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Disc Golf Jump Putt Rules

In a previous article title, "What Is Circle 1?", I discussed the rules for putting inside the circle and describe how you must maintain balance and control until the putting process is complete and the disc is in the basket.

Outside the circle however, you ARE permitted to make a movement toward the basket once the disc is released, and players will often use 2 specific techniques to do so.

So, what are they?

Jump Putting and Step Putting are common in the disc golf community to help a player generate more power in their distance putting when outside Circle 1 and often times inside Circle 2.

What is a jump putt in disc golf?

A jump putt is when a player launches themselves forward by jumping and leaving the ground while putting towards the basket. It takes a little bit of coordination and time, but can significantly increase your putting distance.

Some players will even perform this type of putt on an upshot depending on the situation.

What is a step putt in disc golf?

A step putt is simply a slightly toned down version of the jump putt.

Rather than the player fully leaving the ground during the throw, the player instead steps forward and uses this momentum to increase the power of their putt.

What are the rules of these putting styles?

There are two simple rules to follow during either of these throws:

  1. The player MUST be outside of circle 1 and..

  2. The player must release the disc prior to their last push-off foot leaving the ground.

Should a player release their disc while both feet are off the ground, the card mates (two minimum) may accurately call a foot foul on that player resulting in a penalty stroke.

And that's it!

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If you haven't already!

Now that you understand jump putting and step putting, its time to go out and practice!

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