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Discraft Avenger SS

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I had the opportunity to pick up the Avenger SS by Discraft in the grippy ESP plastic about 3 summers ago and it immediately found a place in my bag where it has stayed ever since.

At the time, I did have a few fast distance drivers in the speed range of 11 and 12, but nothing to bridge the gap from fairway to max distance.

My arm strength was improving to the point where speed 6-9 fairway drivers weren't quite cutting it for distance throws and I was starting to turn them over more and more.

Alas, the Avenger SS found it's way to me and I have loved it from the beginning!

The SS (standing for super straight), is the understable version of Discraft's popular Avenger (flight ratings 9.8/4.8/0/2.9). So if you like the Avenger but are looking for something less overstable, the Avenger SS is the natural choice!

With it being understable with a turn of -2.9 and fade of 1, my below average arm strength threw this disc extremely well.

I was not strong enough to turn the disc over (unless in a headwind) so I almost always got a long, straight drive out of this disc with just minimal turn and minimal fade back to dead straight.

I typically choose this disc over something like the Innova Valkyrie in situations where there is a slight tailwind and when I need just a little more distance out of my drive, whether it be from the tee pad or fairway.

Let's check the specs!

Discraft Avenger SS Flight Numbers

Speed: 9.8

Glide: 4.9

Turn: -2.9

Fade: 1

Primary use: Beadless, Understable Distance Driver in a wide variety of plastics


-Extremely user friendly

-Will provide an excellent, S shaped flight path with little effort, maximizing distance

-Will turn over with bigger arms but will often fade out at the end of it's flight after an initial turn

-Very versatile for flex shots


-May be too slow for advanced players as stronger arms may overpower this disc being it is a speed 10


This disc is one that I believe every player should try at some point if given the chance to.

Despite being almost a speed 10 distance driver, all players, including beginners will find this disc easy to throw and continue to increase their driving distance with as their arm strength improves.

With a flat release and moderate arm strength, this disc will see distances of up to 400', but expect to be closer to 300-350' if you're more of a beginner to intermediate player.

I'm more of a beginner level player myself and can regularly get 325-340' out of this disc under calm and mildly windy conditions.

Although it may become a little flippy if over powered, experienced players will be able to turn this disc into a roller or one they use for flex shots on a hyzer line for maximum distance.

All in all, this disc comes highly recommended and you should definitely check it out as soon as you can!

The disc comes in many of Discraft's popular plastics so all players can grab one depending on personal preference.

Shop the Avenger SS at by clicking on the picture below!

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