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Disc Golf New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Lose weight.

Learn a new skill.

Read more books.

These are all common New Year's Resolutions that we are used to seeing from our friends and family year after year after year.

But how many of us set ourselves disc golf goals and disc golf related resolutions each year?

Hopefully many!

But if not, here are some ideas for you heading into this year!

Play more rounds

An easy goal to achieve this year is to play more disc golf than ever before.

Apps for your phone such as Udisc make it extremely easy to track every round (and stats during those rounds) you play and allows you to set a bench mark for how many rounds you play.

This year, play more rounds than last year or set a goal as a minimum amount of rounds to play and then go out and exceed it!

Play as many new or different courses as possible

Maybe playing more isn't possible as you already play every waking moment you can.

Mix it up this year and see how many different courses you can play and then try to beat that number each year.

This goal could also include courses you've already played or only one's you haven't played, you can decide!

Improve on your best round

Do you play a local course or a few local courses regularly?

This year, make it even more of a goal to throw your best score ever.

This goal could also include throwing for par, throwing under par, or any other goal specific to you and your ability.

To accomplish this, improve your technique, change your strategy, and practice practice practice!

Throw an ace!

Throwing an ace is a disc golfer's dream and one that we all try to do any chance we get.

This year, improve your skills and give yourself a chance to throw an ace on as many holes as possible.

Skills to improve include throwing longer, throwing straighter, understanding the wind, and having better disc selection.

Be the envy of your disc golf circle and throw more aces than them this year!

Play in as many tournaments as possible

This new year, trying to play in as many tournaments as possible is also a great goal to have!

In addition to this, make it a point to place as high as possible or to place equally high against more competitors.

Go out of your comfort zone and play in a big, sanctioned tournament with a lot of competition, you might just surprise yourself!

Improve you disc golf rating

If your a serious player or want to take your disc golf game to the next level this year, consider improving and maintaining a disc golf rating.

How do you do this?

By becoming a member of the PDGA and playing in events sanctioned by them.

Score well in these events consistently and watch that rating go up.

Take a disc golf road trip!

Call up your best disc golf buddies and plan a crazy road trip to play as many different courses as possible!

Try your luck at courses played on the pro tour or cross some courses off on your bucket list. Don't have a bucket list?

Make one!

It could include playing in a new state or town you've never been before, but it will be talked about between you and your friends for years to come.

Need some inspiration about where to take a trip to? Here's our list for the Top 15 Disc Courses In the Country that you should definitely consider!

and last but not least,

Grow the sport!

This is a goal that everyone should have on their list of New Year's Resolutions as it's vital that we do our part to increase the popularity and participation of disc golf.

You could even get new players on board to join you in your pursuit of attaining these many New Year's goals.

Growing the sport helps everyone as it will cause more courses to pop up, more products to be created, and more competition to have some fun.

Not sure how to grow the sport? Then be sure to check out THIS ARTICLE to learn all about what you can do.

What are your disc golf goals for this year?

We'd love to hear them!

Drop us a message or comment and let us know!

Happy new year!

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