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Which Disc Golf Disc Goes The Farthest?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Which disc goes the farthest?

A question asked often and one that surprisingly has several answers depending on the context in which it is being asked!

Which disc has been thrown the farthest? (Click HERE if you can't wait to find out)

Which type of disc can be thrown the farthest?

Which disc can I throw the farthest?

All great questions with slightly different answers.

Let's tackle them 1 by 1 and go through all the variables leading to each answer!

Which disc has been thrown the farthest? What is the world record disc golf throw?

The unofficial world record disc golf throw was set back in 2016 by David Higgins who was using a 158g R-Pro Boss. This throw was done so under conditions favorable to toss a record distance, such as the perfect wind and temperature..

That day, Higgins tossed his Boss an impressive...

1,108.92 feet!

Crazy right?! You can check out the full story of the throw by clicking HERE.

While not everyone has the conditions or skill required to replicate such a throw, it would be neat to go out and try to see how far YOU could throw an R-Pro Boss!

A 154g R-Pro Boss, similar to the one pictured above, was used by David Higgins to throw the world record distance. Click on the picture above to check out this disc at

David Higgins used a distance driver to accomplish the longest throw ever recorded. Does this mean that long throws can only be done with a driver? In other words...

What type of disc can be thrown the farthest?

As you probably already know, there are 3 primary types of discs used in disc golf:

  1. Putters

  2. Mid-Ranges, and...

  3. Drivers

Additionally, just like putters and mid-ranges, drivers can be broken down into further sub-types: distance drivers and control/fairway drivers.

Generally speaking, drivers will be thrown the farthest by most players because they are designed specifically to do so.

They usually will have less "dome" and a much smaller height, making them a bit more aerodynamic than their taller putter and mid-range counterparts.

Drivers are also made to handle more speed, meaning they can be thrown harder with more efficiency.

That being said, many factors go into how far a disc can be thrown, such as fade and speed, and some players may be able to throw a slower/straighter flying disc farther than a faster distance driver.

Reason being, a fast disc with a moderate amount of fade will finish to the left much too quickly on a weaker throw with a weaker arm, which ultimately sacrifices overall distance.

Even in this scenario however, a player with a weaker arm would probably be better off throwing a

fairway or control driver

over a mid-range or putter if they are having trouble achieving maximum distance on their throws with a distance driver.

Now that we know what disc has been thrown the farthest, and what type of disc can typically be thrown the farthest, we reach the final question you may be left with...

What disc can I throw the farthest?

Just like question 2, there are a few variables that affect this question.

Typically, new players with slightly weaker arms will throw slow discs better and will get maximum distance with discs that are more understable than stable.

This is primarily due to the disc having an "S" shaped flight pattern.

This flight pattern is possible because the disc will have a tendency to initially turn, but will ultimately fade back to the left from a player not having the power to turn the disc completely over.

The S-shaped pattern can be seen here with the projected flight pattern of an excellent disc for new players trying to throw far, the Innova Valkyrie:

If you are having trouble finding a disc that is not too understable or too overstable, then try and find discs that are purely stable, whether it be a distance driver, a control driver, or even a more capable mid-range such as the Buzzz.

Discs that are lighter will also be thrown better by new beginners who have not yet quite developed their arm strength.

If given the option, pick a lighter disc of the same mold until you feel comfortable trying heavier discs.

As mentioned earlier, any driver will typically achieve more distance than a putter or mid-range, but if you're having difficulty throwing distance drivers with adequate distance,

Pick up some reputable fairway or control drivers and give them a try as they're usually a bit slower and less stable, making them easier for a beginner to throw.

What's nice is that even when you do move on to distance drivers regularly, these control drivers will still have a place in your bag!

One you have a few discs identified as ones that you throw well, then begin messing with different release angles (Hyzer vs. Anhyzer) and practice on skills such as the Hyzer Flip to try and achieve even more distance than conventional, flat release throws.

Lastly, as we preach all the time, everything discussed will be perfected with lots and lots of PRACTICE to figure out what discs you throw the best and how you throw them the best. So don't hesitate to get out there and throw!

If you're having a difficult time throwing as far as you would like, then be sure to check out our article

to see if you can't work out some of those kinks and get more distance out of your throws!

You can check all of the top rated Control/Fairway Drivers from your fellow disc golf players at Infinite Discs by clicking on the banner below!

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