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Discraft Force

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Now that the weather here has finally broken just enough to do some field work, it’s time to review a disc that I was very excited to try, and that disc is the

The Force is a very overstable distance driver from Discraft that is a disc I commonly see in the hand of 6x World Champ Paul McBeth.

As I‘d expect for how much he uses it, it is even one of his signature discs, so I definitely wanted to see what it was all about beyond the flight ratings!

I’ve had a lot of fun throwing the Force, whether I’m trying a big flex line or looking for a reliable fade at the end of the flight!

With a turn rating of 0 and a fade rating of 3, I definitely knew the Force was going to be overstable, and it did not disappoint in that department as this thing is beefy!

What I will say though is that the Force has some sneaky glide, especially before that overstability kicks in when thrown flat.

The speed of 12 has been manageable and allows the player to really rip on this disc and get it down field.

For me, the flight ratings seem to be very spot on, as this disc flies like an overstable Zeus.

And while I don’t have the fastest or slowest arm out there, I certainly wouldn’t want it to be any slower as this disc seemed to really perform its best with full power effort for both backhands and forehands alike.

All in all, I have really enjoyed throwing this driver so far,

But before we go any further,

Let's check out the full specs and expected flight path of the Force!

Discraft Force Flight Numbers

Speed: 12

Glide: 5

Turn: 0

Fade: 3

Primary use: Very overstable distance driver for primarily advanced players


-Reliably overstable

-Big flex lines!

-Comfortable in the hand

-Suitable for forehands and backhands


-Very reliably overstable

-May be difficult for new players to throw unless looking for big hyzer lines

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So as mentioned, I definitely knew what kind of disc I was getting when grabbing a Force, a very overstable distance driver, and in that regard, it is definitely as expected!

After getting some extensive throw time with it, I feel that this disc really shines with it’s big flex shot abilities.

Not saying that it can’t be a flip to flat type disc, but I think it would take a rather beat in version of the Force or really clean form and a fast arm for it to perform that way.

I will say, I have been pleasantly surprised with how long it holds a straight flight path when thrown flat. It really reminds me of how an Anax flies, as in my experience that driver also holds a straight flight path for a long time due in part to its high glide.

Both discs however finish with a very solid fade at the end of it’s flight that is reliable and consistent.

Flat releases fly better than I’d expect with the high speed and fade, but an anhyzer release reveals a lot of distance potential with this disc, which is actually the reason I wanted to try it in the first place!

Just a subtle amount of anhyzer puts the Force on a great flex line that results in some impressive distance, especially in headwinds that would make a disc like the Destroyer or Zeus potentially more understable than desired and preventing a full flight path.

That being said, this disc does seem to be sensitive to hyzer releases as that fade will kick in QUICK with too much hyzer!

If this is the shot you’re looking for then great! But if not, your disc just might go as far to the left (RHBH) as it will downfield!

Because of the high speed and fade, slower arms might not prefer a disc this beefy and should maybe disc down to a disc like the Zeus, or even slower discs like the Anax and Raptor.

But this high speed and fade also make the Force an excellent disc for both backhand and forehand applications as it will be able to handle the torque from either throwing style.

Lastly, I feel that the Force is very comfortable in the hand for a disc of this speed.

Other 12 speed discs I like and bag too, but few feel as good as this one, to me. But comfort also varies from player to player and you may not feel the same once you handle one.

In all, the Force is a disc that just might end up in my bag for those big flex shot and headwind situations, but if not, it’s definitely a disc I’m glad I tried, and you should too!

That’s all for this review, so until next time,

Stay Inside the Circle!

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