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Simon Lizotte In the Bag 2023- With MVP!

Updated: Jan 16

As everyone probably knows by now, ultra popular Pro player Simon Lizotte made headlines this off season when he announced that he was leaving team Discmania and joining team MVP.

This came as a big shock to most in the disc golf community as Lizotte spent the last 10 years with Discmania and showed no signs of changing that.

However, a huge opportunity was offered to him and Simon ultimately made the leap and joined the overmold technology community with MVP.

Since it takes many throws to familiarize yourself with discs, we knew we would have to be patient to learn what Simon was planning on bagging this tour season and after several weeks of patiently waiting, we can now answer the question:

What is in Simon Lizotte’s bag?

Simon’s first exclusive disc with MVP, the Leapin’ Lizottl’ Hex!

While it’s safe to assume that his bag will inevitably change over time as he gets more and more throws under his belt with his new plastic, Simon also indicated that several of his discs will likely never leave his bag as he loves them that much already.

Simon’s bag is very versatile and includes molds that fill nearly every understable, stable, and overstable slot in his bag from putters to distance drivers.

As we go through this list, we’ll include a quick blurb on what Simon had to say about his new discs, and where he seems himself using them while out on the course.

So, without further ado,

Let’s get into the bag of Simon Lizotte!

If you want any more info on these discs or to shop them for yourself and your bag, simply click on any of the names or pictures to check them out at Infinite Discs!

Simon Lizotte Putting Putter

Up first on the list is his go to putting putter, the MVP Anode!

Simon was using the straight flying Anode in his earliest vlog videos as his putting putter and it seems that he has had no reason to change since then as they remain in his bag for the 2023 season.

He is specifically using the Electron plastic and states that he is putting better than he has in a while, so we’ll have to see how he does this season!

Flight Ratings: 3, 3, 0, 0.5

Electron Plastic

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Throwing and Approach Putters

Next up we have the throwing putter section!

These discs are a staple to every pro player’s bag, and Lizotte bags a stable, understable, and overstable option, in addition to a fun bonus disc, and the notable absence of an extremely popular disc,

So let’s take a look!

Flight Ratings: 1, 7, 0, 0

While it may be too early to tell if Simon ends up using this hybrid catch and throw putter while out on the course, he is definitely bagging a uniquely dyed Glitch for warming up purposes.

I can see him using this ultra glide-y disc for short, downhill shots, but time will tell how much action he gives it when not playing catch or warming up with it.

Nonetheless, the Glitch is a very fun disc to own and throw, and you can take a look at my full review of it by

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Flight Ratings: 4, 3, 0, 3

Next we take a look at the first of 3 true throwing putters you’ll see Simon throwing this season, the overstable, MVP Entropy.

This slot was previously held by the Streamline Stabilizer, but after the Las Vegas Challenge, Simon switched to the Entropy as the Stabilizer did turn over on him a couple of times due to the extremely windy conditions.

That being said, Simon checks the overstable putter slot in his bag with the MVP Entropy, continuing to choose it over the ever popular Axiom Envy.

He states that the Envy is an excellent disc, but just isn’t one that he could get to work for him, so he opted for the Entropy instead. The Entropy is a classic favorite among all players, and is extremely comparable to one of the more popular molds on the market, the Discraft Zone.

He plans on using it for traditional overstable requiring shots such as flex shots, hyzer shots, and reliability in high winds. So check it out!

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Flight Ratings: 3, 3, -1, 0.5

Soft Neutron Plastic

To fill the stable slot in the putter portion of his bag, Simon has settled on the straight flying, Axiom Proxy In the Soft Neutron Plastic.

He states that the Proxy is also one of his Top 3 bagged discs, and describes it simply as being a “laser straight, point and shoot disc”.

He adds that this disc simply does precisely what he wants it to, and even goes as far as predicting that it will never leave his bag. So it’s safe to say he likes it, a lot!

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Flight Ratings: 3, 4, -2, 0

Neutron Plastic

The last of the putt & approach slots in his bag brings us also to the most understable of the bunch, the MVP Spin.

With a turn rating of -2 and a fade rating of 0, it’s safe to say that the Spin definitely fits the bill of an understable disc. Simon says that having a floaty, understable putter is a must for him, making the Spin an obvious choice for the job.

Overall, the Spin will fly rather straight but will finish consistently to the right due to its moderate turn and lack of fade. It will also be a great option for hyzer flips when distance control is required.

Lizotte says this disc may not get much action on big, open bomber courses due to the chance for wind play, but says this disc will come in extremely handy for tight, technical courses.

So be on the lookout for this disc in his hand this tournament season!

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Now that we have covered all the putters, it’s time to move onto the Mid-range section of the bag!

Lizotte bags 3 molds in this section, and we get things started off with none other than the……

Flight Ratings: 5, 5, -1, 1

Neutron Plastic and Glow Plastic Leapin’ Lizottl’

Simon loves the Hex and how straight it flies so much that he is actually bagging it in 2 different plastics this tournament season.

The first is the premium Neutron plastic that he finds to make the Hex just a touch more understable than the other plastic he is bagging it in, the Glow Lizottl‘, which he described as having a slightly more stable finish to it.

Which one he uses will depend on the shot and the weather, but expect to see this disc to be a work horse for him this season.

Or by

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 0, 2.5

Prism Plastic

Moving to just a slightly more stable option, we have the Axiom Pyro!

This reliable mid-range is still a very straight flyer, but is going to have noticeably more fade at the end of it’s flight compared to the Hex in either plastic.

Slower arms may find the Pyro to be very overstable, but for players with the arm strength of Lizotte, this disc will be a laser beam with reliable fade and very resistant to turning over.

The Prism plastic is very stiff and grippy, making it extremely comfortable in the hand under a variety of conditions.

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Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 0, 4

Neutron Plastic

Last and certainly not least of the mid-range group is the beefiest, most overstable option in his bag is the MVP Deflector.

Simon describes the Deflector as being a disc he’ll use as a utility disc for a variety of situations including flex shots, thumbers, and forehands. Noting also that it will naturally be wind resistant due to it’s overstability.

He states that every pro player needs a very overstable mid-range, and this is his choice.

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Fairway/Control Drivers

As we finish up the first half of Simon’s bag, me move into the driver section!

Being a big armed thrower, capable of world class distance, many players are interested to see what fairway and distance drivers Simon picked to continue to ”crush boy” legacy with.

So without any more waiting, let’s take a look first at the fairway/control drivers!

Flight Ratings: 6.5, 5, -1, 1

Neutron Plastic

First up is the Axiom Crave!

A 6.5 Speed driver is probably not the first disc you’d expect to see in the fairway driver assortment of a big armed thrower, but Lizotte is excited to have the Crave in his bag.

He is expecting to throw the Crave when he is looking for a flip to flat style shot, such as a hyzer flip, but for the disc to continue pushing right as it goes down the fairway, rather than fading.

It’s a control fairway driver that may also get some roller action this season, as well as some traditional hyzer flip shots depending on the angle he puts it on.

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Flight Ratings: 7, 4, 0, 3.5

Eclipse Glow Plastic

Being bagged in the Eclipse Glow plastic, the next disc in the bag is the overstable MVP Resistor.

It’s another rather slow flying option, but is a little faster than the Crave with a Speed rating of 7.

Simon says that the Resistor “literally has 0 turn” and is excited at how torque resistant it is, knowing that he can crank on it as hard as he can and still trust it will fly straight.

He says that it is not the kind of disc that is going to immediately dump to the fade side if you have the arm speed to throw it, but that it is definitely overstable.

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Flight Ratings: 9, 3, 0, 3.5

If the Resister is a just a little too slow for your liking, then perhaps you would be interested in the next disc, the Axiom Fireball.

The Fireball is certainly faster than any other disc so far with a Speed rating of 9, while still maintaining that very overstable quality you need in your fairway drivers.

Despite having a wider rim, Lizotte says that the Fireball is still very comfortable in the hand.He plans on using it for big flex shots and hyzer shots, noting that it will also be wind resistant.

Simon states that every bag must have an overstable 9 speed option, and the Fireball is the perfect disc to get the job done for him.

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Flight Ratings: 9, 5, -1, 2

The last of the fairway drivers, the MVP Tesla is our next disc.

Despite being classified as a distance driver by MVP, Simon does include the Tesla in his control driver portion of his bag.

It’s a Top 3 disc for him in his bag right now, simply because of it being the perfect 9 speed point and shoot disc. You might get some turn out of it, but he says it will finish left at the end of its flight every time.

I’m excited to see Simon put this disc in action this summer!

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Distance Drivers

Wrapping things up, we have the grand finale in Simon’s choice MVP/Axiom distance drivers!

Some of these selections actually surprised me a little bit as I was sure that there would be some other discs here that didn’t end up making the cut.

Let’s take a look!

Flight Ratings: 11, 5, -1, 3

Simon says that he loves 11 speed discs due to their comfort and flight paths, so it’s no surprise here that we see him bagging 2 Axiom Defy’s in his bag.

He states that he initially was bagging the MVP Photon but that the Defy was simply more reliable for him and his style.

It’s described as a neutral flyer, and that it will flip to flat perfectly on just a slight hyzer angle. When looking strictly at flight numbers, expect the Defy to fly like other popular options with these ratings, such as the Innova Wraith.

Or shop on Amazon by

Flight Ratings: 11, 5, -1, 2

Sticking with 11 speeds, we move onto the Streamline Trace!

The second time we see Streamline in his bag, the Trace is an 11 speed option that has slightly more turn and understability than the Defy.

He states that he will be using the Trace occasionally for max distance roller shots, but that it has become his go to forehand distance driver option.

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Flight Ratings: 13, 4, -0.5, 3

Neutron Platic (but a special run)

Probably one of the most unique selections in his bag, the next disc we see Simon pull is an Axiom Panic.

The uniqueness comes into play as he states that he found a Panic in one of his local shops that seems to be less overstable than the other ones that he has tried. It is still a Neutron plastic, but notes that it could have been a run that just happened to be less overstable.

He adds that it still has minimal turn and consistent fade, but that the fade is not as high as others, possibly in the 2-2.5 range.

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These final 2 discs Simon describes as being experimental to him, so they may or may stay in the bag forever, but he does seem to be excited about them so far, so let’s check them out!

Flight Ratings: 14.5, 5, -0.5, 3

You saw that right, a 14.5 speed disc!

The Delirium is very similar to the next and final disc in the bag, the Dimension, but has just a little bit more turn which will come in handy for big distance shots in the presence of a tail wind.

It seems to have a little more glide in its flight before it fades compared to the dimension, but the fade is very consistent on every throw.

Most players can’t pull off getting a 14.5 speed disc to fly how it is intended to fly, but Simon and likely other pro players certainly can!

Or shop on Amazon by

Flight Ratings: 14, 5, 0, 3

And the final disc that will be in the bag for Simon Lizotte for the 2023 season is the MVP Dimension!

We touched a little bit on the Dimension when we talked about the Delirium as they’re very similar, but the Dimension offers just slightly less speed than the Delirium as well as slightly less turn.

What this means for Simon is big time distance!

He says that it has the dome to carry down field, and the perfect turn to fade ratio, and finishes by saying that this is the disc he is using for his maximum distance shots.

While we don’t quite know what those distances will be since the season has yet to start (at the time of writing this article), it’s safe to say that those distances will probably be well beyond that of us mere disc golf mortals.

Or shop on Amazon by

And this concludes our look inside the bag of Simon Lizotte for the start of the 2023 season!

This one was full of some expected choices as well as some surprises, and it will be entertaining to see how well he does with his new company this season and what discs are added or taken from the bag!

We have no doubt that he will excel, but we’ll have to keep an eye out for any changes he makes!

Until then, be sure to stay,

Inside the Circle!

You can shop for all of these discs as well as all your disc golf needs at Infinite Discs

by clicking on the banner below!

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