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Disc Golf Guys 2021 Road Trip #3

Trip 3 of the year took us east to Wilmington, Delaware for a weekend of new courses, familiar faces, and content creating.

On this trip we were able to play 3 total courses, one in each state, including the top rated course in New Jersey which I'll get in to down below.

We have a blast on these trips and its great seeing the awesome courses scattered all over the parts of the country that we have explored.

It's neat to know that nearly everywhere you travel, you can be confident that there will be good chance of having a quality disc golf course nearby.

This doesn't mean dragging your whole bag around with you at all times, but realistically, you could!

But even if you don't, you could simply make a small second bag for quick, impromptu trips to check out disc golf wherever you go.

Without getting too much more nostalgic, let's take a quick look at the places we went and saw on our 3rd disc golf road trip!

A view from one of the water carries at the beautiful Stafford Woods Disc Golf Course

Friday, May 14th

We started things off right Friday by me making the 2 hour drive after my 9-5 to meet up with fellow Disc Golf Guy Brandon at a local to him disc golf course.

To stretch our legs prior to the second 2 hour leg of our trip to Delaware, we decided to play as many holes as we could at Coyote Hills before calling it quits on account of darkness.

We played 13 holes before the sun went down, so we packed up our bags and headed east to Wilmington.

Happy to be kicking off the weekend disc golfing!

Saturday, May 15th

After pulling in late Friday to our friend's house, we went to bed and got up early to make the approximately 45 minute drive from Wilmington, Delaware to Voorhees Township, New Jersey to play the #1 course in New Jersey, Stafford Woods Disc Golf Course.

Luckily, we got there fairly early because by 9:00 am there were already at least 30 vehicles in the parking lot to play the course on a beautiful and sunny Saturday.

We did some quick putting on the practice basket before heading to hole one and kicking off our round.

An awesome basket atop of an impressively raised platform

Stafford Woods definitely lived up to its expectations and we had a blast playing it!

Luckily, we were able to beat the majority of the crowd and didn't have to wait on anybody to finish their hole nor did we need to let anyone play through, which allowed us to take our time and take in everything this course had to offer.

We even had the chance to take some candid pics of Brandon rocking his logo tee that you can pick up for yourself on our website by clicking on the picture!

We had a great time at Stafford Woods, but after our round it was time for some quick snacks before making the drive back to Delaware to play our second course of the day.

You can read our full review of Stafford Woods by CLICKING HERE.

After making our way back to Delaware, we decided to stay local in Wilmington for the day and checked out one of the higher rated courses in the area, Canby Park West.

The course was solid and we had a ton of fun catching a round there and later filming some content for a soon addition to our site!

My brother in law was also able to tag along for this round and although it was not his very first time playing, he is still very much new to the sport, but did great!

With some pointers and help with disc selection, he was able to half his score for the back 9, finishing with 3 Pars in a row!


You can read our full review of Canby Park West at THIS LINK.

Sunday, May 18th

Was supposed to be spent checking out the #1 course in Delaware, Iron Hill. But the course ended up being closed for the weekend so we opted to hang out and visit with friends some more and packing up to head home.


Despite only playing on 2 courses, the trip was still a blast and extremely productive as we got ourselves more comfortable with filming and editing for future content that we hope to bring to light very shortly.

These trips are a lot of fun and we look forward to the next one as soon as one ends and are always looking for suggestions as to where we should play next.

So help us out and send us a message or comment where you want us to play next!

Until then, Happy Disc Golfing!

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