's quite nice to be out in the woods and take some spare moments to take in the scenery before you're teeing off on the next hole again.

Signage is fairly decent throughout the course, but some areas in the woods leave you looking for more than one sign. Udisc is very helpful when this happens to get you reoriented. All 27 baskets seem to be in decent shape, but a couple of tee pads could use some upkeep as the boxes are overtaken by stone and dirt, the rubber pads are cracked, and one of the rubber pads is missing entirely on hole 23 long.

As noted above, Udisc provides many course layouts to fit your play style for the day. Want to avoid the deeper wooded holes with most of the drastic elevation, there's a layout for that. A few 18 hole variations exist as well as the full 27 holes.

Overall- 3.8/5

Overall, this course is a beautiful one that presents a good challenge for those looking for a more difficult layout within the surrounding area. It provides a nice day of hiking should you choose to play the full layout. The open field holes provide room to open up your arm but with caution as the OB's are looming around each side.

Be sure to mark your discs as the trees are known in these parts to snag up many discs in a week!

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