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What Other Gear Do I Need to Disc Golf?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

You’ve got your discs and have played some rounds with your friends, but what else are you missing that could step up your game?

1. Disc Golf Bag

Having a bag to house your discs is very convenient and makes carrying more than 2-3 discs much easier! Bags range from all sorts of styles, colors, and weights and come in backpack form, shoulder satchels, running day packs, and even draw-string bags.

Check out small starter bags at!

2. Towel

One of the easiest excuses to avoid is having a wet and dirty disc or hand. Morning dew, rain puddles, and OB creeks/ponds can make your favorite distance driver end up soaking wet for your next throw. Microfiber towels are essential to help keep your equipment and your throwing hand dry for every throw!

What's especially nice with specific disc golf towels is that they're usually designed to be clipped onto your bag for easy access.

3. Mini Marker

While you can play with your friends and not use a marker to mark your previous lay, any form of league or tournament play will require usage of a mini marker to designate where your previous lay was.

It's also nice to have a mini when you want to use that same disc again or to give yourself those extra couple inches since the mini is placed at the front of the previously thrown disc.

4. Chalk Bag

Do you sweat under pressure, or by chance when it’s 90 degrees out and high humidity? A chalk bag is an essential tool to have in your bag for wicking moisture from your hand and preventing a slippery grip on the disc.

Chalk bags are useful in light rain storms if you can keep it within your rain jacket pocket. ‘Whale sac’ is a version of this and is what I use quite often with living in PA's humidity and spring rain seasons. You can find other chalk bags on many retailer websites.

5. Baseball

Believe it or not, a baseball is one of the best things to have when a disc gets stuck in a tree! If you have room in the bag, throw one in there!

Other items to consider

- an umbrella

- tri-fold stool

- a reusable water bottle to put all the stickers you will acquire on

- uDisc app for keeping game scores, and

- a Sharpie marker to mark ALL of your discs in the even you lose them so that they may possibly be returned to you.

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