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How Do I Disc Golf During A Pandemic?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It's 2020.

There's a world-wide virus threatening every person that comes in contact with another human being and questions race through your mind...

Can I disc golf during quarantine?

Is disc golfing over for me?!?!

Will I survive without disc golf?!

This has been a hot topic among the disc golf community, such as it has been with all other activities.

While some areas have fully shut down outdoor activities, many communities have continued usage of outdoor recreational areas as long as safer guidelines are followed.

If you live in an area that continues to allow for people to use your local disc golf courses and the baskets remain in the ground, then here's how you can continue to get in some game play and practice safely while putting yourself at a decreased risk to become contaminated.

Smaller Groups

Small groups or even solo play is going to be your best bet. Limit your exposure to people you're unfamiliar with as to where they spend their personal time outside of the course.

The more time you spend with different people on multiple occasions, the higher risk you put yourself at. Getting yourself tested and playing with a friend or family member that has also been tested can give you a safe companion to spend your round with.

Wear Your Mask

Wearing a mask while traversing the course should be a must!

When you're on the box and have your card mates safely behind you, removing your mask is an option for your tee off, but not necessarily required. This also goes into effect for any subsequent throw when you're distanced from the other players.

If you can tolerate it, play with your mask on.

There are various thicknesses and designs of masks out there that may be more comfortable to play in year round. If you have watched any of the PDGA events from this year, wearing a mask at all times except when throwing while distanced is the guideline those players adhered to.

Leave Them Lay

If possible, don't touch other players discs, including grabbing them out of the basket.

While it helps your buddy out, or you're just wanting to be a friendly person, now is the time to go ahead and NOT pick up your friend's basket-ed putts or secondary practice throws. This limits exposure to touching someone else's recently touched discs. Additionally, don't share towels and certainly don't share water bottles or food.

As we approach colder weather, use of gloves will also help reduce incidental or unnecessary contact with potentially contaminated objects.

Download Udisc and Use It!

Udisc has been VERY active this year in producing new functions for it's app to allow easier access to making player cards, checking in players for leagues or tournaments, and eliminating the need for paper score cards that would otherwise need to be collected after an event.

If at all possible, HIGHLY recommend using Udisc to make things easier for your league or tournament.

Also, using this app during an event allows every player with Udisc to follow LIVE scoring for the round which can significantly increase the anticipation and competitiveness if you enjoy comparing your score against the field!

Our number one goal is to help grow and promote the sport of disc golf, but safety should always be at the forefront of this mission. We hope these tips help decrease your risk of exposure, allowing you to continue getting out there and grinding on the courses.

Also be sure to check your local regulations as to access of public recreational areas and limits of congregations may vary from state to state and region to region.

Please use caution as these times are uncertain as to who is contagious and whether he/she knows it or not.

Not every carrier shows symptoms and protecting yourself, your friends, and your family really should be of more importance than getting out for some disc golf.

If you can minimize your exposures, disc golfing can still be a safe and fun outdoor activity.

And remember,

Wash and sanitize your hands!

Also, for good measure, please carry out your trash. Be a decent human being. Our courses should always remain beautiful for the next person to enjoy.

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