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MVP Glitch

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In this review, we take a look at a disc that is exceedingly popular and for unconventional reasons as it is not your typical disc golf disc.

In fact, many players will never even use this disc while playing a round of disc golf, but are still considering it one of their favorite, most enjoyable discs they own.

We’re talking about the one and only hybrid catch and throw “putter” by MVP, the

Like many players, the Glitch wasn’t really on my radar until recently because I just simply didn’t see the need for it. A light weight, high glide and low speed, neutral flying disc that seemed to be no different than a frisbee you may toss around in your back yard.

I’ve handled other versions of this style disc from other brands and didn’t see the appeal as they never felt great to me in the hand, at least not when compared to a traditional style throwing putter like the Envy or Zone.

However, that idea quickly changed when I was given the opportunity to handle and throw the Glitch, and let me tell you, this disc is an absolute blast to toss around!

Why was it so much fun to throw? To answer that, first we have to talk about what exactly a catch disc is.

The Glitch is offered in MVP's Neutron Soft Plastic!


What is a hybrid catch disc?

MVP classifies the Glitch as a hybrid catch disc in that it can be used both on the course or to throw around for fun with or without some friends.

It’s low speed of just 1 makes it extremely easy to catch, even when thrown with a moderate amount of power.

On the flip side, the glide of 7 makes easy, effortless throws carry adequately down field so your catch partner can remain reasonably spaced out from you.

And of course it’s neutral flight path allows for you to practice all types of release angles as it will truly hold any release angle surprisingly well.

The hybrid aspect comes into play because this disc flies so well and so straight that it can absolutely be used on the disc golf course for short, straight shots and down hill gravity style shots where you want little turn and fade but heavy glide.

Circling back, what attracted me to the Glitch after handling it was how normal it felt in the hand. For having a glide of 7, the disc is shockingly shallow, feeling just like a regular throwing putter or mid-range would to me.

When tossing it around with a partner, I started off nice and easy with light power, allowing the disc to do all the work. This was fun because I could really focus on my accuracy and not worry about having enough oomph to get the disc to my intended target.

Hyzer lines held very well with these slower speeds and flat releases stayed flat, but anhyzer throws did want to start to fade at the very end with this slower disc speed.

We were inside at the time in a gymnasium due to weather, so our throwing distance was just a mere 100-120ft., the reason for taking it nice and easy initially.

As I got more comfortable with it, and my throwing partner gave me the thumbs up, I started giving the Glitch about 80% power, and I was shocked at the results.

The Glitch, even with a high speed throw, was crazy straight with a flat release, and still was able to hold the hyzer line, although less drastic of a line with less arc. At higher speeds the Glitch was also able to hold the anhyzer line for the entire flight path.

What was convenient is that even though I was throwing with much more power, the Glitch was still catchable and my partner had no issues stepping in front and catching it with ease.

You would never be able to do that inside just about any other regular disc on the market without the risk of potential harm.

Before we discuss the other pros and cons of this really cool disc,

Let's check out the full specs and expected flight path of the Glitch!

MVP Glitch Flight Numbers

Speed: 1

Glide: 7

Turn: 0

Fade: 0

Primary use: Stable Putt and Approach disc for all players


-Extremely fun to throw with friends or on your own

-Can practice all release angles

-Can be used indoors and outdoors

-Great way to warm up before an event or round


-Light weight

-Limited applications in disc golf scenarios

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As mentioned, the Glitch was extremely fun to throw around indoors, but what about outside? Is this a disc that could be used on the disc golf course?

The simple answer is Yes and No.

Can the Glitch be used on the course? Absolutely yes. Will it come in handy for many situations? Probably not, and there are a few reasons for that.

First, the Glitch is a very light weight disc, with the current max weight being somewhere in the 150-159g range. I‘ve since had the chance to throw one that was in the 140’s and one in the 150’s and I can’t say I noticed a significant difference in their flights between those weights.

Why does weight matter then? Because the Glitch is so light and so glide-y, as you may expect it is not a fan of wind of any kind. This doesn’t matter indoors, but outdoors, especially when throwing actual disc golf shots, wind is everything, and the Glitch will quickly tell you what the wind is doing on that particular day.

I look forward to seeing if MVP releases heavier version of the Glitch in the future as it’s popularity continues to grow and grow.

Second is that because of it’s low speed, combined with it’s light weight, this disc is not capable of very far distances, as it’s upper range under ideal conditions is likely going to be 250’ or so at the most.

There are plenty of disc golf holes out there that this disc would be perfect for, the problem is you likely have already been bagging a disc for those types of shots that are more resilient to the wind and have been working just fine. And that disc also may come in handy from more than just one or two types of shots.

In other words, I’m not sure that the Glitch fills any void that most players may have in their bag, but it is still a fun option to consider!

Where I do see this disc shining is that in addition to it being extremely fun to throw, It would make an excellent disc for kids to use while out on the disc golf course. Because it is so easy to throw and glides forever, kids learning the sport will love how far this disc will go compared to the ones they may have already been practicing and or playing with.

This builds confidence and makes younger players feel motivated to continue playing because who doesn’t enjoy seeing a disc fly through the air rather than hyzering out too quickly and fading into the ground?

I also think it’s a great disc to throw around prior to playing a round as the light weight will be easy on the arm, and you can chuck it with a good amount of power without worrying about it traveling as far down the field to retrieve it.

You’ll also be able to work on all of your release angles as the Glitch will hold true to any line as indicated earlier. Noting that anhyzer releases may fade out on your depending on the power used to throw it.

And lastly, it’s just fun to throw something a little bit unconventional from time to time. It is unlike any disc I had thrown before yet felt so close to what most discs feel like, and not dome-y and deep like a frisbee.

While playing catch is fun, it also allows you to really work on aim and getting that front shoulder pointed in the right direction to your target. The last thing you want to do is make your throwing buddy run all over the place chasing down your errant throws.

I simply treated my throwing partner as the basket, trying to allow them to catch my throws without them needing to move. It’s amazing how accurate you can be sometimes when you’re not focused on a basket, which can cause a mental block all on it’s own.

All in all, I do think that this disc will have it’s opportunities on the course, but I think if your expectation is that it is going to become a workhorse for you and come in handy for many types of shots, you’ll be disappointed with the Glitch rather quickly.

If however you’re looking for a fun disc to throw around and maybe use on the course from time to time or for very specific shots, then you will fall in love with it and appreciate it for what it is!

At the very least, the Glitch is certainly worth checking out, and based on how hard they have been to find lately, I don’t think you would have any trouble getting rid of it in the rare instance you don’t enjoy it.

So there is only one way to know for sure, and that is to buy one and give it a shot!

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