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Kastaplast Berg

This has been a review that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now and since I finally got the chance to get my hands on one and give it a try, it’s time we visit the very popular,

The Berg has been on my wish list to try for over a year now after an initial hesitation to try it out.

My first impression of it was not all that exciting and I simply didn’t understand the hype at all.

It felt okay in the hand, but at the time I just didn’t see the application of where it could fit into my bag and what shot I would use it for.

But after talking to fellow players and hearing their constant praise about how much they liked it, I decided to give it another look and now that the dust has settled, I’m glad I did!

The Berg has become one of the more popular putt and approach discs in recent years due to it's manageable speed and reliably straight flight!

Part of my acceptance of the Berg lies in the fact that as I’ve gotten my form slowly dialed in, I find myself throwing putters and mid-ranges much more frequently than before.

At the time of my first exposure of the Berg I seldom threw putters besides my trusty Zone, and I had no desire to putt with the Berg, so it just wasn’t a disc I had any interest in.

However, because of my change in style, I had been on the search for a slow approach disc that could be trusted for straight lines and slow approaches to prevent skips past the basket.

Many discs came to mind, but I often found myself circling back to the Berg.

I considered grabbing a Dynamic Discs Judge or other stable putter in premium plastic, but the flight ratings were very similar to my Axiom Envy, and there was little change of me replacing that go to disc.

I also considered the Innova Pig, but the overstability was not appealing because of how much I liked throwing my Discraft Zone, and I didn’t have the patience to beat a Pig into straight.

So the Berg became a natural option to try.

On the surface, this disc looks overstable due to it’s low speed and glide with it‘s fade of 2, but I found the Berg to be extremely straight right out of the bag, especially when I would put some effort into it.

Slower throws would reveal more of this fade, but it remained manageable for me and allowed for hyzer lines when necessary.

The stability also helps the Berg pan to flat on anhyzer approach shots which helps it stick the ground and prevent it from rolling away.

What I appreciate about the Berg is that even when you rip on it for close to max power, the speed remains EXTREMELY manageable and I have no worries about it taking insane skips past the basket.

Whichever line I put it on, it simply carries it the entire flight before seemingly hitting a wall and dropping from the sky nice and softly, it‘s very impressive.

If I’m looking for a nice touch shot rather than max power, I simply swing my shot to the right and allow the reliable fade to kick in and keep me close to the basket for an easy tap in.

Before we go any further,

Let's check out the full specs and expected flight path of the Berg!

Kastaplast Berg Flight Numbers

Speed: 1

Glide: 1

Turn: 0

Fade: 2

Primary use: Stable/Overstable Putt and Approach disc for all players


-Very straight flight path

-Holds all lines, shines with flat and hyzer releases

-Deep rim and slow speeds makes it want to stick to the ground and not rollaway


-May excessively fade with slower arm speeds

-Limited distance due to speed and glide

-Can be difficult to forehand

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As mentioned, the Berg is an extremely straight flyer for me, especially when thrown at full speed, and this is especially true for backhand shots.

So how does it do with forehand shots?

Well, I‘d be lying if I said that this disc will be easy to forehand, as all slower speed discs are difficult to forehand unless your form is really where it needs to be.

But as the old saying goes, learn to forehand a putter and you‘ll be able to forehand any disc out there, if you can learn to forehand this 1 speed disc, then you’ll be in great shape!

If you can’t however, that’s okay, and I think the Berg can still find a place in anybody’s bag if I‘m being honest.

It’s slow speed and reliable flight path make it a natural approach disc that will keep you close to the pin as long as you do your part in getting it there.

I have talked to some players who putt with the Berg, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever find myself doing that, but it is nice to know that there is some versatility to this disc rather than just being labeled as an approach disc.

That being said,

I really think that the Berg shines in situations where you need just a little big of fade, or truly want a dead straight approach look when under 250 feet from the basket.

Most players may not see that distance with the Berg, but I think it’s capable of reaching that kind of distance for the best throwers out there.

Slower arms and slower speeds will cause the Berg to fade more and not achieve as much distance, but it will do so very reliably, and also very subtly. Even with slow speeds, you aren’t going to see a ton of fade with the Berg, but it will be present.

It can also be used for anhyzer shots, but don’t expect this to be a great option for slow and long turnovers as I just think it has too much fade for that application.

In my experience, unless I put It on a roller angle, the Berg would hold the anny line for most of it’s flight before eventually returning to flat and landing softly.

All in all, I’m very glad I gave the Berg a second chance and I think that it is a disc that is going to actually stay in my bag for the foreseeable future. I can also envision it becoming a potential work horse as time goes on.

Mine is in the K1 soft plastic, which is extremely gummy yet comfortable in the hand, so highly recommended.

Even if you aren’t sure you’ll like it, find a friend who has one and give it a throw for yourself before you pass final judgement on it, you just might surprise yourself and fall in love with it just as I did!

That’s all for this review, until next time,

Stay Inside the Circle!

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