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InZone Kwik-Stik XL

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Tired of getting wet retrieving discs or worse, not retrieving them at all?!

We've previously discussed other retriever options, such as THIS ONE HERE,

but if that is not for you or you're looking for a retriever that works a little bit differently, then be sure to check out the one that I carry in my bag personally! The,

Grabbing a disc out of a creek that it decided to jump in to!

This uniquely designed disc retriever is engineered to easily grab your submerged plastic and pull it out with the supplied extendable rod and powder coated, patented, frame head.

It does this by utilizing the extendable shaft to the desired length needed, up to 14-18 feet, and slides over the disc and holds it into the frame head. It can be carried in one of your water bottle holders and clipped in for security.

This frame head is fantastic as it securely grabs hold of your disc and allows you to pull it out of the water, even against water currents, without falling out.

How do I use the InZone Kwik-Stik XL?

To use, you simply extend the rod to the length desired.

Then, reach the frame head out so that it goes over the end of the disc farthest away from where you're standing.

Finally, slide the frame head down over the disc by puling the retriever towards you. This should snare the disc tightly and allow you to capture the disc without it falling out or getting pushed out by a faster water current.

Then, you can either collapse the retrieving rod down until the disc is on shore, or if you have the space, turn to either side of yourself and set the disc down on the ground.

It's that easy!

Basically, if you can see your disc in the water, you will be able to grab it with this retriever.

What also makes this product GREAT is that it is fully collapsible, down to approximately 18" long, making it small enough to fit onto the side of virtually any pack you might have.

This retriever will truly benefit players of all skill levels because if you've played disc golf long enough, you have tossed a disc into a water hazard of some kind at some point.

Needless to say,

If you play on courses that have bodies of water regularly, this product is a must have!

Think about it, if you are able to save just 2 discs, you could literally lose this retriever and it would have saved you as much as those 2 discs would have cost to replace!

We've all been there....

You have a dreaded shot over or near water and just like that, a bad shot splashes right in.

What do you do?!

Well, if it's warm, and if the disc is not too far in, you simply drop your shoes and socks, hike up those shorts, and wade in to grab it.

But if that water is freezing cold or too deep to manage, going for a "swim" is not going to be an option.

So you curse yourself on making such a bad throw, tell your friends you didn't like that disc anyway, cut your losses, and painfully move to the next hole.

Now, imagine that same scenario happens to you or a friend, but you suddenly remember, "Wait, I have a Disc Retriever!"

You unpack it, extend it, and before you know it, you're pulling not only your disc out, but every disc that has found it's way to water in recent time.

Water shots can be scary and challenging, but knowing that there is hope of getting a disc back after going for a swim makes those water shots just a little bit less stressful.

Having a retriever reduces this stress and allows you to simply focus on form and execute the shot.

Additionally, it will also allow you to spend less time wading and retrieving, and more time playing!

The Kwik-Stik was a must have on our trip to Virginia, where many of the courses had water carries!

Pros and Cons

So far, the Pros of this retriever should be very apparent:

  1. It's collapsible and takes up very little room on the side of your bag and fits well on a cart.

  2. At an MSRP of about $45, it is a tiny investment for the amount of money it can save you in retrieved discs.

  3. The frame head will allow you to retrieve a disc with minimal catching of debris once you have the disc snared.

  4. Most of all, you can retrieve discs that you or a friend would have otherwise lost!

I have done a lot to talk this product up, because I firmly believe that it deserves all of the praise it has received.

But there are some cons that should be mentioned.


  1. The largest complaint about this product is that it comes un-assembled. A heat gun is required to attach the frame head to the shaft using a piece of shrink tubing. (UPDATE: This design has since been updated and no longer needs assembled in this manner)

  2. The frame head can make packing this item more challenging for some bags. You have to be willing to have the frame head sticking out and sometimes turning to make it more likely to snag branches as you're walking. Clipping it in with a strap or carabiner helps to secure it to your bag.

  3. You're not going to be able to save every disc that enters the water, as success is largely going to to be dependent on being able to see the disc. So if you toss your disc into the center of a large lake or deep water, you better rent some Scuba gear if you want it back.

Do I need a Kwik-Stik XL?

As stated, literally any player who plays enough different courses will eventually find themselves in a situation where the Kwik-Stik XL could come in handy.

This is especially true if your home courses are full of ponds, creeks, lakes, or any other body of water just waiting to lose your disc.

Discs stuck up in tree branches can also be knocked down using the Kwik-Stik!

If you only play on one or two courses casually and never experience a water hazard, then this probably is not the product for you as you would rarely get to use it. So save your money and buy yourself another disc (or two!) instead!

But if water hazards are a daily threat, this product is a no brainer!

Wrap Up

In conclusion, this is one of those rare products that has a very high upside with a very low cost.

Being able to save just a couple discs would get you your money back and anything after that is all savings! It also saves you time and prevents you from having to get sopping wet to retrieve your disc by hand.

Think to yourself:

How many discs have you lost in water hazards that you would have been able to retrieve with this tool?

How much did it cost you to replace those discs?

Chances are, the Kwik-Stik XL would have saved you money if you had it for those times.

It's small, cheap, and effective at what it is designed to do. What more could you ask? But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself and check out the current price at Infinite Discs by clicking on the picture below!

Click on the picture to check out the Disc Claw at!

You can also check the Kwik-Stik out at Amazon by CLICKING HERE

Other Options

There are a few other slightly cheaper options as listed below. Personal usage has me very thankful that I own the one that I have as it grabs discs so much faster and secures them all the way up until it's back on shore with confidence.

In just the first tournament I competed in following getting one of these, I helped pull out 12 discs for fellow competitors and they were all super thankful!

As an alternative to save some money, you also may be interested in perusing a Disc Claw retriever option instead of something like the Kwik-Stik. You can shop all these products at Amazon by clicking on the banner below!

We all know how it feels to lose a disc, especially one we love to use on a regular basis. Minimize this risk and grab yourself a disc retriever of some type sooner than later, you won't regret it!

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