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What Is Circle 1?

Those who play golf know that the area where the flag and cup are located is called the "green."

Disc golf uses this concept as well, but instead of "green", this area is known as

"Circle 1"

Circle 1 is a predefined amount of distance surrounding the basket and is equal to 33 feet/10 meters from the basket's pole to "circle's edge."

Within this amount of distance, a player isn't allowed to lose balance when putting to the basket.

This means a player cannot putt and then immediately: fall forward, sideways, or backwards either from a standing, kneeling, or lunging position, until the disc is resting in the basket.

Essentially, you must have your body under full control until you rattle those chains.

What Is Circle 2?

When a player is slightly further than 33 feet/10 meters away from the basket, then they are likely standing within Circle 2.

Circle two measures 34 feet to 66 feet/20 meters from the basket's pole.

From this distance, a player in this area is allowed to jump or step putt to provide them with more power on their putt. During which you are allowed to have a movement toward the basket before the disc arrives.

Please see our article on jump putting for rules and information pertaining to this putting style by


Now that you understand what Circle 1 is,

Here is our list of 5 great putters to use when putting from either Circle 1 or Circle 2!

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