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What Disc Did James Conrad Use to Win Worlds?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

In what some people in the disc golf community are already dubbing as,

"The Shot Heard Round the World"

James Conrad made arguably one of the best, most clutch shots in

All of disc golf history!

He did so by throwing in a field ace from approximately 250 feet out to not only make the birdie on Hole 18,

but to even the total score of the event after being down by 1 going into the last hole, steal the win from, and force a tiebreaker playoff with none other than 5x World Champ Paul McBeth.

While this shot did not specifically win Conrad the championship, it did tie the score after McBeth had layed up to the basket,

playing it safe as he thought (correctly) that Conrad had nearly an impossible feat to pull off to tie the game.

The throw in swung the momentum in Conrad's favor going into the playoff, which he used on a hole he was already very comfortable with.

Conrad would ultimately win the Championship on this first hole of the tie breaker by parking his disc on one he had aced on a previous day of the tournament, Hole 16.

As mentioned, the shot that triggered this sudden death playoff and the series of events that followed was approximately 250 feet from the pin and a very slight dog leg right.

For this situation, he opted to use a back hand approach, which again begs the question,

What disc did James Conrad use on Hole 18 of Worlds?

For a little bit of context first, James recently broke news in the off-season when he announced that he was leaving then sponsor Innova Discs after 5 years together.

He ultimately signed a deal with MVP Discs and 2021 was his first season representing MVP/Axiom.

But enough about that,

Back to the shot in question,

For this clutch Hole 18 situation, Conrad pulled out a putter,

Yes a putter!


His overstable...

Axiom Envy Flight Ratings

The Envy has flight ratings of

Speed: 3

Glide: 3

Turn: 0

Fade: 2

But despite its fade of 2, it is a rather straight flying putter that many players love to bag as their primary putter.

Evidently, it also makes an excellent and versatile approach/throwing putter as Conrad put this disc on an anhyzer line and absolutely nailed it as the Envy held its line the entire way to the basket.

For his shot, James Conrad throw the disc with a small run up approach and on a slight anny line that the Envy was able to hold the entire length of the throw.

The rest is history!

Like all MVP/Axiom discs, the Envy features 2 plastic types that some players say takes some getting used to, but most players seem to love once they get it dialed in.

If you're interested in checking out or purchasing the Envy, you can click on the name or picture above, or HERE to check it out at infinite discs.

You can also read our full review of the Axiom Envy in THIS ARTICLE.

The Envy was a solid putter option before, but I expect that after this incredible moment in disc golf history, it is going to FLY off the shelves for a long time to come!

Check it out and try it yourself before it's too late, and try to replicate James Conrad's incredible shot yourself!

You can shop all of MVP's discs at by clicking on the banner below!

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