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5 Gift Ideas For a Disc Golf Player

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The holiday season is definitely upon on us and as we scramble to grab those last minute gifts for our loved ones,

here are 5 excellent gift ideas for those in our lives who love disc golf!

Let's dive in!

1. A New Disc

What more could a disc golf player want more for Christmas than a new disc?!

You could discreetly ask them which one or ones they'd want, but you could also peruse the Top Rated or Newly Released Discs as well to surprise them with something unexpected!

Discs like the classic Discraft Buzzz make for the perfect gift!

The great thing about discs is that they're inexpensive, so getting a few of them won't break the bank and will create some excitement for your disc golf player as they feverishly unwrap their gift.

If you're not a disc golfer yourself and are unsure where to even buy a disc golf, THIS ARTICLE should help.

If all else fails, a gift card to a disc shop or online store is always an options as well!

2. PDGA Membership

Next on our list is an idea that would be greatly appreciated by any serious player:

paying their annual dues for membership in the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Serious players will likely already have a current membership, so they would love saving $50 (that they will probably spend on some other disc golf related item) on renewing their membership for next year!

New players however may have wanted to become a member but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. So this makes for a perfect idea.

As an added bonus, new players will also receive a PDGA disc, a 1 year membership to Udisc (number 3 on our list), and lots of of other perks!

Conveniently, the PDGA has an option to buy a membership as a gift for someone that you can check out at their website HERE.

3. Udisc or Perfect Putt 360 Subscription

We specify Udisc and Perfect Putt 360 as our recommendation for number #3, but any disc golf related subscription would make for an excellent recurring gift idea.

As an added bonus, these gifts are simple, easy, and will only cost you a couple bucks a year, so they make an excellent accessory gift to something else or simply as a great gift on its own.

Udisc is a phone based app that is literally invaluable to disc golf players as it is used to score rounds, analyze stats, find courses, and much much much much more.

Perfect Putt 360 is another phone app designed to help a player improve their putting game. You can read our full review of it HERE.

Additionally, you could check out the monthly disc golf mystery box offered by Disc Member that is an awesome service, but will cost you a bit more at $24.99 month. You can opt for one month, one year, or anything in between. Click HERE to check it out!

4. New Gear

Discs aren't the only thing disc golf players use!

They also use bags, minis, towels, disc racks, and more! So be sure to consider gifting a new piece of gear this holiday season.

Especially if your disc golfer has plenty of discs, a current PDGA membership, and subscribes to disc golf services.

Feel free to browse our Gear Reviews or Bag Reviews for some fun ideas or,

check out all sorts of gear at Infinite Discs by clicking on the banner below!

5. Swag and Apparel

Last but not least, we reach #5 on our list, apparel.

Besides playing disc golf, what does a disc golfer love more than rocking their favorite brands on some comfortable clothing while playing?!

T-shirts, hats, tanks, hoodies, you name it!

You can even find socks!

Click HERE to check out all the cool apparel offered by Infinite Discs

Accessories such as key chains, stickers, decals, patches, and more also make for some sweet stocking stuffers or to complement another gift, such as a disc golf bag.

You can CLICK HERE to get all kinds of great ideas.

A Disc Golf Guys shirt or tank top is an excellent idea for any disc golfer!

Click HERE to check out all our options!

Bonus Ideas!

While our first 5 ideas are great ones, if you still aren't sure you can find the perfect disc golf gift, here are three final options!

Disc golf players both serious and casual alike enjoy playing in sponsored tournaments from time to time as they offer a fun opportunity to be even more competitive while also improving their player rating and pick up some sweet discs and gear.

With that, why not buy their entry fee into one or more tournaments for this upcoming summer season?!

It may be best to ask them which tournaments they wish to play however due to location and availability but you can get creative and make a "coupon" for such a gift to be redeemed later.

It's an idea they will be sure to use, and sure to enjoy!


you may have a loved one who has just recently shown some interest in disc golf,

but has either never played, only owns one or two discs, or doesn't own any discs at all!

They may not even know what disc golf is yet, but you do and think they would enjoy the sport if someone would introduce them to it.

If this is the case, then we highly suggest getting them a disc golf starter pack to properly get them into this wonderful sport!

Any starter pack would do, but before you select one, check out the BEST DISC GOLF STARTER PACKS that we recommend buying!

A disc golf starter pack is the gift that keeps on giving as getting a new player into the sport literally grows the sport and could potentially lead them to introducing players to the sport and on and on and on!


If perhaps you're looking to spend a little bit more money on your special disc golfer, consider getting them a gift they will be able to use ALL YEAR, a disc golf basket!

Options and prices will vary from around $100-$300 depending on components and quality, but all will get the job done!

If this is an idea you really want to check out, then BE SURE to check out THIS ARTICLE where we have compiled the best budget baskets to get the most out of your hard earned money.

And this completes our list! Be sure to let us know some other great ideas or comment the best disc golf gift you have ever received!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

*Some links are affiliate links, you can read our full affiliate disclosure on our home page*

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