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What Is the Best Discraft Mid-Range?

You know you are looking to add some mid-ranges to your bag, and you know that Discraft is a brand that is very popular and a manufacturer of some great discs, but, you aren't sure which of their mid-ranges are the best!

Having options is usually a good problem to have, but when it comes to making the right disc choice, having so many options can often feel intimidating as every disc seems like a quality disc.

And that's why we're here to help!

To help make this decision just a little bit easier so that you can buy a disc with confidence knowing that players from around the world have done all the testing for you.

In a previous article, we discussed the

But in this article, we turn our focus to the next part of your game, mid-ranges.

I believe that every player should bag at least three mid-ranges: a straight flying stable option, an overstable option, and an understable option.

Having at least one of each will cover the majority of shots you will take with your mid-ranges and will build a great foundation for learning what shots you feel like you're missing when you're ready to further expand your bag.

In this article you will be able to find several options for each stability that will get you playing your hottest rounds in no time!

So let's get started!

As an important note, the plastic that you choose will largely depend on personal preference and what you plan on using the putter for. Premium plastics are more durable, but often more slick and used primarily for throwing whereas low or mid grade plastics are not as durable, but offer superb grip for putting situations.

Simply click on any of the names or pictures to shop the disc you're interested in at

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, -1, 1

Where do I even start with this disc besides saying that it is not only one of Discraft's most popular molds among all categories, but one of the most popular molds among all brands in the world!

The Buzzz was one of the very first discs that was recommended to me when starting out on my disc golf adventure and I can't think of a disc that did more for my game than what the Buzzz did.

It is a very stable disc with a turn and fade of -1, 1 which makes it very suitable for players across all skill levels.

As a beginner, this disc in a base plastic was a very straight flyer for me with just a little bit of fade at the end of it's flight.

Even as my arm strength improved, the disc stayed very straight, but with a little bit more of a subtle S shaped flight pattern.

What I especially liked about this disc is that it was very responsive to the line that it was put on, which helped me develop the skill of release angle. If I had too much hyzer in my release, the disc let me know it by holding that line throughout the flight.

Once I could manipulate release angle with purpose, this quality became an asset as it made this disc extremely versatile for any shot within 300 feet.

The Buzzz comes highly recommended not just by me, but by players from all over, so you'll definitely want to grab yourself one if you haven't done so already, you certainly won't regret it.

Premium plastics such as the ESP line will extend the life of this disc which is important because you will find yourself throwing it a lot!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 4, 5, -2, 1

Number 2 on our list is perhaps the second most beginner friendly option as well and is the Comet.

The Comet is on the slower side of the mid-range spectrum with a rating of just 4, coupled with the turn of -2 and fade of 1, and this disc has the makings of a great disc to add to your bag if you're looking for a thrower friendly option.

While a little flippier than the Buzzz, the Comet will also bean extremely straight flying disc for players with slower arm speeds.

Faster arms will still be able to utilize the Comet for shots like hyzer flips, but may want something more stable for flat releases. I also feel that there are better understable options for turnover shots.

That being said, this disc is very hard to beat for beginners looking for a disc that will be dead straight right out of the box, so give it a shot today!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 5, -3, 1

Next up is one of my favorite discs that I bag and use regularly, and that disc is the Meteor!

The Meteor is our second overstable option on the list, but is definitely more of what you would expect for a mid-range understable/turnover option with it's turn of -3 and fade of 1.

New players will still throw this disc extremely well, and experienced players could still use it as a hyzer flip option in tight corridors, but where this disc really shines for me personally is for short uphill shots from the tee or field, as well slow turnover shots that my putter just can't reach.

When I was in pursuit of an understable mid-range, I felt that the Meteor fit the bill perfectly as it's speed of 5 and glide of 5 separates it from my putters and prevents it from being a turn and burn or roller type of disc unless I really need it to be.

This combination of speed and glide makes the turn very controllable and allows me to hit my line confidently regardless of shot shape. As an added bonus, it flies very straight with strong tailwinds due to its understability.

If you're looking for an understable option with manageable turn, take a look at the Meteor!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 0, 3

On the flip side from stable and understable like we've seen so far is the first overstable option on our list, the Buzzz OS!

Just as its name implies, the Buzzz OS looks and feels just like its straight flying sibling, but this disc is anything but stable.

The Buzzz OS has a speed and glide that mimics the Buzzz, but differs significantly beyond that as it has a turn of 0 and fade of 3, meaning that that this disc will finish reliably left for the strongest of the RHBH throwers.

I personally bag the Buzzz OS and I reach for it regularly in situations where I need a left finish or I'm dealing with a strong headwind/crosswind. I also use it for forehands with confidence when the situation arises.

While the Buzzz OS features a fade of 3, I find that it does have a fairly long and straight flight path before it eventually fades out. It in fact reminds me a lot of the Discraft Zone (an excellent disc as well!) but a little faster with more glide and therefore, capable of longer distances.

If you're looking for a reliable, overstable mid-range that is not a meat hook, this is the disc from Discraft you'll want to grab.

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, -4, 1

Number 5 on our list and the most understable option so far is the highly touted Archer.

This understable mid-range features a turn of -4 and fade of just 1 meaning that even the slowest of arms should have no problem getting this disc to turnover on a flat release.

At the very least, this disc will fly extremely straight with little to no fade if thrown slowly enough or with enough hyzer.

While this disc will shine for beginners looking to maximize distance out of a mid-range, more experienced players will enjoy grabbing this disc for a variety of situations including: hyzer flips, turnover shots, uphill shots, and even rollers!

The Archer will open up many shot options for players of all skills, so give it a shot if you get the chance!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, -2, 1

Since Discraft created an overstable version of their popular Buzzz, it's only natural that they would create an understable version as well!

The Buzzz SS will feel familiar in the hand if you're used to throwing a Buzzz, but as expected, this "super straight" version is not going to have as much of a subtle fade at the end of it's flight pattern. This is primarily due to its turn of -2, which will keep this mid-range straighter down the fairway compared to the original Buzzz.

While not as understable as the Archer or Meteor, stronger arms will be able to turn this disc over quite easily with most release angles, where weaker arms will appreciate the nice S shape flight that this disc will show with hyzer and flat releases.

I find that the Buzzz SS flies similar to a Buzzz that has been really beat in, as you might expect as the only difference between the two in terms of flight ratings is a little bit extra turn.

If you're looking for a very understable option, the Buzzz SS might not be for you, but if you're looking for a mid-range that is very easy to throw, will keep you on the fairway, and is great in tailwinds, then this just might be the disc for you!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 3, 1, 4

We've already seen the most understable option on our list, and at #7 we arrive to our most overstable option, the Discraft Drone!

This 5 speed mid-range does not offer as much glide as most of our options with a rating of just 3, but it's fade of 4 means that this disc will be reliably overstable regardless of how slow or fast your arm is.

The Drone additionally has a turn of 1, meaning it will fight any urge of turning over extremely well, even in the stoutest of head winds.

Besides head winds, the Drone will be a premier option for hyzer shots with both forehand and backhand approaches, so give it a try today!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 1, 3

One of the newer discs from Discraft, but still good enough to crack our top 10 is the overstable Malta!

The Malta is a signature disc from Paul McBeth and has been an extremely popular offering ever since due in part to its comfortable feel and reliable overstability.

This mid-range is similar to the Drone with its very low turn rating of 1, but with slightly less fade with a rating of 3, so it too will be very well suited for backhand and forehand hyzer shots, as well flex lines and head winds.

While the Buzzz OS flies like a Zone for me, due to its straight flight path, many players also feel that the Malta is a Zone like disc, offering a very long straight flight path with reliable fade, but able to reach longer distances than the Zone.

There's only one way to know for sure, and that is to try it for yourself if you get the chance!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 3, 0, 2

Bringing up the pack of overstable mid-range options on our list is the fade 2 Wasp!

Like the Drone, the Wasp features a glide of just 3, but differs greatly after that with a turn of 0 and moderately less fade with a rating of just 2.

What this means on the course is that you have a disc that will show some mild to moderate fade under normal conditions, but will fly rather straight down the fairway with little to no fade when thrown with power or in moderate head winds and only after a straight flight path down the fairway.

The Wasp will be able to be utilized for a variety of shots both forehand and backhand, but this is a go to option when you need less fade than other overstable discs and not until right at the very end of the flight path.

If the other overstable options seemed too beefy for you, then the Wasp may be the disc you need to add to your bag today!

Click on the picture to check it out!

Flight Ratings: 4, 5, -3, 0

Last but not least, we wrap things up with our final option, at #10, the Discraft Sol.

One of the more flippy options on our list, the understable Sol is an excellent disc choice for nearly every player, with every player having the potential to use this disc for different reasons.

With a speed of just 4, beginners will find this disc very easy to throw, and will likely be able to achieve long turnover shots if they have just the right amount of arm speed.

Thrown on hyzer and with a little more power however, and you have a great hyzer flip disc to get the most distance out of this glidey mid-range.

More experienced players can trust the turn of -3 to provide the perfect option for not only hyzer flips, but also mid-range turnover shots, uphill shots, and even rollers.

As an added bonus, the Sol is a signature disc for multi-time world champ Paige Pierce, so you know this disc is awesome.

So if you're in pursuit of an understable mid-range to add to your bag, then the Sol needs to be on your list to try!

Click on the picture to check it out!

And there you have it! The 10 Best Discraft Mid-Ranges to check out and bag today!

From this list, you will easily be able to find a solid stable, understable, or even overstable option that you will learn to count on for every round of disc golf.

In fact, you may even find more than 3 options that you can already envision using for specific shots on specific holes at your favorite course, so order some discs today for your next round!

Once you get yourself some mid-ranges, be sure to check out the

That being said,

Happy Disc Golfing!

Did we leave a mid-range option off the list that you current use? Be sure to let us know!

You can shop all Discraft putter options at by clicking on the banner below!

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