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Discraft Buzzz

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Is it the best disc ever made?

That's right, the Discraft Buzzz is arguably one of the most popular, and widely utilized discs of all time.

Talk to any serious player and chances are they have bagged one of these bad boys at some point, even if they don't currently or have 100% brand loyal to something else.

Those same players will also concur that the Buzzz is a disc likely mentioned anytime the "best disc of all time" argument is brought up.

This high praise comes with good reason though, as it truly is an excellent disc.

It's labeled as a mid-range but is versatile enough to use in just about any situation as it reliably holds any line and can get some extra drive distance when thrown on a hyzer.

Before we go any further, let's view the flight rating specs!

Discraft Buzzz Flight Numbers

Speed: 5




Primary use: Stable Mid-Range for all skill ranges


Great for beginners but also great for any and all skill levels. It's literally a disc that someone could learn to play with and continue to find excellent value indefinitely as their skill improves.

It is a disc you could play an entire course with! Has enough distance to use as a control driver and straight enough flight to make runs on the basket.

An extremely consistent disc across all plastics, weights, and from disc to disc.

With both strong and weak arms alike, it will hold just about any line it's one. Weaker arms with see slightly more fade at the end of flight. Stronger arms can get a hyzer flip out of this disc.

Available in many different plastics, including glow!


Is there one?!

I mean if you really want to you can make a case for that some may feel the disc is a bit flippy but this is certainly not the popular opinion and is not a reason for hesitating to give this disc a try.


All this praise does not mean the Discraft Buzzz is 100% for you as there are players out there who just don't seem to like the disc or throw it consistently well, which is okay.

That being said, those players are in the extremely low minority as nearly every player I've ever met has nothing but rave things to say about the disc.

You may find that this disc will beat in some over time like other discs but otherwise will be a very consistent flyer for you when put on any line you choose.

I truly believe that any player can find room in their bag for this disc, just for its versatility alone and without factoring in how well it does at being what it was designed to be:

A true, straight flying, mid-range.

If you haven't already, check out the Buzzz any chance you get and give it a throw, you WON'T be disappointed and WILL be missing out if you don't!

Check out all the weights, plastics, and awesome stamps for yourself at by clicking on the picture below!

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