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Discraft Chainstar Lite Review

In my pursuit of finding the perfect portable basket for backyard use, I came across the Chainstar Lite, manufactured by a common brand in the disc golf world, Discraft.

Upon discovering it, seeing that it checked all of my boxes, and comparing it to my other options, I ultimately pulled the triggered and ordered one as soon as I could.

Like many players, I looked to buy a portable basket because I yearned to get better at the sport I love to play.

While there are a few courses within driving distance, free time is sometimes hard to come by during the week between work, family, and life.

To be able to practice more, I would have to bring the course to me, and to do this, I needed a basket.

My personal Chainstar Lite that I have come to own and love!

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If you, like me, are a player looking to get better by simply heading out to the backyard, then I highly suggest the Chainstar Lite.

My putting and approaches have never been better because I am able to practice so conveniently. I can just walk out my back door with some of my favorite putters.

This was never possible before, as I would have had to designate some time after work to load up my vehicle and head out to the local course.

Now it's as easy as slipping on shoes and grabbing my discs.

Not only can I work on regular, flat land putting, but I can also work on putting around obstructions, on elevation changes, and even approach shots from any angle I want, as the basket is very easy to move around the yard rather than using a set basket at a course that can't be moved.

Before I discuss too much,

In this full review, I'm going to take a look at all of the things that I loved about this basket prior to ordering, all the things I loved about it upon unboxing and getting some putts into it, and all the things that I would like to see changed to make it better.

So, let's get started in this review of the

Chainstar Lite Features

When shopping for my ideal portable basket, I had several key features that I wanted to see.

I wanted to get better at my approach game and putting game, so it made sense to purchase something that was going to replicate what I would see while out on the course.

For starters, I desired a basket that was going to be the most like a regulation basket.

In order to achieve this, the basket I bought had to have:

  1. 24 chains, rather than the 12 that some portable baskets have

  2. A top band, something that not every permanent basket has, but something I valued

  3. An adequate cage size

These 3 things were at the top of the priority list during my search.

Once this criteria was met, I also looked at several other factors such as:

weight, ease of assembly, and of course,


Additionally, the dimensions of the basket are PDGA approved, meaning that it is full regulation size, which makes it extremely comparable to what you'll play on out at your local course.

Not only did the Chainstar Lite meet all of the criteria I had, but it greatly exceeded my expectations for what I would find in the price range of sub $200.

The Chains

The Chainstar Lite has 12 inner chains and 12 outer chains configured nicely to give this basket 24 total chains that catch very well.

To help with wear and tear from the weather, the chains and S-hooks from which they're attached are Zinc coated, offering superb rust prevention that will be tested in time as my basket is kept out in most elements about 50% of the time.

The chains did feel a bit stiff right out the box, with some oily residue from the manufacturing process, but after a month or two of use, both of these characteristics diminished, and the chains have become closer to what you would expect for a permanent basket.

All in all,

These chains catch extremely well and definitely exceeded my expectations of a portable basket.

Its weakest catching spot is the top like most baskets, but it does a great job catching otherwise, even when the discs are spin putted with some pace on them or coming in hot from an approach shot.

The Cage

The cage on the basket is very nice, plenty deep, and very sturdy.

Not to gloss over this part of the basket, but it's largely what you would expect and all the more you could ask of a portable basket.

I wasn't too concerned with having a nice cage on the basket that I wanted to buy, but it does a great job.

Build Quality

Without weighing this basket, I would guess that it weighs in the ball park of 40 pounds total, so when assembled, it may be somewhat cumbersome to transport for some, but it has not been an issue for me.

The good part is that this basket breaks down into 4 main parts, which makes it extremely easy and compact to move when it is not in use.

The basket is very sturdy when assembled and when tightened does not budge.

It works best on level ground, as the chains will lean significantly if it is on sloped ground at all.

Additionally, it comes with several stakes to further support the basket, but I have not felt the need to use them, as the base alone does a great job to stabilize the basket.

The Chainstar Lite has a painted, powder coated finish that looks great out of the box and has not chipped at all for me.

One thing that I have been disappointed in is that the paint has already started to fade from sunlight in just a few short months.

So, the bright red color that I bought has become much duller and almost orange like.

While this has not affected its performance, it is kind of a bummer, and I wish that the paint used was much more resilient to UV rays.

Color options at the time I purchased were Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Pink, but this may vary.


When Discraft says no tools required, they truly mean no tools required.

Without checking out the instructions first like a true DIY guy, I had this basket up and assembled in a minute.

Now that I've done it a few times, I feel that it can comfortably be assembled in just 30-60 seconds without feeling like you're rushing.

That's right! Less than a minute!

You can't ask for much more out of a portable basket as sturdy as this one.


Lastly, you have got to love the price of this basket, as it currently MSRP's for just $149.

My budget for a portable basket was less than $200, so I was very happy to save $50 and still purchase a great basket that met all of my needs.

You can check the current price on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

Pros and Cons

Now it's time to quickly recap my pros and cons before wrapping up this review!


- 24 chains catch extremely well

-sturdy build

-easy to assemble

-very transportable

-regulation size

-very affordable


-may fade in sunlight depending on color

-needs to be used on rather level ground


All in all, I simply love this basket.

Nothing is more satisfying than doing an extensive amount of researching, finding a product that you think will work great, and then having that product not only work great, but exceed expectations.

If I had to buy this basket, I would do so over again in a heart beat.

It's perfect for anyone who has an interest in improving their game, as I have definitely seen an improvement in my putting game since having easy backyard access to this basket and using it any chance I get to sneak away for just 10-15 minutes.

There may be other options out there that will still work for you, but if you're on the fence or are not sure if you should go with a more expensive basket, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the slightest with the Chainstar Lite.

There are even cheaper options, but like anything, you do get what you pay for, and I think this basket sells for an excellent price while still offering a ton a value.

If you would still like to check out more, you can do so at Infinite Discs by clicking HERE,

or you can shop the current price on Amazon by CLICKING HERE or on the photo below!

Once you order the basket and get some time to use it, be sure to let us know what you think!!

We'd love to hear from you!

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Happy Disc Golfing!

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