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Best Overstable Disc Golf Drivers

So you've been playing a lot of disc golf and learning your bag like we have recommended. And with all playing you realize there is a gap in your bag and you're now looking for an overstable driver to add to your arsenal.

There's just one problem, you aren't sure where you should even begin.

With all the options out there the search can be a little overwhelming at times, we understand this, and is the reason why we're going to give you,

in our opinion,

The best overstable disc golf drivers worth checking out!

It's important to note that many overstable, high speed distance drivers may be hard for new or slower armed players to throw efficiently. If this sounds like you, you may be interested in our article

as a place to start in your hunt for disc golf drivers.


Let's get into it with our top 15!

To shop or check out any of the discs at, simply click on the disc name or photo!

In no particular order:

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, -1, 3

While our list isn't any particular order, the Destroyer could and would be towards the top of the list anyways.

It is a very popular overstable and is a player favorite, especially for forehand approaches, but there is room in your bag to use it for backhands as well.

The turn of -1 will help you get some increased distance out of your throws and is real bomber with players who have the arm for it.

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, -1, 3

Formally known as the "Kong" when initially released, the Zeus was a popular overstable driver from the get go as it was one of, if not THE, hottest disc on the market and it continues to be a popular option today.

It's flight ratings mirror those of the Destroyer and is a great option to fill the overstable driver slot in your bag.

If you like the Destroyer but are a Discraft player at heart, grab a Zeus.

Flight Ratings: 12, 3, 0, 4

If you're looking for a disc with little chance of turning over, even with the strongest of arms, then look no further than the Slab by Infinite Discs.

The Slab is just as it sounds, a beefy overstable distance driver with a high speed of 12 and a reliable fade of 4 that comes into play after a relatively straight flight pattern.

It is touted as a great forehand disc as well and shows excellent performance into headwinds as its high fade will keep the disc on track to the basket.

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, -1, 3

The Trespass is one the fastest drivers you can find from Dynamic Discs and also one of the more popular ones as well.

It's flight ratings shadow those of the Destroyer and Zeus and players rave about how comfortable this disc feels in their hands.

Newer players may find the high speed difficult to handle, at least at first, but more experienced players will love the distance they can achieve with this straight flying driver while still getting that reliable fade at the end of its flight.

Flight Ratings: 13, 5, 0, 3

When it comes to beefy, overstable distance drivers, the name Boss suits this disc well because it is just that, the Boss.

This disc, especially in premium plastics is an absolute bomber of a disc if you have the arm speed to handle it. In fact, even when I was a beginner just learning my Champion Boss was my go-to forehand disc when I needed a long straight drive with a sharp fade at the end and it continues to be so to this day.

Less than premium plastics such as DX and Pro will definitely beat in quicker and have more chance of turning over, but with normal arm speeds and less than moderate wear and this disc is an absolute must for the bag.

Flight Ratings: 13, 4, 0, 4

Beefing things up from the ever popular Nuke and Nuke SS comes the very overstable Nuke OS.

While the Nuke OS is extremely overstable, it is a great option for more than just your typical high fade shots.

Due to it's stability, it is a great option for flex shots with both backhand and forehand approaches. Throw it on an anny line and watch this driver weave it's way through tricky obstacles en route to the basket.

If you have the arm strength to throw this disc on a flat release and the shot calls for a strong hook, you'll enjoy the heavy fade this disc has to offer while confidently knowing that it will not turn over on you. It also makes for a great hyzer spike disc to have in your bag.

Flight Ratings: 9, 3, 0, 4

Switching gears some from distance drivers, we reach our first of three overstable fairway drivers on our list, Innova Firebird.

The Firebird is the perfect disc for beginners to learn throwing and using an overstable driver as the speed rating of 9 is extremely manageable.

You won't get as much distance out of it as you will stable disc options, but this disc is perfect for long, mid-range shots into headwinds, flex shots, and shots where a lot of hook is needed.

Flight Ratings: 9, 4, 0, 3

With a bit less stability and a bit more glide than the Firebird, the Raptor by Discraft is also an excellent choice for both beginners and more advanced players alike.

New players will enjoy this disc to learn to handle more overstable discs and in situations where the shot is too long for a mid-range but don't quite have the arm strength for faster rated discs.

As mentioned for the Firebird, the Raptor is also great for headwinds, flex shots, and high fade approaches to the basket, but with less stability.

Flight Ratings: 13, 5, -1, 4

Moving back to high speed Distance Drivers, we take a look at the Millennium Quasar.

Millennium may be a brand that you are unfamiliar with but one that you should definitely check out! The Quasar is very similar to the Boss in terms of feel and flight, but the slight turn will make this disc a little more user friendly.

It is described as being an overstable disc but not so overstable that it's just a meat hook in flight. Some even call it a slightly more stable Destroyer, so check it out!

Flight Ratings: 12, 5, -1, 3

Similar to other discs on the market in terms of flight ratings, the DD3 by Discmania gives you another great option for your bag as a long distance driver.

You'll find that anything the popular Destroyer does, the DD3 will do equally well. It's extremely consistent in its flight path and very comfortable in the hand.

Flight Ratings: 9, 3, 0.5, 4

The third and final overstable control driver on our list is the Dynamic Discs Felon. It is very overstable with a fade of 4 like the Firebird but the turn rating of 0.5 will help you squeeze just a touch more distance out of this disc when thrown flat.

Throw it with some hyzer and watch this disc flip to flat before finishing with some nice, reliable fade.

Flight Ratings: 14, 4, 0, 4

This speed 14 distance driver is not for the faint of heart and not recommended for beginners who haven't quite developed their arm strength yet.

However, if you have the arm, this disc will get you well down the fairway off the tee and is an absolute bomber for both forehand and back hand approaches. It also happens to be fellow Disc Golf Guy Brandon's favorite discs.

If this disc is a bit too overstable for you, then be sure to check out the less stable, but still overstable version of this disc, the Ballista (flight ratings 14, 5, -1, 3).

Flight Ratings: 11, 5, -1, 3

The Wraith is probably one the most beginner friendly discs on our list and the reason why many beginners bag this disc when starting out.

This is due in part to the speed rating of 11 as opposed to speed 12 like the Destroyer, Zeus, and DD3, so it is a bit more manageable as a player just starting out.

The DX version of this disc will beat in to be more of a stable/understable flyer than rated but until then, most players will be able to get a lot of distance out of their tee offs with this excellent distance driver.

Flight Ratings: 13, 5, -0.5, 3

Dynamic Discs has truly been making some excellent discs and the Raider is no exception!

The flight ratings are consistent with other popular molds from other brands but with a turn rating of just -0.5 instead of 1, the Raider is a little more overstable and better suited for headwinds and than similar models.

If you're a Dynamic Discs fan, be sure to check out the Raider if you haven't already.

Flight Ratings: 10, 5, 0, 2

Finally, we reach the end our list with the Discraft Vulture.

The Vulture is considered a control driver but with a speed of 10 it really sits on the line between distance driver and control driver and why we did not group it with the other 3 control drivers on the list. For this reason it makes a great option for beginners who are almost ready to make the jump to faster discs from their 7-9 speed control drivers.

It is also slightly less overstable than other options on our list, similar to the Wraith, but will still finish with a reliable fade in low wind situations.

If you need something more overstable then consider some of the other options on our list, but if you need a disc that will give you long straight flights with reliable fade, check out the Vulture.

And that completes our list!

Looking for more options?

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