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What to do When You Find a Lost Disc

Disc golf discs can cost generally anywhere between $10.99-$25 depending on their plastic, tour series, or even rareness.

So, more than likely you'll want to keep hold of all of your discs!

The easiest way to ensure this happens is by applying your name and phone number to the bottom of the disc somewhere. Some players also choose to add their PDGA number.

Many people ink their plastic on the inside of the rim to help maintain the integrity of the marker from wear and tear on the bottom of the flight plate due to rubbing against different terrains.

In tournament play, you MUST have your discs marked anyways, so it's good practice to sharpie each of your discs with your contact info once you're adding that disc to your bag.

What if I find someone else's disc?

Rule of thumb and disc golf etiquette is to contact the person who's name and number are on the disc, and offer to return the disc at a mutually agreed upon time and location.

Some people charge a finder's fee for returning a lost disc, but this isn't in the good nature of the sport and something we do not recommend.

If you're unable to make out the phone number, or there isn't a number on it at all, some courses have a designated lost and found drop off for discs near hole 1. An example of this might be a mail or holding box marked accordingly for lost/found discs.

However, should you find an unmarked disc and there is no drop box for lost discs, then finders keepers comes into play and you've got yourself some plastic to decide what to do with!

Your first option is to simply keep it or even bag it.

You'd be amazed how many players come to love a disc only because they found an unmarked one while playing, gave it a couple throws, and realized how great of a disc it is!

From then on, it's in their bag and becomes one they replace once it beats in beyond their liking.

If you throw it and don't like it or simply already have that disc in the plastic and condition you prefer, then you are faced with your next question:

What if I don't want to use this disc?

If you happen to find some unmarked discs and don't want to bag it, store it, or save it for later, then you have two solid options that we recommend:

  1. Give those discs to a new player that you take out to play for one of their first times. Nothing gets a player hooked more than being given some discs for free and then being shown how to appropriately throw them. It is one of the best ways to Grow the Sport of Disc Golf!

  2. Donate them!! There are a lot of disc golf events that do collection drives to help promote disc golf to schools, groups, and/or use as giveaway/prizes pending the condition of the plastic. This is a great opportunity to contribute to these events!

And there you have it!

Be a good fellow disc golfer and return those lost discs if possible, mark your own discs to help ensure you get your own discs back, and have fun playing!

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