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Best Way To Store Discs In Your Car

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

You open your trunk, drop your tailgate, or pop the hatch to your vehicle and there they are, all your various used and unused discs scattered all over the place in complete disarray.

You neatly stack them up, organize them as best you can, and away you go.

One sharp turn later and alas, they're right back into the disorganized mess you found them in.

Or your organizational efforts do survive the drive to the course, but upon arrival you realize you want to add some discs to your bag last minute and the neat pile you made becomes messy from sifting through it as you say to yourself "ah, I'll fix it after my round".

But then you're too tired, the mess continues until next time, and the cycle repeats.

Finally you ask yourself,

What is the best way to store my disc golf discs in my car?

and I asked myself this question too!

Early in my disc golf journey, I didn't even have enough discs for this to be a problem, but in time, my collection slowly grew and while I do keep some at my home, I was always bringing enough discs for friends to join me for a casual round in addition to all the discs I keep on hand to test.

This may not be a problem or scenario that you encounter at all, but for me personally, I grew tired of having discs everywhere.

Enough was enough and something had to be done!

For the short term, I purchased a plastic shoe storage mat and built a wooden frame around it to keep my discs secured and while it worked for my pickup truck, it was heavy and would not be the best option for anything but a truck.

Conveniently, right around the same time I was browsing Infinite Discs when I saw them advertising their Disc Tote, and right off the bat, it looked awesome!

Of course I had to click on it immediately to check it out and I was impressed as it checked all the boxes.

For one, it is extremely light weight on it's own, as the structured fabric is designed to be folded down to just 4" when not in use.

But when fully expanded it holds an astonishing 60-80 discs!

It also has outside pockets for storage of minis, scorecards, hats/shirts, etc, and even if you don't own that many discs, you could easily sit your disc golf bag on top or a shoulder style bag inside when not in use.

Or you could collapse it down and only use the space you need.

Tournament directors, league directors, and disc vendors will especially love the disc tote because it makes transportation so convenient.

But it will work for any casual or tournament player who is looking for a viable option to travel with all their favorite discs.

You can check out the Disc Tote and see all of it's advertised features, as well as purchase if desired by

In my opinion, the Disc Tote is the best disc storage option for your vehicle,

check it out today by clicking on the picture above!

While the Disc Tote is a great option for all players, I do believe it's 2 biggest downsides are

  1. It is not very portable outside of riding in the car, meaning you aren't going to lug it around the course with you. You can easily lift it in and out with the handles, but that's about it for mobility.

  2. It may offer way too much storage for a casual player or a player who has no need to carry that many discs around with them from place to place.

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you still have options!

If you truly don't have many discs to carry at all in addition to the ones you bag, I'd suggest buying and carrying an Economy Sized Disc Golf Bag that fits your needs or picking up a cheap, backpack style bag that costs less than $25.

If you do need to carry more than 15-20 discs with you for practice sessions and field work, but don't quite require the space that is offered by the Disc Tote, then I suggest picking up a travel practice bag from any brand who you want to support.

What is nice about these style bags is that they are easy to carry in the field compared to the disc tote, and still provide an excellent storage option so your discs aren't rolling around the back of your vehicle when on the go.

While there are many options out there, 5 that will get you started are as follows and in no particular order. Simply click on any of the titles or pictures to check them out!

1. Upper Park Disc Golf "The Trainer"- Capacity for up to 40 discs and features a shoulder strap as well as dual handle style grips for easy transportation. Very popular among players for it's durability!

2. Prodigy Practice Bag- Storage for between 30-45 (putters vs drivers) discs and one of the more budget friendly options on our list. Also features both a shoulder strap and handle style grips for either preference.

3. Dynamic Discs Fieldwork Pack- From Dynamic Discs is another suitable option that will allow you to carry an ample amount of discs in addition to storage for items like your phone, water, and other small accessories.

4. Latitude 64 Practice Bag- Up next is the Latitude 64 version of a easy to travel practice bag. This impressive bag is also able to hold up to 40-45 discs which will be plenty for most players, while also allowing room for other small items like previous bags. It too features multiple carry strap options for your preference.

5. Prodigy Practice Bag V2- Last of our 5 options is the updated version of the Prodigy Practice Bag, V2. This new version still features a high capacity of up to 45 discs with additional storage capabilities for all of your small throwables.

Regardless of what option you go with, whether it's the high capacity Disc Tote or a lesser capacity but more portable practice/field bag, at the end of the day, organizing your discs is simply going to make your life easier.

Not having your discs slide around and get mixed up with each other or with the other stuff you keep in your vehicle is going to simplify your life and make travel to and from your disc golf adventures a breeze.

I put up with it long enough and am glad I finally tidied things up, only wishing I had done it sooner!

So make your change today!

You can shop all large bags at Infinite Discs by clicking on the banner below!

*Some links are affiliate links meaning we may earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase with the links that we provide. You can read our full affiliate disclosures on our home page*

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