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Hyzer Disc Rack

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Looking for an extremely sleek way to store your growing disc collection?

Then look no further than the Hyzer Disc Rack!

While there are cheaper options out there, few will compare to this rack in terms of style, functionality, and look.

With that being said,

let's check out all the exciting features and specs that make this an excellent disc storage option.

What are the Hyzer Disc Rack's dimensions?

This rack measures in at an impressive 48'' tall, 27'' wide, and 11'' deep. Plenty big enough to store anything you want yet small enough to not take up much room due to it's shallow depth.

These dimensions are enough to allow storage of approximately 150 discs!

That's right, 150 discs!

Naturally, the number of discs stored will depend on what types of discs you primarily own, as some are thicker or thinner than others.

While I'm sure there are plenty of players out there who need 2 or 3 (or even 4) of these racks to store their entire collection, most will find that just 1 will suit their needs as their collection expands.

Within these dimensions, the Hyzer Disc Rack features 4 separate shelves which makes separating your discs by color, type, brand, or however else you want extremely easy and customizable.

The Rack's top is also very sturdy, allowing for storage of trophies, mini's, pictures, or some of your favorite disc golf knick knacks, which is especially neat for a man cave type space!

Some players even opt to store their disc golf bag on top for easy grab and go.

Unlike other racks, the ability to store neat items on top give this rack a unique look!

What other features does this rack have?

In addition to its incredible storage capacity, you'll be pleased to know that the rack is very sturdy, as it is made out of a strong, powder coated steel.

Users have also praised this rack's easy assembly, noting that as advertised, literally no tools are required to assemble this rack.

No tools required!

This rack also features hooks on either side of the rack for further customization by hanging towels, tags, or anything else you want!

Stock photo from shows off the entire look of this rack!

So, what does the Hyzer Disc Rack cost?

Ah, the most important question of all right?

The Hyzer Disc Golf rack retails at the time of this article for: $199.99

While you will be able to find cheaper disc rack options, especially if you go the DIY route made of PVC pipe and/or wood and other materials.

Few will compare in the sturdiness, quality, and professional look as this rack.

And lets face it, if you're willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in discs, bags, and gear; what's $200 to show off all that gear in such a professional way?

All in all, if you are looking for a new way to store all those discs you otherwise have just lying around, you should certainly check out and consider the Hyzer Disc Rack

You can shop this rack now and check out the current price at Infinite Discs by clicking on the banner below, Enjoy!

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