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What is the Best Innova Mid-Range?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

While there are plenty of excellent disc golf brands out there, you may be a player who simply LOVES Innova discs.

And there is nothing wrong with that as Innova has been around a long time, makes some awesome discs, and is a brand that I myself bag several molds of.

That being said, you may have several Innova discs yourself that you like already, but are still searching for the

Best Innova Mid-Range Discs

to add to your bag, and the good news is that we're here to tell you what those discs are so that you don't have to go searching all over the place for them.

In this article, we're going to give you the best options whether you're looking for a stable, understable, or overstable mid-range flyer, and a few reasons why the disc is one that you should buy.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

Simply click on any of the names or pictures to shop the disc you're interested in at

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 0, 0

If you know anything about Innova mid-ranges, then it is no surprise that this straight flying, stable option is at the top of our list.

While this disc will hold a straight and stable flight path when thrown flat, it is excellent when thrown on any line and is the perfect disc to learn release angles with.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this disc will work wonders for you!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 0, 3

If overstable is what you're looking for, then you need to check any of the Roc series discs, specifically, the Roc3.

The original Roc is an absolute classic, and is a great disc that should try, but you won't be able to find it in more premium plastics, which is why we suggest grabbing the Roc3, even though it is a hair faster, or even a RocX3 if you really want to go even more overstable.

The Roc3 will fly reliably straight for you with flat releases before fading hard at the end of its flight.

It's great for not only hyzer shots, but also high head winds as well, so try it out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 2, 0, 4

The Roc series discs may be overstable, but if you're looking for an absolute meat hook of a mid-range, then you're going to want to grab yourself a Caiman!

Not only will this disc handle winds extremely well, but even when beat in, this disc is going to be the definition of overstable for you.

The Caiman will offer mid-range speed, but putter like glide, which makes it great for approach shots or getting out of tight situations.

Great for flex shots, forehands, and utility shots too, you'll want to try the Caiman today!

Flight Ratings: 5, 2, 0, 3

If you like the look of the Caiman but just aren't sure if you need something quite that overstable, then the flat topped Gator3 is going to be your disc.

This versatile mid-range will fight the wind extremely well and will work great as a utility approach disc as it offers high speed but rather low glide.

Check it out today!

Flight Ratings: 4, 5, -3, 1

The first understable option on our list, the very glidey Stingray is an excellent choice for an array of shots.

I have personally bagged the Stingray at different points and although it does have a different feel in the hand, I loved grabbing it for not only situations where I needed a mid-range turnover shot, but also for mid-range hyzer flips to get down a tight tunnel.

I was very impressed with the glide of 5 from the beginning and the speed of 4 makes it very controllable and easy for beginners to throw.

I highly suggest it for both beginners and more experienced players alike.

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, 0, 2

On the surface, the Shark3 is very similar to the Roc3, except not as overstable, and by flight ratings it is just that.

You'll be pleased to know however that the Shark3 will fly very similarly to the Mako3, but will end it's flight with just enough fade to not make it a dead straight flyer.

It's the perfect disc for situations that don't call for a straight tunnel shot or an aggressive fade, but rather just a slight fade that can also be used with just slight head winds.

Throw in a bit of hyzer and you have a disc that will hold that line very well regardless of wind.

Thrown with some anhyzer and you have the opportunity for a nicely shaped flex shot.

All in all, it's a very versatile disc to try out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 6, -1, 0

If you're looking for a beginner friendly disc, then the Foxbat is going to be right up your alley!

While it could be considered an understable disc, and it will be for stronger arms, slower arms will appreciate the extremely straight flight that they will be able to achieve with the disc.

Not only will it fly straight, but the Speed of 5 and Glide of 6, that's right 6, will make this disc simply go and go.

More experienced players will find this disc very useful for long turnover shots in tight areas but will still be able to cover longer distances thanks to the high glide.

Try it today!

Flight Ratings: 5, 5, -1, 2

Another extremely straight flying mid-range option from Innova is the beginner friendly VCobra!

With the same turn as the Foxbat but with a fade of 2, the VCobra will fly with a very nice S shaped flight pattern when thrown with more power and is an option to be used for hyzer flips if you have the arm strength.

Slower arms will find that this disc will fly more overstable than rated but will love that it is a disc they can grow into as their arm and skills improve.

A great disc to learn on and grow with, the VCobra is definitely worth checking out!

Flight Ratings: 5, 4, -2, 1

Next up is the second truly understable mid-range option on our list in the Innova Panther.

While the Stingray is a true turnover, mid-range option, the Panther offers just enough understability to turnover and hyzer flip if needed, but also makes for one of the better beginner friendly options here.

The speed 5 is still manageable, and the glide of 4 will get you down the fairway with plenty of distance whether you're on the tee or approaching the basket.

Give this disc a chance!

Flight Ratings: 4, 5, 0, 1

Last but not least is the straight flying Coyote!

Despite having a fade of 1, this solid and popular mid-range option is extremely stable and will for the most part be a point and shoot disc that you can count on to hold the line it is put on.

The speed of 4 makes the Coyote very easy to throw with the glide of 5 allowing the disc to do most of the work once it is out of the hand.

If you need an easy to throw, straight flyer, do not overlook the Coyote!

And that concludes our list of the best Innova mid-ranges that we feel are on the market today!

We're confident that from this list, you'll be able to assemble the perfect Innova packed bag and find some solid mid-range options regardless if you're looking for something stable, overstable, understable, or all 3!

Having a good variety of discs in your bag and learning how they fly uniquely for you is key to becoming a better disc golfer, so once your new discs arrive, be sure to spend plenty of time with during field work to learn them as best you can!

That being said,

Happy Disc Golfing!

Do you think that we missed one or have one that you have in your bag?

Be sure to let us know!

You can shop all Innova discs at by clicking on the banner below!

*Some links are affiliate links meaning that we may earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase with the links that we provide. You can read our full affiliate disclosures on our home page*

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