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Disc Golf With One Disc

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Have you ever considered playing a round of disc golf with just one disc?

That's right, just a single disc!

When you first start disc golfing, it may be very intimidating to see other players with their bags full of discs and endless options for every shot.


Can you play disc golf with just one disc?

The answer is absolutely!

And not only can you play with one disc, you often times should to improve all elements of your game.

When you're a new player, one disc will do fine, but we suggest owning one of each type of disc (putter, mid-range, and driver) when first starting out.

This is because each type of disc will feel, throw, and fly differently, so it's nice to get a sense of these differences as a new player.

However, once you get the basics down, playing a round with just a single disc is something easy you can do to really hone all of your skills.

Why is this?

Well, take your putter for instance. How many times as a new player do you typically use it?

Odds are, not very much. Perhaps for only putting right?

But practice with one often and you would be very surprised at how versatile putters can be!

Experienced disc golfers know this from, well, experience. With many using various putters for longer approach shots and even right off the tee pad on shorter to mid-distance holes.


Because in playing long enough, they have found that putters can be very reliable in their flight and they have the arm strength to get maximum distance out of their putters rather than over shooting the basket by using a disc meant for longer throws.

The only way to understand how your own putters fly is to play and practice with them A LOT.

What better way than to play an entire 18 hole course with a single disc?

What disc should I use if I'm only using one?

Honestly, you could literally pick any disc in your bag that you want to learn better.

That being said, you would probably benefit the most from using you're putters and mid-ranges.

This is simply due to the fact that you probably already use strictly control or distance drivers for longer shots and have a decent understanding of how they perform in those situations.

By getting out of your comfort zone and throwing discs not necessarily meant for long shots, you will get a deep understanding and appreciation of how well these discs perform on shots you never thought they could be used for.

You will even be amazed at how well you actually play by using just a simple old putter for an entire round and you may not even lose many strokes off your game, if any at all!

Looking for a specific disc that is well rounded enough to play an entire round? Then you may want to check out our review of the Buzzz as it may be one of the most versatile discs ever!

Let's Review!

All in all, don't be intimidated by how many discs you have or don't have.

Sometimes, less is more and being extremely proficient with the few discs you have is way more beneficial than having tons of discs but not a clue on how they perform for you.

So next time you head out to practice or play, ditch the bag, grab a single disc (2 max!), and go play!

It may be the very best thing you do to improve your game and give you the confidence needed to pull that disc out for a crucial shot during your next importance round!

Need a recommendation for a disc to play a single round with? Check out the top rated putters, mid-ranges, and beginner discs by clicking on the pictures below!

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