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Throwing My First Ace! Brandon's Story

From the time you learn that the objective of disc golf is to get the disc into the basket from the tee pad in as few throws as possible, the infamous "first ace" becomes one of your highest goals to achieve as quickly as possible.

You listen to your friends or the other players from your league talking about their first ace, or possibly many of their aces.

Your eagerness to get your own builds and builds.

Then, you're on the tee. You're staring down that basket 170 feet dead straight ahead. You know this could be your moment when......

BAM! You chain out! Or hit the top band!!


That was gut wrenching.

My FIRST ACE, and currently still my only ace, came on May 12th, 2020.

My father and I were out playing one of our regular rounds at Coyote Hills Disc Golf Course on the outskirts of Carlisle, PA. Since moving to the area and closer to my father, I had been getting him out to play as often as I could.

It was more practice for me and nice to have someone always down to throw with me. For him, it was more time together and he had actually found a fond enjoyment for the sport.

We had just finished a decent downhill hole and were making our way to hole 7's tee box. I can't remember exactly what was said about the upcoming hole, probably something like "well, here's where I throw OB on this easy hole again."

Udisc's 2019 Am World layout lists this hole as 149 feet, but the original layout marks 107 feet. The basket sits across from a creek divider and at a lower elevation than the tee pad.

I grab my blue burst Dynamic Disc Classic Soft blend Slammer and get on the tee.

This disc is typically only used for forehand approach shots for me, but when you're facing down the basket there's a guardian tree to the front right side of the basket that also promotes easily falling OB into the creek you have to throw over.

Rather than attempting a super slight anhyzer putter throw to the basket, I elect for the short putter throw that will have a fair fade at the end to wrap around the tree and crash the basket. As noted by the title of this article, guess what?

It happened. IT HAPPENED!

I took that Slammer, did a half stand still, half step forward approach, released, and watched that disc fly towards that guardian tree.

It just barely missed it and broke towards the basket immediately after the tree trunk. It hit the chains and just stuck there for a moment before falling into the bottom of the basket. Being that it was a soft blend, it barely even made a sound (slightly disheartening).

I just took a couple seconds relishing in the moment and my dad yells "OH SWEET!!! I don't care about COVID, come here!!!" where he then proceeded to hug me.

As often as I've wanted to hopefully hit that "first ace", I can't really put into words how happy I was to have gotten it while out playing a round with my father.

He's always been supportive of my athletics and being a ball golfer himself, understands the significance of getting a "hole-in-one" when any number of variables can prevent you from achieving that moment.

First Ace with the Dynamic Disc Slammer

Naturally, I had my dad sign my disc as my Ace witness and eventually retired my Slammer after buying another one.

Now the hunt is on for that first league or tournament ace! Achieving one goal should always lead to another. Free tip there for you guys!

If you're interested in learning more about the disc I hit my first ace with, then check out my

Please share with us your first Ace stories in the comments, we'd love to hear them!

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