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Axiom Envy

In this review, we're going to be taking a look at one of the hottest discs on the market, due in part to James Conrad's incredible throw-in field ace that allowed him to go onto winning his first world championship, the

Despite being considered overstable, the Envy is an ultra straight flying putter option from MVP/Axiom Discs.

And after getting my hands on one, I realized why this disc is so popular among players who like throwing all brands, not just MVP.

The two mold plastic definitely feels different from your conventional discs, but it is something that truly felt natural to me right away, even though it is completely unique compared to other brands.

The mold I got the chance to try out was the Electron Firm plastic, the same exact one that James Conrad used for his field ace in the 2021 Worlds.

This disc does want to hold any line that I put it on, but when new out of the box, it fights the anhyzer line the hardest and plays into a hyzer line the best.

When thrown hard and on a flat release, this disc flies nothing like a putter other than the fact that it glides forever and ever, pushing well over the 275 foot mark easily for me on a back hand throw.

When thrown forehand, the Envy performs equally well and continues to hold the line I throw it on, making this putter one of the more versatile ones that I have had the chance to test out so far.

Before giving my entire thoughts on this disc,

Let's check the full specs!

Axiom Envy Flight Numbers

Speed: 3

Glide: 3

Turn: -1 (as tested)

Fade: 2

Primary use: Overstable Putt & Approach putter suitable for all players


-Unique double mold adds comfort

-Flies more stable than overstable, especially once beat in

-Great disc to learn throwing angles

-Suitable for backhand and forehand shots


-Not as nice in the soft mold, will wear and even warp over time

-May be more overstable than desired for slower arms

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I must say, I have field tested several putters to find for my bag, both putting putters, and driving/approach putters, and the Envy certainly stands out from the pack in its approach qualities.

So much so that I would rival it in capability to how I use the Discraft Zone, except the Envy is not near as overstable. Which is perfect because I have been looking for a straight flying, versatile approach putter to compliment both my overstable Zone, and understable Deputy.

Because it is more straight flying, the Envy fills this void and is liking going to find a place in my bag, even if I have to make room for it.

I have been that impressed by it that quickly!

When I throw it for power, I can throw this putter further than any other putter in my bag, including my Zone which has a higher speed rating of 4. Pushing it out between 275 and 300 feet.

This disc has also performed extremely well in winds of all directions, including crosswinds, as my 172g version fought to keep its line and did so in an impressive manner.

The Envy will work extremely well for putting, as it is very straight within 30 feet and offers a reliable fade when putting outside of the Circle and into Circle 2.

While not as impressive as its approach looks, its putting ability is very comparable to other putters that I have tried over the years and it is one I could confidently use for hyzer putts if the situation called for it.

I know the Envy has received a lot of positive press, but this press is well deserved and I think it is a disc that will be hard to beat for years to come.

If you get a chance to pick one up, do it!

Even if you don't feel that it fills a void in your bag, you may be so impressed by it as I was that you feel bad leaving it excluded from all the fun.

Try it today and let us know what you think!

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