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Disc Golf Guys 2021 Road Trip #2

After postponing a southern disc golf trip to Virginia for over a year due to Covid shutdowns, the Disc Golf Guys and company finally pointed the vehicles south for Road Trip #2 on the year, and it was


We initially had just 5 (Just?!) courses on the agenda, but an impromptu change allowed for a


course to be added to this already epic trip.

The Disc Golf Guys at Lake Marshall in Montross, Virginia.

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Friday, March 26th

We started things off right Friday morning at a beautiful course in Leesburg, VA called Clark's Run.

The property was a pay to play with a $5 donation but was well worth it as the course was arguably the best one on the trip.

Not only did the property have the main course that we played, but it also had a beginner friendly course that would have been extremely fun to play with just putters and mids. We opted not to play it due to time constraints but is something to do if you are there for the day!

Clark's Run is mostly wooded but with beautiful tee pads, a variety of shots including a water carry, and tight fairways, so you don't want to skip it if you're in the area.

You can read our full review of Clark's Run HERE.

After Clark's we headed deeper into Virginia and drove an hour further south to Lorton, Virginia to play Giles Run.

Giles was a much different style course when compared to Clark's in that it was not very wooded and with much longer holes.

The thing that made Giles the most difficult was the insane amounts of OB on the course. The OB was excessive due to the thick vegetation surrounding the fairways making disc recovery very challenging.

There were obvious signs of recent, drastic improvement on the course to open up the fairways some and remove some of the brush, but the OB's remained. The strict OB's significantly limited your scramble game and was somewhat disappointing.

Due to a weekly double's league at the course that we were not aware of, we were only able to play the back 9 of this otherwise beautiful course.

Read our full review of Giles Run HERE.

We were disappointed to only play half the course at Giles, but it did allow us to squeeze in the previously mentioned 6th course: Pohick Bay Regional Park

Pohick Bay was much shorter and by contrast much different than the first 2 courses we played this day, but we had a ton of fun regardless.

We decided to play a round of 18 with just putters and mids, which gave us plenty of distance for this short holed course.

Despite playing with just the short side of our bag, we had no shortage of excitement and ace runs. The course was $2 to play, but well worth it for a small, technical course.

Read our full Pohick Bay Course Review by CLICKING HERE.

It's worth noting that the weather this date was absolutely gorgeous with the temps reaching record highs, no wind, and plenty of sun.

After playing our 3rd and final course for the day, it was time to finally fight Friday evening, Arlington traffic and make the final 1 hour drive to our AirBnB in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

We arrived in terrible time because of the awful traffic but settled in for the night to prepare for another busy day Saturday at Lake Marshall.

The Disc Golf Guys taking a photo OP at the AirBnB we spent the weekend at!

Saturday, March 27th

After a good night's sleep, giving our arms a laughable amount of rest, and filling up for breakfast,

we left Fredericksburg and made the hour drive east to Montross, Virginia to take on both courses at the private property of Lake Marshall.

It does cost $15 per person per day on the weekend to play at Lake Marshall, but its an incredible value to play two great courses and support the ongoing work on both courses.

Due to a Juniors tournament on The Lair that we knew about ahead of time, we played our morning round on the nearly completed, pro-level course known as The Lions.

As you can guess, the basket is located on that tiny peninsula across the water!

And boy was it challenging!

Long holes, technical shots, water carries, you name it, this course had it!

You can check out our article on The Lions HERE.

After a quick lunch break, a much needed confidence boost was needed to recover from taking our lickings on the Lions. So off to the Lair we headed!

Unfortunately, the Lair wasn't much gentler on us than the Lions and the difficult play carried right on through the whole afternoon.

The Lair was certainly more manageable from a distance standpoint,

kind of,

but it definitely had it's fair share of challenging holes to test your perseverance.

Towards the end of the round, we started to get a few sprinkles of rain as the clouds moved in, but we were able to stay dry for the entirety of the full 18 holes to cap off an incredible day of disc golf.

You can read our full review of The Lair HERE.

After making the hour drive back to our weekend home, getting some much needed food in our bellies, and throwing on some Jomez Pro for coverage of the first round of the pro tour that weekend, it was time to try something new to all of us,

Disc dying with a a glue bed!

Brandon was able to accumulate all the supplies needed prior to the trip, so we were all set to give it a go!

Despite our inexperience, in our opinion, the discs all turned out really neat and made us want to try our hand at dyeing discs again as soon as possible!

After watching the entire first round of coverage from the pro tour,

it was off to bed we went to rest up for the final day of the trip.

Sunday, March 28th

By Sunday, the great weather we were having came to a screeching halt as heavy rain showers moved into the area and surprised us when we woke up.

We packed up amidst the storms and decided to drive towards home until the weather broke with plans of playing Woodsboro Regional Park in Woodsboro, Maryland.

While the the rain did not completely subside during the 2 hour drive, it did slow down enough to give us a chance to stretch our legs and give the course a go.

The course offers 20 playable holes, so for the front 10 we decided to play a little bit of Ript Revenge. This was an absolute blast and a nice change of pace compared to the first 5 rounds we played that weekend.

One of the many fun cards to play on an opponent when playing Ript Revenge!

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Never heard of or played Ript Revenge before? Then be sure to check out THIS ARTICLE where we let you know all about it.

On the back 10, and as the rain picked up a little bit, we decided to play conventionally to close out our epic weekend of disc golfing.

You can check out our full review of Woodsboro Regional Park by clicking HERE.


After playing 6 rounds in 3 days, our arms were definitely shot!

Adding it all up, we were able to play over 100 excellent holes, amounting to well over 350 throws, on 6 unique courses in the short amount time of just 2.5 days.

But it was well worth it for a weekend full of disc golf with friends and we're already looking forward to our next disc golf adventure.

We look to take a trip another trip in May, so if you have any suggestions as to where we should go next to play, be sure to let us know as we are open to any suggestions!

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