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Do You Need a Disc Golf Cart?

The majority of us have most likely started playing disc golf with maybe one, two, or three discs.

It could have been a starter pack or even a disc someone gave us.

Eventually, the desire to obtain more discs overtakes us and then all of a sudden, you're bagging 12 or more discs. This may be to help cover more shots in your bag, or you just own them and feel you need to carry them.

While having a variety of discs is great for shot selection, the downside of carrying so many discs is that if you enjoy playing multiple times per day and/or many times a week, the added efforts of picking up and putting down your bag become extremely taxing on your body.

Let's face it, a backpack full of 25 discs isn't light, and while you won't notice this weight after an hour of playing, you might after 2 full rounds.

You used to see players on the course toting around a disc golf cart and thought it looked bulky and cumbersome, but now you're asking yourself,

Do I need a disc golf cart?


Is a disc golf cart worth it?

And these are valid questions! Ones that are not easy to make, especially because a quality disc golf cart is not the cheapest disc golf investment.

That being said, I myself made the switch several years ago and I'm here to tell you the top reasons why you should absolutely consider getting yourself one!

1. Decreasing wear and tear on your shoulder

As stated above, the greatest benefit of the disc golf cart is to keep your bag off your back and glide it across the ground. Because of this, I've found my cart to be invaluable after playing multiple tournament rounds or multiple rounds with friends on any given weekend.

I used to carry and pick up my bag of 20 discs with my left arm/shoulder to decrease the fatigue from my throwing arm.

Usually mid way through the second round of the day I could feel soreness and fatigue setting in on my back, my left shoulder, and right hip due to compensation during walking.

I now pull my cart behind me or sometimes push it in front of me using my left arm still, but at a significantly reduced amount of stress and exertion.

While it doesn't seem like much, not having a pack on my back all day has been great at preventing overall fatigue.

2. No more up and down

You know the routine:

Carry bag to the next hole, put it down, throw, pick it up.

Carry bag to your lie, put it down, throw, pick it up.


The picking up and putting down over and over again can get old, especially when done all day. Having your cart off your back prevents this extra movement and also saves the bottom of your bag from premature wear and tear.

3. A seat anywhere you need it

When I started playing tournaments and realized there were many times that holes got backed up and we had to wait.

Finding a seat was usually difficult, especially during Covid where players were trying to keep some distance from each other. Therefore, I carried a tri-pod stool with me which at first seemed awesome until it became more of a hassle to worry about.

Now, with the cart I have, the Zuka XL, I have a firm and taller seat with me at all times. It doesn't fall over. I never walk off without it. It doesn't fall out of my bag or get caught on branches and ripped out of my bag. Etc. Etc.

As an added bonus, seat cushions are available to give you a more comfortable seat.

4. The Putter Pouch

I mentioned carrying 20 discs earlier. With the addition of the Power Pocket pouch from Infinite Discs, I'm able to now fit 20 non-putter discs in my bag and then 8 putters in the pouch that's conveniently hanging from the handle of the cart.

This makes for quick access to some of your most used discs and places them higher off the ground, reducing the amount of times you need to bend over to your bag throughout your rounds.

The pouch also has a place for your phone, whale sac, and a towel ring to hang your favorite towel from.

You can check out the Putter Pouch by Infinite Discs by CLICKING HERE!


It wouldn't be fair of me to only talk about all the things I love about my disc golf cart without mentioning some of the things I don't love as much.

The first, and one that probably players think about, is disc golf courses that aren't as cart friendly as they could be. Poor walking paths, elevation changes, tree roots, creek/water crossings etc. can all contribute to this, but I have found that it is not as big of a problem as I had assumed it would be.

Sure there are times its an inconvenience, but for me it has been worth it.

Another con is the cost. Simply put, disc golf carts are not cheap, especially if you are purchasing one that is brand new. Every player has their own budget for disc golf gear, so ultimately you have to decide whether or not you want to invest part of your budget into a disc golf cart.

If you are a serious player who is looking to make life easier on the course, then this is an investment I'd make again in a heartbeat.

The final con I can see is the weight and bulkiness of a cart.

Where a bag easily fits in most trunks or back seats, carts can be a little bit more difficult to fit into those same spaces, especially in smaller cars. Add in muddy tires and backseats also become a no go.

While my cart fits into my trunk, it is something that some players will need to consider and measure before committing to buying a cart.


A disc golf cart is an easy decision to make aside from forking out the money for one.

If you can get yourself one, you'll quickly find it's a lifesaver on the course!

Once in awhile you'll come across terrain or small bridges that don't work well with the cart, or you might have to pick it up and over a downed log on the pathway, but this small inconvenience has been of no issue to me and my love for having one.

There are many types of disc golf carts out there. Some hold your bag while others have built-in carrying compartments. Some have coolers while some have study seats. Some carry 40 discs and some carry a much smaller amount.

With so many options on the market, you'll be sure to find one that fits your style.

So do your body a favor and grab yourself a disc golf cart today!

If you aren't sure which carts are best for you, below are some options to check out to help make the buying process a little smoother!

Simply click on the name or pictures to check them out!

Shop and compare all disc golf carts available at by clicking on the banner below!

*Some links are affiliate links meaning that we may earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase with the links that we provide. You can read our full affiliate disclosures on our home page*

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