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How to Choose A Disc Golf Putter?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

If you're fairly new to the sport of disc golf, you may become a bit perplexed to find that experienced players carry multiple putters with them out on the course.

But why?

Why would one player need to carry more than one putter when they carry all of those other discs?

Well, the simple answer is simple:

Putters are multi-functional tools and not just for 30 footers aimed at the basket.

In fact they're way more versatile than what new players give them credit for, you may even be surprised to learn that putters are versatile enough to be used to play an entire course with!

With all these options available, it can be very overwhelming to choose which putter you need for certain situations and even which specific putter would work for that shot.

That's what we're here for!

To help you choose a putter for any situation.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading as we break down each type of putter, what it is used for, and why you need one!

Putting is a crucial skill in disc golf, knowing which putter to use can significantly lower your score!

Putting Putters

Putting putters are just as they sound, designed for the last shot into the basket.

Generally low grade plastic is selected by players due to improved grip and because typically it will not get beat in too quickly from hitting trees as they're hopefully just hitting chains.

Players opt for putters with low speed and glide flight numbers as these putters are purposely used for only aiming at the basket.

Having a disc or discs bagged only used for this scenario helps to keep the putters performing within their flight ratings for a long time so the user can become extremely comfortable with them.

When you're making your final shot to the basket, use a putting putter!

My current top 3 putting putters are as follows:

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Approach Putters

These are your putters that are built to put you close to the basket and for much more technical shots where your typical putters are not preferred.

They often come in tacky or rubbery plastics but are not limited to this style.

They may even be carried in premium grade blends to help with maintaining flight patterns as these discs will get beat much more than putting putters from hitting trees and other obstacles on approach shots.

Players often opt for more overstable putters here for flicks as well as understable putters depending on wind conditions/shot selection where a stable, straight flying putter would have more difficulty.

Additionally, approach putters will generally be carried in slightly higher speed and glide numbers to help them reach their destination from much further out on the green.

They're often thrown flat or slightly nose up to make sure the disc hits it's target and doesn't skip off or roll away from the basket on a great shot. However, depending on the shot, they can also be thrown on hyzer or anhyzer angles to get around guardian bunkers and dig into their landing spot, also not skipping away very far.

When facing an upshot to the basket, an approach putter will work best!

My top 3 putters for approach shots are:

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Driving Putters

This brings us to our final subcategory of putters: Driving Putters.

Driving putters are often used for longer approach shots and often times right off the tee for select holes around 300' and under.

Despite this, driving putters are usually not the "go-to" disc while on the tee box for newer players. Not because they shouldn't, but because in their mind putters are reserved for the end of the hole, not the beginning.

Distance putters often come in premium plastics to help maintain the integrity of the disc and protect it from those dreaded tee-off tree smashes. The speed and glide ratings will be higher in regards to what you'll find for putters which helps them achieve their max distances pending the thrower's capabilities.

When facing longer approach shots or when on the tee box, grab your driving putter!

My top 3 putter choices for driving situations are:

Click on any of the discs to check them out at Infinite Discs!


It's important to note that any putter, regardless of plastic or ratings, can be used for putting, approaching, and/or driving off the tee.

The difference is that certain discs are just better suited for certain applications, just like several things in life.

What it really comes down to is practicing with your various putters and learning how they fly when you throw them with various techniques.

Putters can really show a player how good their technique is as well as identify mistakes within all aspects of their game. Better technique will allow you to use your putters to shape more appropriately shaped shots that help minimize your risks which in turn lowers scores.

When you have good technique, know your discs, and have the right discs in your bag for all situations, you will notice those round scores drop!

How can you beat that!?

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