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13 Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Short of having a disc course in your backyard or having one within a very short driving distance, few items will improve your disc golf game more than a portable disc golf basket.

While there are ways that you can practice putting without a basket, using a basket is always going to give you the best feedback as to whether or not your putting game is where it needs to be.

But putting isn't the only thing you can work on, you can also work on your mid and long range games as well!

With a portable basket you have the ability to easily move the basket to replicate nearly any shot that you may face out on the disc golf course.

Struggling with long turn over shots? Set up your basket 200 feet away and to the right.

Having trouble throwing long hyzer shots around trees or blind dog legs and getting within Circle's Edge? Set up those shots in the back yard if you have the room or at a local football field.

Or most importantly,

Struggling with making putts of all lengths, especially inside the circle?

Well, a portable basket can be your ticket to immediately increase your putting percentage and your effective distance.

Bottom line,

Having the ability to walkout your door and immediately begin working on your short, mid, or long range game can be invaluable and pay immediate dividends the next time you're out playing your next scored round whether it's in a tournament, league, or just for fun.

I could go on and on about the benefits of a portable disc golf basket, but chances are, you're hear not to learn about this benefits, but because you know you want one and aren't sure which one is the best to get.

Luckily, we're here to let you know what you're best options are so that you can make an informed decision based on your budget.

The good thing is that there is no shortage of viable options on the market, and they will range in price from under $100 to over $300.

What's important is regardless of price, having a basket of any kind and any price point is going to be better than not having one at all.

Whether it has 12 chains or 24, whether it has a full top rail or not, or regardless if it has a regulation cage to catch the discs or not,

At the end of the day, you'll still have a target to throw at that will be better than aiming at a tree, wall, fence post, sibling, whatever.

That being said, in this article we did focus on baskets that had distinct features to make them the best bang for your buck.

This means that we did not include any budget baskets, nor did we include any high end baskets at the top of the price point.

You getting value for your money is important to us, so we stuck with the options that are the best combination of features and price.

As a result, for the most part the baskets on this list are going to be between $100-200, with the exception of just 1 or 2.

We feel that baskets within this price range will have all the features of a typical basket that you'll find on the disc golf course, but in a portable package.

What are the features of a course quality disc golf basket?

Well, in addition to being roughly between $100-$200 in price, to be included on our list the portable baskets we suggest had to have at least the following:

  • A full top band, not just wire that the chains attach to

  • At least 24 chains

  • A close to regulation size cage to catch the discs

Most baskets that are on a course will have these features, so we feel it's important that the portable basket you choose has them as well.

Especially when you can buy these features for less than $200.

You'll find that many of these baskets are even PDGA approved in terms of height, width, and overall size dimensions, which is a huge plus!

While the pros of these baskets may seem obvious, such as the fact they are as close to the real thing as you can get for a relatively low cost, there are some cons to mention.

Compared to more budget friendly options, you will spend more on a basket with these features than you will a folding style or pop up style basket.

These baskets are also generally a little heavier and more cumbersome than those same, cheaper folding basket options.

They also take a little bit more time to set up, however, I find that assembly and dis-assembly can be done easily in less than a minute, so this isn't too much of a con.

All in all, I firmly believe the pros heavily outweigh any cons and make them worthy of being on this list.

While any option on this list will work beyond a doubt, we do give credit where credit is due for baskets that are a little bit better than others on this list.

But the gap between the top and bottom options is very little, and you will certainly enjoy any basket you choose from this list.

So, speaking of the list and without further ado,

Let's get into it!

Simply click on any of the names or pictures to shop the basket you're interested in at

These baskets are no in specific order as they are all excellent choices when it comes to mid-price portable baskets.

First on our list is the Black Hole Pro HD (Heavy Duty) by MVP, and if we were specifically ranking these baskets in order from best to less best, this basket would still be at the top of this list.

It's that good.

Compared to other options, you'll find that the the Black Hole Pro HD is more stout in every way from the base to the cage to the top band, without a significant bump in price.

This stoutness comes at a price however as the HD version is a little heavier than other options, which potentially makes transportation a tad more difficult, unless you grab it with the transit bag.

It is also a little pricier compared to other options on this list.

That being said, the Black Hole Pro HD is still VERY competitive in price.

This portable basket is the perfect option to get this list started, and is the perfect one to make you a better player today.

Click on the picture to check it out!

If you like the look of the Black Hole Pro HD, but aren't crazy about the price and are looking for something just a little bit lighter, then the Black Hole Pro (no HD) is one to consider!

The Black Hole Pro, as implied by the name, is still an awesome choice for backyard practice, but will be lighter as the overall gauge of the cage and base wire will be smaller in diameter.

The top band, chain supports, and chains will also be less heavy duty, but not enough to change any functionality of the basket.

These differences are subtle however and you would likely only notice if you were to compare the Pro and Pro HD baskets directly side by side.

While the Pro HD is a great basket, the Pro is a great compromise if you're looking to save some money and still grab yourself a quality basket that will last you for years to come.

Check it out today!

Click on the picture to shop now!

Moving on, we come to the last of the MVP options on our list, the Black Hole Lite.

Like the Black Hole Pro, the Black Hole Lite features structural materials that are significantly lighter than the HD version, and slightly lighter than the Pro version, but still plenty strong to handle all of you backyard throwing and putting needs with ease.

While lighter than the other options, the Black Hole Lite the cheapest version of the 3 MVP options we list which makes it a great value as it is affordable for nearly any player.

If you are on a tight budget but like the look of MVP baskets, the Black Hole Lite is going to be perfect for you!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Up next is the Discraft Chainstar Lite, the basket I personally use for my back yard putting and approach practice!

What I love about the Chainstar Lite is that it is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, with either easily taking less than a minute!

I also like how well the chains catch for being a 'lite' version of a realistic basket, similar to the MVP Black Hole Lite previously mentioned.

The difference between the Chainstar Lite and the Black Hole Lite however is that the Chainstar Lite features a much heavier duty cage to catch the disc and heavier chains/chain supports as well, comparable to the Black Hole Pro.

This upgrade in material is what justifies the price difference between the two Lite basket options, and is why you should consider the Chainstar Lite for you portable basket choice!

You can read my full review of this basket HERE!


Click on the picture to check it out!

One of the cheaper options on our list, the Hive Lite is a great choice for those who are looking for a basket that is both lightweight and budget friendly while also very effective at catching discs.

This basket checks all the boxes and will suit the needs of any player looking for something simple in the backyard.

It may not be the best choice as a temporary basket on a course, but it would absolutely get the job done!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Being a sister company to MVP, it's no surprise that Axiom also has their own line of quality portable baskets that rival the excellence of the Black Hole series of baskets, and the Axiom Pro HD lines up almost perfectly to the Black Hole Pro HD.

In fact, these baskets will essentially line up side by side without much difference from their relatives.

A big plus to the Axiom lineup, and a reason why you should consider one, is that unlike the MVP baskets, which only come in black, Axiom offers their baskets in a variety of bright colors!

Otherwise, even price will be very comparable, but you may be able to pick up the Axiom line for a slight cost savings over the MVP series, so click on the picture to shop current prices!

While the Axiom Pro HD matches up to the MVP Black Hole Pro HD, as expected the Axiom Pro is the twin to the MVP Black Hole Pro.

Just like the Pro HD, you'll find all the same, excellent features with the Axiom Pro as you would the Black Hole Pro with the difference of being able to select a color other than black.

You may be able to find a small price saving too!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Last of the Axiom lineup on our list is the Axiom Lite, the parallel basket to the budget friendly Black Hole Lite by MVP.

Just like the Axiom Pro and Pro HD baskets, the Lite version is nearly identical in all ways to its Black Hole relative with the exception of color options (more than just black!) and slight price differences.

If you like the Black Hole Lite and it fits nicely in your price range but wish you could have a color besides black, then the Axiom Lite is going to be your basket!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Moving on, we come to Recruit Lite by Dynamic Discs!

This lightweight, portable basket is extremely well built and carries the quality that you would expect from a major disc golf brand in Dynamic Discs.

Everything from the top band to the base is built extremely well and the price point is very competitive with the other baskets on our list of this size and stature.

If you like everything Dynamic Discs, then you won't want to pass up the Recruit Lite to fill your basket needs!

Click on the picture to check it out!

While the other baskets so far on our list are truly labeled as portable baskets, the Recruit from Dynamic Discs differs in that it is the first on our list that could be considered a hybrid between a portable and permanent basket.

Key differences between the Recruit and other portable baskets is that the top band is of full, regulation width as well as featuring a deeper cage that is more adept to catching discs once they hit the chains.

Lastly, what sets this basket apart from its competitors is beefier base with an attached wheel to make moving a bit easier as it is heavier than other baskets on our list.

These great features do come with a price however as the Recruit is a little more expensive and little heavier than other baskets, but if quality is more important to you than budget and value, then this basket is still an excellent choice at a price that is very reasonable.

If you are looking for a basket of high quality and very similar to a permanent basket with a price that is still affordable, then the Recruit is definitely a basket you'll want to try!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Next up on our list is the extremely lightweight Streamline Lite!

This quality comes in at just around 26lbs, making it easily one of the lighter options out there while still providing all the great features found with other baskets on our list.

The Streamline basket also provides you with more than enough chains at 25 making it very efficient at catching nearly everything that is thrown at it.

Oh, and the price is great too! So check it out!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Up next is a basket that was almost excluded from our list due to its limited amount of chains, but one we ultimately felt deserved a spot because of the uniqueness it brings to the table.

While the sharpshooter only features 18 chains rather than the 24+ that the other baskets have, the Sharpshooter gives you the opportunity to change the chain layout from a traditional one, to a more narrow one that allows you to really fine tune your putting ability during practice sessions.

Besides this neat feature, the Sharpshooter has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a portable basket in this price range, so if you like the idea of having a basket that can be adjusted to improved precision, then this is the basket for you!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Last but not least is the impressive Pro Basket Trainer by Latitude 64.

Like the Dynamic Discs Recruit, ,the Pro Basket Trainer is definitely beefed up in all areas and looks, feels, and plays more like a professional basket than a portable one.

It is still portable, but much studier and heavier than the majority of other baskets on our list.

This is a good thing if you're looking for a basket that can be moved, but of course like quality to get a great feel for the real thing!

These excellent qualities come at a slightly higher price point, but nothing outrageous and definitely still in a range that is manageable, so be sure to check it out!

Click on the picture to check it out!

And that's our list!

We're confident that regardless if you're on a budget, buying for value, or are open to spending as much as it takes to get what you want, you won't be disappointed with any of the baskets on our list.

While you can practice disc golf a variety of ways without a basket, adding a portable basket to your arsenal can literally be a game changer when trying to take your game to the next level.

Because of this, in our opinion any basket is better than no basket, and any basket here will be a fine choice to get you headed in the right direction, so check them out today!

Happy Disc Golfing!

If you still aren't sure you've found what you're looking for, you can shop all

Portable Baskets at by clicking on the banner below!

*Some links are affiliate links meaning that we may earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase with the links that we provide. You can read our full affiliate disclosures on our home page*

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