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What to Wear to a Disc Golf Tournament

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

While this may seem like a no brainer to some people, there are people out there who don't know OR don't care what dress codes are appropriate for a tournament event.

It may not seem like a big deal,

but you CAN be given a courtesy violation from the Tournament Director should you not follow simple guidelines for dress code.

As beginners or newer players, you'll likely be playing in Amateur events where dress code isn't as strict as professional tour dress code.

But, there are still some things to remember when deciding what to wear to your next tournament.


All players are required to wear a shirt as a basic minimum. Shirtless play is a violation of the rules and you may be penalized or asked not to participate.

Shirts are to be free of rips and tears, crude or offensive language or graphics, and appropriately covering chests to maintain a family friendly environment. Athletic-type tees such as dry-fit material and collard polo's are the typical tops you'll see other players wearing. Regular tee shirts are generally allowed for amateur play, but not elite tournaments.

Tank tops are not permitted for either gender, but ladies may wear sleeveless collard shirts.

Ladies, those tops are restricted to at least a 1-inch shoulder strap width.

Shirts that hang lower than the bottom of a player's shorts are expected to be tucked in.

Additionally, junior players are not allowed to wear any clothing with slogans or logos referring to drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco.

Now that you know the rules, what shirts should you wear? Are there special disc golf shirts?

While you could play disc golf in anything, playing a round or tournament is a great chance to rock some apparel of your favorite brand. This could include a disc brand, accessory/gear brand, pro player gear, or perhaps even some Disc Golf Guys gear.

T-shirts look great but hoodies and long sleeve shirts work great when things cool down.

Polos also look nice and formal when you want to look your sharpest at your next event.

Disc Golf Guys apparel is the perfect item to wear when playing disc golf,

you can shop all our options by CLICKING HERE!


Pants and shorts are both allowed depending on preference and the weather.

Again, rips and tears are not permitted to be worn unless waived by the TD.

Women are allowed to wear one piece tennis skirts while maintaining that one inch shoulder strap rule.

Naturally, you'll want to be comfortable when you play so most will be wearing shorts when it's warm and pants as it cools.

However, some players opt to wear pants even in the summer time as some courses tend to become "grown up" with weeds and plants as well as forested courses having issues with ticks.

In these instances, we suggest grabbing a pair of breathable, outdoor pants to add to your wardrobe to pull out when needed.

These pants are typically made of a nylon/spandex combination and because they're built for outdoor activity, will breathe and stretch extremely well, making them the perfect disc golf pant.

Breathable, nylon pants, like the ones by Wrangler shown in the picture are the perfect

option when you want to both keep cool from the warmth and protect your legs from foliage.

Click on the pic to check them out on Amazon!

Shorts can be khaki or sport like with each player having their own unique preference.

Regardless of what you wear, comfort and function must be priorities. If either of those are compromised, your round of disc golf is going to be much less enjoyable than what it could be.

My personal preference for pants that are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy are the

Prices will vary depending on the brand, but getting a pant made of polyester or nylon will ensure that you'll have freedom of movement while maintaining maximum comfort without overheating.

There are also several options for you in the shorts department. My personal favorites are the Eddie Bauer First Ascent Pro Guide Shorts.

They're a little pricey, but the quality was well worth it, especially when you're getting a short that performs like a pair of gym shorts and look formal enough to be worn at a formal function.

Other top sellers include the

As you can see, there are plenty of options at varying price points, so get yourself a pair of reliable disc golf shorts and never look back!


Some type of shoe is required. This means if you're looking to play barefoot, you're going to at least need a sandal of sorts.

Sandals may be comfortable for casually wearing around, but they're not recommended for peak disc golfing ability. For tournaments, we suggest wearing an actual shoe.

Sneakers may seem like the logical choice here and are perfect for courses with minimal water and nicely groomed fairways.

However, don't neglect the idea of wearing an outdoor shoe, hiker, or any other outdoor option as sometimes you may encounter a course that is very muddy and wet.

In these situations, you will want a shoe that not only keeps your feet dry, but also has more aggressive traction which will give you better footing and will lead to better throws.

To see our full recommendation for what shoes to wear when playing disc golf, be sure to check out THIS ARTICLE!


Hats are also allowed as long as they fall within the guidelines mentioned in shirts such as not featuring derogatory or offensive images and writing.

Hats are largely a preference thing in disc golf, some players love them, some players hate them, and others are rather indifferent.

You could choose a regular ball cap, fully brimmed safari style hat, golf hat, or any other choice for that matter.

In cooler weather, wearing a beanie or any other hat that is going to keep you warm while you play is a must to maintain comfort throughout the round and event.

Any other apparel or gear?

While we've covered all the essential clothes you could wear, there are still some pieces of gear to quickly mention before we wrap things up.

Sunglasses should be accessible in the bag just in case you need them, but are something you will not need for every round of disc golf. Nothing is worse than squinting when trying to eye up a shot, so do yourself a favor and toss a pair of sunglasses into your bag.

Gloves are also something you may not think much of in the summer time, but as things get cold and wet, that changes very quickly.

Even if you don't want to wear gloves when you throw, having a pair of gloves for between throws to keep your hands warm can be an absolute game changer for a day out on the course.

For wet days, consider checking out a pair of friction gloves to improve your grip ability. You can check them out on by clicking HERE.


In addition to dressing reasonably well,

during any type of tournament play, you are expected to conduct yourself in a friendly and appropriate manner.

Disc golf should be fun for everyone who is partaking, don't ruin it by having a bad attitude or saying things that would make a sailor blush, especially if there are kids around.

What if I'm not playing in the event?

Spectators who are not part of the competition are exempt from these Dress Code guidelines in either Amateur or Professional events.

This included both spectators who are at the tournament to watch and players who are knocked out of the tournament and choose to stick around and watch the remaining disc golf.

Playing disc golf is very casual and while there is a dress code for certain events, the dress code is rather lax compared to other sports and is definitely not something to fret over or keep you from playing in a tournament.

Now that you know what to wear for you first or next event, it's time to go sign up!

If you're already signed up, then be sure to practice up as much as possible and let us know how you do. We'd love to hear all about it!

And again, if you'd like to explore some quality shoe options, be sure to check out THIS ARTICLE next!

Happy Disc Golfing!

Shop all disc golf needs for your next big tournament at by clicking on the banner below!

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