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FlighTowel Review

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

What is a flight towel and why should you get yourself one!?

The flight towel is a multi-functional tool designed specifically for the disc golfer. It comes as one unit but has three main components:

  1. The towel - This microfiber towel is another great towel to have for wiping off the morning dew or creek water from your discs and hands.

  2. The well attached parachute cord - This piece is sewn from the towel with a sturdiness that assures you that it won't rip at the stitches

  3. The fob - This is the hand-hold piece that you hold with your throwing hand and is made from a real disc in your favorite mold!

Still unsure of what this is for? Have an idea? Keep reading to find out more!

FlighTowel is a tool primarily used for warming up and simulating a full throw before you actually start slinging discs.

The towel itself is made of microfiber and while this makes it excellent at wiping off your discs and hands, the bottom end is designed to "catch some air" as it's being pulled across your body during warm ups.

This design, as shown below, has the bottom folded up to create a pocket for collecting air and giving the towel some weighted drag (simulating the disc's heaviness when properly thrown in the power pocket).

As shown, this pocket is designed to give drag when simulating a throw

The Fob

The fob is probably the most exciting part of the FlighTowel.

It's specially cut from an actual disc golf disc and can be ordered based on what mold you want it to come from, the plastic, and even which color you'd prefer.

FlighTowel does an excellent job of updating their inventory regularly with brand new disc releases! Personally, I love throwing Ballista Pro's and Ballistas, so naturally that's the fob I chose!

The fob's are neatly and well mounted to a piece of plastic with a metal rivet hole that allows it to be connected to the microfiber towel via parachute cord.

Whether you're throwing backhand or forehand, this warm-up tool is a game changer and VERY helpful to simulate full speed practice throws while giving you the proper grip you'd be using for your course calculated throws.

While it is always best to actually sling some discs prior to your round, sometimes this is not always possible for a variety of reasons, making the FlighTowel an even more useful product.

It could even be used between holes or after a delay to stay warmed up.

Here, Brandon demonstrates how to use the FlighTowel as a warm up!

If you want to step up your warm-up game AND have another towel at your disposal, go over to or and check out their stock.They're very likely to have your favorite fob in


Want more information? Click on the picture below to see all the reviews and current price at

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