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Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

After playing for a couple of years, I was in the market to upgrade my disc golf bag. While there are plenty of options out there, I came across one bag that caught my eye not only because of its looks, but also the amount of functional components the bag offered.

My wish list included a bag that could hold a fair amount of discs while also leaving enough storage for all the other odds and ends I wanted to have with me while out on the courses.

This bag was the Dynamic Disc Ranger H2O

I just couldn't get over this bag while comparing it to some of the other high-end expensive bags I was looking at and I knew that it would be a bag that suit my needs long term.

What’s so great about this bag?

This bag was almost as satisfying as buying my car when I made that commitment. It holds more discs than my previous bag, for a total of 20 in the main compartment. It also has a putter pouch on the side for easy access to two of your favorite putters.

My approach putter and my putting putter both reside here. The compartment flap also has a slotted pocket which is used for another 2-3 discs.

In total, 25 discs can be carried which is great for those new courses where you’re unsure of which discs might need to be at your disposal and along for the ride just in case.

The top compartment of the bag is very deep with space for all of your storage needs, OR MORE DISCS! It’s true, this compartment is capable of holding a few more discs easily inside it.

This bag, however, came with a bagged rain cover that is kept within the storage pocket. Also inside this area is a mess divider with a zipper for holding small items without them getting lost at the bottom of the storage.

Rolled up rain cover that came included

Rain cover deployed, covering the entire bag to keep the contents dry!

Above the putter pouch is another zippered pocket to hold minis, score cards, pencils, markers, rule book, or any other small items you take when when disc golfing. The other side of the bag has a water bottle holder as well as another holder pocket for your collapsible chair or umbrella which gets strapped to the bag at the top with the buckling strap.

Odds and ends

Along with the mentioned above, there’s a ring for attaching your bag tags to, a reinforced plastic bottom to prevent water soaking into the bottom and plastic feet on the bottom that both help keep the bag up off the ground and allot the bag to stand upright.

Being that it is an upgrade to the regular Dynamic Disc Ranger Backpack, the H2O version also includes a 2 liter bladder so you can easily stay hydrated.

If you're not interested in having a built in water bladder, you may be interested in the regular ranger backpack! Click on the picture to check it out!

Overall, this bag is made very well with both quality stitching and material to ensure it lasts a very long time. Additionally, the material used is made to handle all types of weather.

The top side carrying strap is reinforced well to handle the weight for when you need to pick up or move your bag without using the built in shoulder straps. The shoulder straps themselves are also made exceptionally well with extra padding as a bonus.

Another nice feature is that the part of the bag that rests against your back has padding strategically placed to allow for some airflow while wearing it.

Overall Impressions

Weight specs put this bag at 5 pounds when empty, but it is very heavy when fully loaded. This was a slight disappointment for me, but considering I do carry 24-25 discs, extra minis, snacks, and a very large water bottle for an afternoon of playing, I can't complain.

The price for this bag is relatively high and with an MSRP of $224.99, there will be some sticker shock for a beginner just getting started, but the craftsmanship is well worth the investment and you will not be disappointed. You can check out the current price on Dynamic Disc's Website HERE.

Something that also piqued my interest in this bag was that by purchasing the military camo edition, a part of the proceeds went towards the Wounded Warrior project if I’m not mistaken, and I’m a sucker for the American flag Velcro patch that came on it. Other designs are available, as is a version without the water bladder.

Overall, I would rate the Ranger H2O a 9/10. I love this bag and I’m confident it’s durability will last for many years to come. Check this bag out for yourself, especially if you’re serious about your bag game. Those discs need a good home to be carried around in!

You can shop more disc golf bags on Amazon below!

*Some links are amazon affiliate links*

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