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Disc Golf Magic 8 Ball Game

Tired of playing the same course or courses over and over again?

Is your local course not challenging you anymore and you need SOMETHING to mix things up from time to time?

Or are you simply looking to add a bit of fun to an otherwise ordinary round of disc golf?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then you definitely need to check out the new disc golf game from Infinite Discs, the

Disc Golf Magic 8 Ball Game!

The Disc Golf Magic 8 Ball is the perfect way to add some fun to a round of disc golf,

click on the picture to check it out at!

The concept is simple and the rules are easy,

We are all familiar with magic 8 balls and how they can magically "predict" our future and answer our life's big questions.

This one however is different.

Instead of answers, this magic 8 ball provides you with challenges, disc golf challenges to be exact.

There are a total of 20 different challenges inside the magic 8 ball which offers plenty of variety.

Additionally, unlike other games, two or more players could get the same challenge for a particular hole and you could even get the same challenge several times throughout a 9 or 18 hole round. It's all up to the magic 8 ball.

Challenges include:

  • throwing a jump putt as a tee off

  • a 360 degree spin throw

  • throwing from 10 feet behind the line

  • throwing twice and playing the worst of the 2

and many, many more!

Disc Golf Magic 8 Ball Game Rules

How do you play the magic 8 ball game? Well,

Prior to beginning a hole, each player gives the magic 8 ball a shake. What pops up will be instructions for how you must throw your shot from off the tee box.

If you don't follow the instructions as written, your fellow players can call you for it and you are given a penalty stroke on that hole.

And that's all there is to it!

While these are the standard rules, the great part is you can play this game however you want!

Some variations to the rules include:

  • Applying the challenge to a mutually agreed shot instead of just the tee off

  • Only having the person who won the previous hole have to accept a challenge

  • Every player but the one who finished last on the previous hole giving the ball a shake

  • Or every player but the one losing the round being given a challenge

The possibilities are countless!

While disc golf is always fun on its own, its also good to mix things up from time to time and to get outside of your comfort zone.

Games like these are meant to be fun but also challenge you in ways you typically wouldn't challenge yourself.

The fun adversity you'll be faced with can pay dividends down the road or even open your game up to techniques and skills you otherwise wouldn't ever try while out on the course, such as throwing overhand.

For a small investment, you can add a ton of fun for everyone in your disc golf circle to mix things up as often as you want.

Infinite Discs developed the Disc Golf Magic 8 ball game and you can check out the

current price and pick it up on their website by clicking HERE or on the picture below!

If you already own a Disc Golf Magic 8 ball or are just interested in something different, be sure to check out our article on Ript Revenge by clicking --> HERE <--

Have fun disc golfing and if you try the Disc Golf magic 8 ball game, be sure to let us know how you liked it!

You can also shop other available disc golf related games at by clicking on the banner below!

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